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  1. Thanks for all of your guy's advice. I ended up getting Black Sea just because I've really been enjoying SF2 and I want more of the same. I'll definitely pick up RT and FB at some point though.
  2. I thought all of the existing titles had been updated to Engine 4? Which are we still waiting on? So it sounds like CMRT for sure has a module coming. CMBS and CMFB don't have any that we know of yet? It seems like adding to CMFB would be hard since it's already right at the end of the war, so maybe that's the safest bet?
  3. Hi everyone! First post on the forums, so please be gentle. I've played this series off and on for awhile (mostly demos) but lately I've been purchasing the actual games and have really enjoyed them. My goal is to eventually get all of the modern titles. Right now I have Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy, Fortress Italy, and Shock Force 2 with all attendant modules. And I'm trying to decide which game to get next... In particular, I'm trying to strategize my purchases to best taken advantages of bundles when new modules come out. For example, my understanding is that Red Thunder has a major new module coming out in the relatively near future. Is that true? What about Final Blitz/Black Sea; are they mostly settled down and won't receive more updates for awhile? Thanks for any input you can give!
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