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  1. That is great news Steve. Still the best tactical level war game on earth. Thanks.
  2. What I don't understand is why the development team doesn't do more in the way of vehicle/unit/towed artillery-guns expansion packs, as was done for CMBN, for the earlier years of the war. Most of the terrain in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union from 1940 to 1943 would be pretty much the same as it was in the later stages of the war. As for the desert war, just modify some of the buildings and we have that theater of operations. I also agree that anything dealing with the PTO during WWII should not be considered. As for BS, add NATO units and a few of the newer weapons systems (at least bring back the A-10). Fix the negative terrain elevation so that trenches and weapon pits are more effective and add some additional barriers like dragon's teeth or other concrete obstacles. Just spit-balling.
  3. Good morning, I want to start playing some Combat Mission scenarios again. I feel that I have recovered enough from my recent hospitalization to do so. I am bored to tears with reading, watching TV, playing solitaire (cards), posting on other social media sites, or napping. Time for me to saddle up and play some scenarios. I have all of the Combat Mission games and all are patched to the current level. I ask that any scenario that you play against me be kept in the small to medium sized arena. I prefer Quick Battles but will play stock scenarios or those developed by others. My house rules, all games 1) No pre-plotted artillery barrages or air-strikes. 2) CMSF2 or CMBS; no UAVs and no night scenarios. World War II scenarios. I prefer playing the Germans but will play the Allies too. I am not very interested in playing the Italians in CMFI/GL. CMSF2 or CMBS: I prefer playing the United States/US Marines/NATO/British but will play the Russians/Syrians as well. I haven't tried playing the Insurgents in CMSF2 or the Ukrainians in CMBS, so I have no opinion or preference playing them. My turn rate per week may not be quite as high as it was before my hospitalization, but it will still be at least four or five turns per week, maybe more. If you are interested, please send me a private message so that I can give you my Drop Box info. So, bring it on. This old warhorse if ready to play. I hope all of you are well **Chris**
  4. I really do appreciate the help, but now I am even more lost than before. What is TF Spartan Resolve? Is this a mod? Sorry for being about as intelligent as a rock but I don't want to screw something up and then have to go back and re-install the games. **Chris**
  5. Why don't you have that option with CMBN? I did notice that CMBN installs differently than the rest of the CM titles, at least on my computer it did. The "Games" sub-folder is in the CMBN folder, not in the "Documents/Game Title/Games" folder. Is that what you are referring to? Second, and please don't think I am stupid, but once you have the numerous sub-folders for each mod in the Z, or ZZ, sub-folder, how do you install them into the game itself. Sorry for asking so many questions but there are some really good mods available that would add so much to the games I have and I don't want to get something wrong. As I said before, this damn thing that happened to me a few weeks back has really screwed up my ability to think. The help is very much appreciated. **Chris**
  6. I am a bit confused too. I already knew about the issue with how Microsoft handled CMBN but my question is this. In my User Data Folder there is a MOD sub-folder. Should I rename it to Z, instead of what the game installed or should the Z folder be a sub-folder of the MOD sub-folder? **Chris**
  7. Too bad about the IEDs. Eh well, make do with what we have. Never know, they (BFC) could come up with something for us concerning this topic for the WW II titles in the future. Midwest huh? I am originally from Toledo (born there) but have been living in the southeast for most of my life since my parents and I moved here in 1956. Later guys. I gotta rest. Get these O2 sats up. **Chris**
  8. Yes, that could be done. However, we don't have IEDs in the World War II Combat Mission games, do we? Too tired to look and see right now. Rough day yesterday.
  9. Yes, I understand that you couldn't take out the bridge at Arnhem or Eindhoven. And I do understand now that other bridges can be damaged or collapsed much like a building does when it suffers damage from indirect or direct fire. Not sure about the grenade but a satchel charge definitely.
  10. I guess I just didn't hit hard enough with a big enough gun. Thanks to both of you. **Chris**
  11. Good morning gents, I've only been playing the newest version of Combat Mission since the beginning of this year. In that time I have noticed that direct hits on bridges by large caliber artillery fire seems to do no damage to them, at least they haven't in any scenario I've played. Was this intentional? Also, it would be great if combat engineers could destroy heavier bridges that have pre-placed demolition charges (placed during the scenario set-up phase) and then be able to blow them sky high as the scenario is played. JMTCW. **Chris**
  12. Damn, I wish I felt better so I could start working on some maps. I'll just have to let my body and mind decide when they are ready for me to get started.
  13. Actually, my load time for the CMBN editor actually seems to be running faster. So, I don't know why it may be running slower for some. Might be a question of the amount of RAM you have. Right now, I have 16 Gb of DDR 3 running at 1300 Mhz but I'm going to be upping it to a max total of 32 Gb in the next month or so.
  14. Hey, I love maps too....especially when I am designing them (that's on hold for the time being). I don't know what to say about GL, but I don't really consider it to be the same game as the base FI game. Market Garden was indeed a tremendous addition and I am sure that further expansions to RT, FB, and BS will also be just as grand. Time will tell.
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