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  1. Medium Airliner: As you can see there is an issue with the texture when I export it to .mdr. I had the exact same issue with the Huey helo. I hope one of you can find the root of this problem as I have no idea whats the cause. The complete project folder with .mdr and blender file are in the online clouds. I noticed on this model that the invisible shelter1.mdr primer is especially hard to "hit" with the cusor in the editor in order to move/rotate the model. In the future I will check the other shelters if they┬┤re better suited. And it would be definitely great if BF w
  2. I dismissed several models because I couldn┬┤t get their textures to work. There is a chance that it was caused by the simple mundane issue.Thanks to contrails┬┤ tip I fixed two models: MIG-21 Pack V2: V2: - fixed texture issue - better glass texture - now comes with a vehicle version including a "driver" seat and exhaust.fumes. UH-1 Huey It was a challenge to find a free Huey 3D model in one of the Blender formats. This is the best I could find. The texture got distorted either because GIMP required some strange compatibilty formating on
  3. Great work too! You fixed it by simply renaming the texture file to lower case?
  4. Everything the same just updated the link after it went down. If I update something there I┬┤ll attach an "V2" or something to it or let you know. MIG-21 Crashed + Parked. You can also turn it into a vehicle (example rename it to taxi-vehicle.mdr) to simulate taxiing aircraft that attempt to flee/takeoff which could be simulated by an extraction zone in the editor. However I can┬┤t get the textures to show up and don┬┤t know why. Converted them and did 24bit and "no not write (...)" but still doesn┬┤t work. I am out of ideas but did upload everything including the blender pro
  5. COMPILATION DOWNLOAD NEW DROPBOX LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 Makeshift APC Container (texture can be recolored)
  6. Correction of first post: Credits for the US Multicam OCP skins used in several mods here go to Cpt. Miller.
  7. A list of amphibious vehicles for reference: German Fuchs Marines AAV7, AAV7C, LAV-M, LAV-M-A2, LAV-25, LAV-25-A2, LAV-ATGM, LAV-ATGM-A2 Syrian BMP-1, BMP-1P(4A), BMP-1P(4C) BMP-1PK(4A), BMP1-PK(4C), BMP-2, BMP-2K, BMP-3, BTR-60PB, BRDM-2, BRDM-2-AT3, BRDM-2-AT5 There are 21 seperate amphibious vehicle models to work with. Every vehicle on this list can be seperately replaced. In other words for example you can replace the AAV-7C with something new while the AAV-7 remains unaffected.
  8. The German FUCHS is probably the ligthest armed amphibious vehicle. It just comes with a hatch 7,62MG.
  9. I don┬┤t know exactly what you mean with green outline. Contact me on Discord: Aquila #8952 .
  10. This is a good point. When safe unbutton your vehicles occasionally to allow different elements┬┤ vehicle crews to have a chat with each other or with the infantry so they can share contact information which then is further shared on the different radio nets. I love this CM mechanic, pretty unique.
  11. My rule of thumb on this comes from what I think is representative in the real world. From what I┬┤ve seen distant & wide obervation its quiet difficult when on the move in unupgraded vintage T-55, T-62, T-72, BMPs. So I may unbutton them in certain situations. Anything more modern or NATO I never unbutton.
  12. Deleting faces works like a charm I had a problem with deleting vertices, however I didn┬┤t test if its still present in your new CM2T version as deleting faces is a pretty fine method for me. Okay additionally to the written tutorial here is some footage of me working on stuff, everything is without commentary as usual. You see me struggle there with alot and some steps I wouldn┬┤t do as I┬┤ve learned more in the meantime. Alot goes now alot quicker and easier. Also the tools got updated and there are slightly differences now there. Most important the EXPORT METADATA option upon expo
  13. Yes the blank.bmp is an handy tool in many CM modding efforts. With Blender CM2 tools you can go a step farer and blank out specific model parts.
  14. This is my "way and method" how I got to the finish. Perhaps there are steps that aren┬┤t required or not best. CUSTOM FLAVOR OBJECTS FOR WW2 AND MODERN AQUILA METHOD: 1) Install Anaconda Python 3.X (Google) 2) Install Blender Software (Google) 3) Install a Photoshop Software. Free good Tool: GIMP2 (Google) 3) Check CM2Tools Plugin Authors Github page https://github.com/sbobovyc/CM2Tools for info and plugin download. Also his BFForums thread (1st post) Watch Plugin Author┬┤s Import/Export Tutorial (1st Post) 4) Install Plugin like shown in these Videos 5
  15. Yes as one of the last models I want to design out of initiative is a WW2 Landing Craft as it often comes up and the described trick here with placing a bridge or terrain beneath a ship makes this even more interesting. Beside this I try to get a simple civillian truck into the game like this one: I am pretty sure this would be an great flavor addition for many scenarios and situations aswell.But I┬┤m having troubles to find something easy to import. I took a look and you are right the kiosk/shelter are probably the biggest flavour objects in game, there is unfortunately n
  16. Its "CM Container Closed" in the OneDrive folder. A Black Hawk Down or an african theatre campaign in general would be a dream. I am always using the small crate1.mdr as a primer for the custom models but I believe its ill-suited as bigger objects would likely lead to less FOV issues. What is the biggest (widest) original flavor object one can find in the CM2 family?
  17. UPDATED DOWNLOAD LINK TO COMPILATION: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agho21MGTssHaTHHgpIcaQWqWpU?e=PmbwtK The dropbox is locked down so its OneDrive for the time being.
  18. Infantry models are stored in .mds as for now they can┬┤t be accessed by the Blender CM2 plugin. Only the plugin author can tell if this may become possible. What about replacing a Syrian conventional branch like the Reserve with them? Perhaps there is a way.
  19. This is a question for @sbobovyc . I┬┤m not an author there, sent an email to become one but no answer. Either ways they┬┤re currently renovating. I will share a new link tomorrow when the dp is unrestricted again.
  20. I took a look and its not that easy like I imagined due to the fact that the Muj are not like CMSF1 insurgents.
  21. I think you are right. I just did renaming jobs on the .mds. Certainly the can be redone with CMSF2 models but it likely would require to rework all textures in order to met the new CMSF2 texture layouts. Give the African Forces UNCON folder a shot. The figuring and renaming took 10 minutes and resulted with MikeyD┬┤s African UNCON finally making their way to CMSF2. Perhaps its the same with the CMA Muj. Would be great to see the Muj in CMSF2.
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