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  1. Good morning all, I am playing several scenarios of CMBS as the Russian player vs the Americans and I have some questions about the capabilities or lack thereof as far as the Russians are concerned. 1) Is Russian night vision equipment as bad as it seems in the game? Is American night vision equipment as good as it seems in the game? One of the scenarios I am playing is one taking place at night and I am playing the Russian. It almost seems that the American player can see through walls at times. No sooner do I get an anti-tank unit (Kornets) or MG set-up then it gets ripped to shreds by infantry or armored vehicle small arms fire. All I see are the "ghost" icons of either the infantry or the armored units with my other units that do have a clear LOS to the enemy units. 2) Why is it that a Russian artillery barrage takes up to three to four times longer to arrive than it does for an American artillery barrage to arrive? Is the Russian command communication network that bad in reality? I am not really complaining about these two issues, just wondering is all. **Chris**
  2. I agree with you 100%. I also agree with comments that a direct hit from a 203 mm/8 inch round on an Abrams would turn the crew of an Abrams into a quivering mass of goo on the floor of the tank. The Abrams is not invincible in reality but it does seem that it is in CMSF and CMBS. Okay, I've got my flak jacket on this morning. Fire away.😎
  3. I actually did a little test where I pitted one platoon of Abrams (not APS) vs four companies of T-90s. I chose a map with a narrow width but a long length, mostly rural with a few trees and houses. It was also a hilly map if I recall. Anyways, I took the Abrams and just lined them up abreast along a ridge-line but not hull-down. I then had the platoons from the T-90 companies line up in a inverted-V formation and started advancing towards the Abrams position. Just in front of the set-up area for the T-90s was a light wooded area. I gave the command to "HUNT" to all units of the four companies (might as well call it a battalion). For the Abrams, I used the "TARGET ARMORED ARC" command to establish interlocking kill cones that spanned both the width and length of the map. The T-90s starting rolling forward and before they even cleared the tree-line, when six T-90s go "BOOM". To save this from becoming a novel, let's just say that by the time the remaining Russian tanks got to the half-way point on the map, a junk-yard laid behind them. They too met a flaming death. They did however, manage to kill one of the Abrams. Ahem. What can I say? Nothing, other than the code for the Abrams should be brought down a couple of notches.
  4. Same here. It is amazing that my two functioning brain cells even work at this time of the morning, 4:06 EST.
  5. Add camouflage netting and you'd really have a difficult position to attack. Again, just my early morning brain at work.
  6. Good morning, One type of fortification that I have noticed that is missing from the Combat Mission titles dealing with World War II are weapon pits. I know that they are in CMSF 2. How hard would it be to include them in a future patch and/or expansion for the World War II Combat Mission titles? We all know that these were common with the German units, especially during the drive through Belgium after the Bulge and the assault on the Sigfried Line (especially around Aachen). As a matter of fact, the Allies encountered them in Normandy as well (remember Easy Company attacking that line of German 105s that were dug-in). Just my early morning brain at work. **Chris**
  7. You are welcome. BTW, it has maps that show the battles that the book deals with. It is definitely worth the price. He has written two other books, A Higher Call and Devotion but I do not know what they are about. **Chris**
  8. Good morning all, For my 65th birthday, my girlfriend bought me the newest book written by Adam Makos, "Spearhead: An American Tank Gunner, His Enemy, and a Collision of Lives in World War II". This book is right up the alley for those of you that play Combat Mission: Final Blitzkrieg as it takes place shortly before, during and after the Battle of the Bulge. I highly recommend it to anyone that plays any of the Combat Mission titles dealing with World War II. There is even content in the book that would make for some interesting scenarios. **Chris**
  9. All I can say is this. I personally feel that Steve and the rest of the development team have brought all of us grognards an excellent series of games. I am also glad that they did away with some of the other non-Combat Mission games and devoted all their efforts to Combat Mission series. I have been playing Combat Mission since it first hit the market so many years ago. I recently, in January of this year, bought a computer rig that was capable of handling the graphics of the new game(s) and I now own all the titles and expansion sets. I am very much looking forward to the Fortress Italy and Red Thunder expansions as World War II is my all-time favorite period of history. I would enjoy seeing some new weapons systems developed for CMBS but I am just glad that the team is working hard to bring us an even better series of games. Many kudos to Steve and the development team. All the best to BFC in 2019 **Chris**
  10. Doing the uniforms for the NVA, Viet Cong, and the ARVN units might take some serious modding but I have no experience with this.
  11. When I was on the beta-test/development team for the Campaign Series::Vietnam game, I made an absolutely huge map that covered an area from about 10 Km south of Hue to about 5 Km north of Dong Hoi and from the Laotian border to the coast of Vietnam. Once I have come up with the best way to make maps using the CM map editor, I would be more than happy to work on this project. I love making maps.
  12. And I get shot down for wanting the inclusion of the Russian BMP-T (any version). Interesting.
  13. I have unzipped the file to a folder of it's own and created an icon for it. Windows asks me if I want to allow the program to be added to the computer and I click "Yes". When I double click the CM Helper icon, nothing happens. I have also tried pinning it to my Task Bar and still nothing happens when I click on it. I have also deleted the file and downloaded it again making sure there were no registry artifacts left over from the first install. I downloaded a fresh copy and installed it, still nothing.
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