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  1. You need to combine the ruins or other flavor models with visible/invisible low walls, wrecks, trenches, etc or invisible bushes, hedges etc to enable cover, concealment & LOS/LOF blocking. Detailed information and how to do it can be found in this thread. I think somebody stated invisible buildings are also possible but I didn´t test much into this direction.
  2. I am currently focusing on campaigns with smaller OOBs and a CMFI Polish Commando campaign vs an tough enemy sounds fitting and interesting alike. Campaign briefing and 1st map makes a good impression aswell. I might start a playthrough of 6th Troop in the near future and will record/stream it.
  3. Is the first sentence referring to my question about the "TBA" CMRT Battlepack or is it talking about the upcoming FIre & Rubble. Berlin in CMBS sounds exciting
  4. @37mm The screenshots you´ve posted here on 20/21th December, were you using a specific Reshade profile there?
  5. I´ve just tested this, looks like its working for me. From what I understand the uniform texture was used and thus the googles are in their cloth cover. I like the added detail & M4. I will use/showcase this in my next CMSF2 US Army playthrough While doing the Flak Stuart tutorial an idea came up Hiding objects/ LOD idea - Most vehicles and some terrain objects (trees etc.) come with lod files. - From specific camera distances the engine starts to use the LOD mdrs instead of the original mdr. - From what I´ve seen the LOD mdrs can be a completely different model compared to the original one - A designer could utilize this by for example hide something in the Jungle. An entrance that has to be found (hidden objective) which shows up invisible/like vegetation from the distance, requiring the player to actively - visually - search the area. - combined with objects that require LOS/active spotting (wrecks etc., not sure if emplacements like trenches or bunkers have lod files) could make it even more challenging to find.
  6. An invisible rifle sounds to me more like a model problem unless you´re using the blank textures. Texture problems should more likely show black/distored skins ingame. But its hard to tell without more insight what actually was done here.
  7. Thanks @Sgt.Squarehead In case someone else is looking for the campaign. I´ve uploaded it to my dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0
  8. I am looking for this campaign but couldn´t find it. Does somebody have a download link or can send me the campaign files please?
  9. You can use the opponent finder subforum here and some weeks ago my channel received a link to the Discord server of The Few Good Men community. I wasn´t really active on Discord in for a while but it seems to be a quiet active and friendly place: https://discord.gg/rdbBzg
  10. I´ve played alot of CMSF2 since release and never seen this but its likely because I don´t bring mounted Strykers into close combat. Imagining a RPG team would approach my fully packed Stryker from the flank or rear I definitely would prefer the airguard to open up and engage it with all means. If I do not wish for this behaviour I simply issue a small fire arc command to the mounts which is CM2 games´ equivalent for "hold fire". Nothing to do with fake but common pactice and fundamental game mechanic. CM players come with very different skill levels, approaches, put themselves into different situations, and have different opinions about certain TacAI aspects which is perfectly fine but this makes it hard for the devs/TacAI to satisfy everyone. Options are the way to go then and in this case all options are present: Permanent airguard (open up), default self defense (do nothing), player defined self-defense zone (target arc), keep your heads down no matter what (tiny target arc). One minor thing I would debate is the behaviour of gunners automatically reloading their external weapons systems which might put them into serious harms way and sometimes is hard to account for, like BMP gunners reloading their ATGMs in the midst of combat. When recording the R2V New Vehicles Showcase I´ve noticed that the Stug with the gunner´s remote controlled MG only exposes himself to reload the belt when "open up" is issued. I think this is quiet an intelligent solution which I would welcome to see for vehicles such as CMSF2´s BMPs.
  11. That is an exciting outlook. In case the CMRT Battlepack becomes an option, is it planned to include campaigns?
  12. Thanks I dont´t plan to release it and deleted it but there was not much work put into it anyways. A serious attempt would require some further work and considerations about which vehicle to replace. Latter would also be important when it comes to turret crew visibility and their animation position.
  13. Not meant to be a serious attempt to accurately recreate the vehicle from the picture but just for tutorial purposes.
  14. Furthermore they airburst their HE rounds in front of soft vehicles leaving them unharmed.
  15. Rome to Victory requires Fortress Italy Base Game Engine V4. You have Game Engine V3.
  16. You can rotate model parts which should help getting the NOD idea done. I use the middle mouse button function for that.
  17. Nothing broken here. However I don´t see much use in constantly updating Reshade either. There is a repository for earlier versions: https://reshade.me/forum/general-discussion/294-reshade-repository-new-host
  18. I´ve played it a couple of months ago and while the mission ends in a tactical defeat due to the bugged bridge at least the campaign can be continued. I believed that decompiling a campaign ends up with losing metadata. So is there a way to decompile, modifiy, and recompile a campaign without this downside?
  19. I booted the mission and parked a LAV APC and a LAV-AT in the same spot and the LAV-AT has the reported limited LOS while the LAV APC is fine. 4-5AM, hazy.
  20. R2V Axis & Allies vehicles, artillery and aircraft put together into a small test map. Select the Allies side. - Vehicles were selected by using the equipment section of the R2V manual as a reference. There might be vehicles that aren´t exclusively for R2V or some might be missing - I only found one Jpz38(t)/Hetzer version and couldn´t locate the Jpz IV (Late), it is mentioned in one of the formations but I wasn´t able to select it. Furthermore I didn´t find the StuG IIIG (Latest), the StuH42 (Latest), and the FW-190D9 aircraft. - might require the other FI modules Video of the scenario: The missing T34 Calliope artillery was added afterwards. I am running a modded setup so appearance might differ for you. R2V Dealership.btt
  21. Its in my Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0
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