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  1. You can blame my catching this on my time spent as a beta-tester. I am not saying that this is something that Steve should make a priority, just pointing it out is all.
  2. I am not sure that the following has been discussed in the past or not or if this is even an instance of being a bug. I just finished a PBEM scenario with a fellow gamer in a CMBN random Quick Battle. I inadvertently set the scenario up between two opposing Allied Forces. I was the American and he was the Polish player. We decided that his units were some kind of renegade Allied detachment that had a problem with the United States. Would it be possible to LOCK OUT the defenders to either Axis or Allies once the Attacker has been chosen, without manually having to do so?
  3. I am looking for opponents for CMBN and CMBS 4. I will play either side. I do not use preregistered off-board artillery/air-support but I do use off-board artillery/air support if it is available after a scenario begins. I prefer Quick Battles as they are more diverse and interesting to me. I prefer medium sized battles with a limit of 60 minutes. I also prefer to purchase my units rather than having the computer decide for me. If interested, please contact me. I can play several turns a day and play multiple scenarios as well. I am hoping to purchase CMRT 4 soon.
  4. Good afternoon all, For those of you that are not aware of the Wargame Vault, it is a great place to get good research material for designing scenarios. Their Micro-Mark TO&Es are very handy. I have several that I was using when I was on the development team for another computer wargaming company. Here is the web address: https://www.wargamevault.com/index.php I hope all of you have a great weekend. Chris.
  5. I am confident this applies to many of us. I say this as I am basking in the glow of my lava lamp.
  6. WHOA!!!! That is one helluva rig. You must be a serious gamer.
  7. I reserve comment about PETA. Tucson? I lived in Tucson in 2006/2007 and watched the A-10s from Davis-Mothan AFB fly over my house every morning on their way to the firing range and every evening as they returned to base. Very impressive piece of military hardware and very glad I was never on the receiving end of that GAU-30.
  8. This has absolutely nothing to do with this thread but I thought many of you might get a kick out of it nonetheless. My nephew is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel. He was the REO on a F-15 Strike Eagle and flew missions over Bosnia but did not participate in either of the Iraqi conflicts. However, he did tell me some stories told to him by other F-15 Strike Eagle crews that did fly in the first Gulf War. The one that made me laugh was a F-15 that was returning from a Scud hunting mission. The crew did not find any Scuds but as they were returning the pilots threat display lit up like a big red square. He thought he hit the jackpot and dropped his ordnance on the area. When he returned to base, they viewed the camera footage and everyone started laughing. The pilot had dropped his load on a herd of sheep!!!!!
  9. I too use Avast and have run into similar problems with other programs. As IanL says, just let Avast do it's thing and you'll be okay.
  10. That should have been CMFI. Sorry about that. I also omitted the Arab/Israeli Conflicts.
  11. First, let me say that the work that Battlefront has put into the CM series over the past 20 years or so, is absolutely fantastic. I want to thank all of the members of the development team and the beta-test team. If it had not been for you, the rest of us would not be able to enjoy these games for all of these years. Secondly, I am sure to get rebuffed by several members of the development team and/or by members of these forums by what I feel should be given some consideration for future titles in the series. Future Combat Mission games/modules: 1) It goes without saying that a North African game/CMIF module is one that many would want to see in the future. 2) Early War Russian Front game/CMRT module. 3) World War II PTO from 1942 till the end of the war. I have been told that it would be difficult to develop the terrain found in that theater of the conflict, but I have to disagree. Also, I was told that it is not a particularly popular wargame subject in the gaming world. I beg to differ. Some of the most intense combat (post-invasion) took place on those God forsaken islands. Yes, Japanese armor left a lot to be desired but the Japanese Army and Marines were some of the most tenacious adversaries that the Untied States Army and Marines fought against during the war. 4) Cold War circa mid-1970s to late 1980s. Probably best to have a base game and modules that would add additional units/years/nations. 5) Modern or near future. These has already been much discussion about what countries should be included in any future CMBS expansion modules, so I won't rehash them in this post. 6) WW 1 or Korea or Vietnam. Questionable. Not my favorite periods of warfare history but there are those gamers that might like to see them eventually included in the series. In closing let me say this. As I have been on a development and beta-testing team for another gaming company, I do understand that only so much can be done with a certain game system when it is a small gaming company such as Battlefront. However, I do see a bright future for everyone that works so hard on this game series and I wish to thank you once again.
  12. I just placed an order for CMBS and noticed in the game TO&E list that a very important air asset for the United States is missing. The A-10 Warthog. I am sure that this has been covered in past posts, but I do hope that any future add-ons for CMBS has the A-10 included. JMTCW.
  13. I was wondering if the Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME) would work with the Combat Mission series? I am sure that I could answer this question on my own once I have CMBN and CMSF installed on the new computer, but I am was just wondering if it would be worth the effort before I try.
  14. This may be a real bad case of wishful thinking, but what about the Hellenic and Italian armies since we are discussing NATO units? Greece uses many of the variants of the M-113. Again, probably a bad case of wishful thinking or gas or both.
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