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  1. Hi all! So I run a website/YouTube called CD-ROM Fossil and we are a group dedicated to collecting and preserving physical PC games. We go to thrift stores and flea markets looking for games. Behold! Combat Mission Shock Force...didn't know it even existed! A guy sold me the physical Paradox version for a buck....it even still has the map! Eventually I decided to give the game a go. After getting the game installed and installing the Paradox version's patch listed on the website I'm having a problem with black terrain (note: before the patch I couldn't play the game at all). When I googled the problem some forum posts from back in the day pretty much said....upgrade hardware. But my machine is a Windows 10 with a better hardware than at the time. This game runs fine with max settings but even on low I experience the black terrain. The terrain is just black. Sometimes texture will pop in but mostly...just black. Upon further research I found a tight nit gaming community on battlefront and I just kinda looked around. After I saw how the community seemed to be nice I decided to seek help. I've seen on forum post where people told the OP to just get the 2nd game. It's better and blah blah. I get that. However I'd like to film the first game for YouTube or just write an article about it before jumping to the 2nd one. Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks plenty in advance! -Elijah
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