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  1. Use either walls, fortifications, or wrecks placed into the hesco barriers. Walls may naturally be the best choice. You can turn anything inivisible by using a blank.bmp file (attached). Rename it to the texture you want to make invisible. Example: in order to make the brick wall invisible make two copies of the blank.bmp and rename them to "brick wall model top.bmp" and "brick wall model.bmp" . Put them into your z folder. Obviously its hard to work with invisible walls in the editor. So either mark the ground tiles beneath the walls temporarily with a special tile so you can identify placement in the 3D Editor or simply work with visible walls and turn them invisible when you´re done with your wall+flavor object combinations. Before release modtag the custom .mdr and .bmp files to make its use exclusive to your scenario. blank.bmp
  2. They work pretty well and I don´t see much performance issues caused by them. The only issue that causes minor disturbance is the fact that the original flavor objects have a limited FOV attached to them. When you turn the camera away far enough they are programmed "to disappear". Due to this mechanic bigger custom flavor objects may prematurely disappear when the camera is close to them and turned away from their center because they inherit this limited FOV programming from them. Too complicate to explain in detail, simply test the cargo ship and go close with the camera and you will see it. But in most cases it isn´t that disturbing. And from another thread I´ve seen: When replacing CM2 objects ALWAYS keep the attributes (such as size) of the original flavor object in mind. When using custom flavor objects like the HESCO barrier: Do not replace big original flavor objects like the shelter with hescos as it will become harder to stack them closely together due to collision. For the hesco or similar custom objects that have to be stacked close together, replace slim flavor object slots such as telephone poles, street lamps, and traffic lights. From my current knowledge Poles, Lamps, and Traffic Light flavor object slots are the best replacement slots for many custom models as a) they cause not much collision issues due their slim size (thus custom objects do not cause issues when placed together tight (Hesco particulary)) b) have great draw distances (thus the custom objects do not disappear when camera is far away) c) there are many of them and you almost never need all of them in one scenario But again scenario designers are free to replace any flavor object, wreck, vehicle, emplacement with custom models they see fit. Just because you encounter a model made by me that is named crate1, shelter1 or streetlight1.mdr does not mean you should use it with its original name. Rename them as you see fit and in accordance to the information of this whole thread.
  3. You don´t need to rethink your scenario planning. Do not replace the Hesco barrier for the shelter (or other wide flavor objects) as this will cause collision issues due to the shelter´s big size. Again custom models inherit the attributes of the replaced object. For the Hesco and other touching objects its best to replace streetlamp traffic lights and telefonpoles. These objects are slim and won´t cause collision issues. Name the Hescos for example trafficlight1.mdr and you will see that they can be placed tight and "touched". I know there are shelter files in the download. They are just for testing and shouldn´t be used. I removed them and uploaded a Hesco V2 to my Dropbox.
  4. No causality implied but also good to keep in mind that the affected object is the most numerous flavor object on the map. Was your map "just" large or did it also feature a ton of flavor objects either of a specific given type or in overall quantity?
  5. It is extremely unlikely that this has anything to do with flavor object editing. I have the impression that your city project is probably the map project with the most flavor objects yet seen in CM. Is this correct? It doesn´t imply that the presented issue has something to do with this but if true we should simply keep that in mind while you navigate new uncharted map creation territory. Interesting is that this is limited to one specific map and one "older" part of this map edited months ago and the fact that only some but not all flavor objects of a given type changed. Also did the affected flavor objects change to exactly two different flavor objects (a bench and a pallet), or did more options appear? Is it in fact the map part you´ve placed your first flavor objects in? If not already in place I would recommend that you keep some backups of your scenario files while working on them and for the time being observe if this phenomenom appears again.
  6. WINSPMBT/WINSPWW2: Active development, 2D, turn-based. On first glance graphics, menues, and controls have an (too) ancient feeling but you quickly realize that its mechanics are pretty good. Probably the biggest nation and vehicle database I´ve seen ever in a ground wargame. In these two games you´ll find almost any vehicle from late WW1/early WW2 up to Future/Planned 2025. Tons of campaigns and scenarios you´ll find something about any (post-)WW2 conflict there. Dynamic campaign generator. Mechanic-wise not as deep as CM but still some sort of Combat Mission 2D as you need to apply authentic tactics and considerations in order to survive the engagements. Comes with the same core force+linear/tree campaign idea which you have to lead through missions. My favourite campaign mode. However the campaigns and briefings often lack background, soul, and immersion which is very important for me. I also had the feel that it can get heavy on micromanagement but I don´t have much experience yet with the controls & capabilities so can´t tell. Graviteam Games: Active, probably the most popular choice in the countless "CM vs X" fanboy debates. Somebody nailed my opinion pretty well. I like the fact that it models some exotic conflicts almost never touched by games. But it indeed feels clunky and the UI is not my case. Often mentioned strongpoint is its dynamic campaign. Lot of players love dynamic campaigns so if you´re one of them take a look but for me it is also resulting in one of the biggest flaws. It generates these generic battles which often end up in simple line-defend line-attack situations and the TACAI almost never looks very good. For me no competition to the handmade scenarios/campaigns of CM. If they would offer handmade campaigns with the core-forces principle similar to CM more being focused on these big open terrain battles I certainly would dig into them. Armored Brigade: Active, 2D, real time, also turn-based modes, cold war, good visualization. Powerful dynamic campaign generator which can be generated from real maps from Italy, Germany, US Desert. When you win you advance on this map and vice versa. For me again this problem that the campaigns and briefings have not the depth of CM. While CM campaigns surprise me even after countless hours and years the missions of ABs dynamic campaign tend to become very similar in short time. There are some premade campaigns but well they don´t offer much more from what it seems. Nonexistant briefings and background. Hope that this department improves. Still a great game. Distant Guns 1.5/Jutland Pro: inactive for several years, devs presumably gone, They´re in full flight mode but servers are running. Shop, purchase, and DRM app is a mess but from my channel I know that brave ones recently managed to overcome the "Dark Souls" of online shops in order to buy the game. It is basically Combat Mission on Seas and the best modern real time 3D naval simulation available. Scourge of War Gettysburg/Waterloo: active, US Civil War and Napoleonic Wars, very complex, some fantastic ideas like runners and AI/manual control. Not easy to get into it but there are plently of tutorials on yt. Best pre-World Wars battlefield simulation. Close Combat Games: 2D, real time a new engine 3D WW2 title is planned for release. CM and CC not just share a similar name but both also have a long history. However while CM did improve alot, CC did less, graphically as gameplay-wise. But its okay if you love the formula which is small unit engagements consisting of up to a dozen squads and vehicles + fire support. The often recommended Ostfrot Release (Iron Cross?) comes with similar campaigns as CM where you can purchase and I think upgrade units and the newer ones come with a sort of small map/operational layer where you can move your assets around etc.. Lots of mods. I am not focused on graphics but this lagging unit sprites are really borderline painful for me. There were modern releases including "Marines", "Modern War", and "The Road to Baghdad". I am looking for the Close Combat The Road to Baghdad Iraq War release, it is NOWHERE to be found as from what i´ve heard there were licensing issues and they removed it from the market pretty quick, furthermore it wasn´t well received. Doesn´t matter I need to see it with my own eyes. Contact me if you own a copy of Close Combat: Road to Baghdad I end up often buying (war)games and spending just a couple of hours on them even when they´re decent. Not one of the mentioned here kept my attention for years and dozen of hours like CM did. Only 3 wargames did this to me: CM for tactical ground warfare, CMANO for strategic modern air/naval warfare, and Dangerous Waters for (anti-)submarine warfare with clocked hours in favor of the first. For me I see CM´s success not just in its mechanics but especially in its deep detail of immersion. Extensive Information about situation, forces, map, war effort, historical outcome vs "MISSION 1: MEETING ENGAGEMENT DESERT. HAVE FUN! may not be important for others, for me this makes a major difference. Some mission designers even go further with campaigns like KG von Schroif, Task Force Panther, or Dragonwynn´s work by providing you with individuals with their names and own stories for you to take care of. In the CMSF Battle of Ramadi, Iraq scenario there was well-researched the historical situation explained and even links provided for an documentary which I then watched. I hope official BF designers will draw some inspiration from these custom creations. Nevertheless for me this is all next level stuff you almost can´t finde somewhere else.
  7. Relax in the Sand Method Also known as IED Incident / Surprise Explosion Method Imagine you playing casually CMSF2 managing your units at the FOB and suddenly a big explosion happens somewhere on the map. What was that? Should we send a patrol to check out? How to setup: 1) Setup a pile of enemy IEDs and Spotters or setup a VBIED on a specific spot. 2) set a friendly vehicle/infantry as reinforcement (it can be also a BLUEFOR Taxi, Pickup, Ural Truck so when your units reach the scene it looks more authentic), set the time according to your preference. Place this vehicle into the IED/VBIED spot. 3) when the vehicle spawns it instantly triggers the explosion, visible to the player. Spotters+IEDs require 1/some seconds. VBIED trigger instantly so fast the player won´t even see the reinforcement vehicle. - Use it for surprise, alongside reinforcement message to make the player curious or give him the task to setup a patrol in order to investigate - Spawning infantry into the IED spot also trigger them (do not use BLUEFOR civillian spies etc. as they are hard to spot) - max out the triggermen´s or VBIED stats to speed up their spotting and detonation. - The VBIED or the Reinforcement Vehicle can be switched with custom 3D Models or even made invisible. An immobilized reinforcement vehicle also triggers the explosion. - Use this in combination with a mission objective: Example: "Intel reports insurgent leader Al Grognardib aquired an operational radioactive dirty bomb and plans to detonate it in this heavy populated are in the next 2 hours. Gather intelligence, find him, and stop the WMD attack". He then could be the Triggerman of the IED spot or there could be several of them there. If he gets successfully interrupted or killed in time, the "victim" reinforcement vehicle/individual will spawn without blowing up. The reinforcement´s destruction would result in alot of victory points for the enemy. In case of player success the sudden reinforcement spawn could be explained in the briefing. Example: EOD team "Briefing:When located kill/capture Grognardib and secure the bombsite. Wait for the special EOD team/vehicle to arrive, they will aquire the bomb and transport it. Ensure the safe passage to exfil/fob". - the explosion also works on a start of a scenario although the player will see the victim vehicle of course in the SETUP phase. Can be used for scenarios such as: "Quarterback 2-2s Humvee patrol in Town A was calm so far, the weather is fantastic. Just in this moment the lead Humvee is approached by a friendly looking fella who is carrying a big chocolate cake. Looks like the day is getting even better." My over the top solutions for alot of smoke. You obvisouly don´t need to go so extreme: -
  8. Yes both methods are possible: 1) This was done with "Destroy BF109" objectives but as you can guess you can do it with everything. 2) The destroyed objective was a Bedford Truck replaced by a BF109. Make copies of the custommodel.mdr of your choice and replace the main mdr and lod mdr files. For weapon caches you can simply take the vanila "crate1.mdr" and rename it to "vehicle-taxi.mdr", then make copies from it and add "-lod1" up to "-lod4" to it. You could also replace the VBIED vehicle as I believe these have a chance to explode when fired upon, so players would be extra cautious and call an armored vehicle to do the EOD job. 3) Very good for replacement are casual/transport vehicles (Jeeps, Civilian cars, Humvees, Wolfs, Trucks etc etc,) as you can remove their crew in the editor and they don´t give away so much "?" intel like bigger stuff. The crew can then be removed by extraction zone or simply placed somewhere else as enemy force. 4) It looks like the removed crews are accounted for victory points (in this example I had every BF109 set to 9999 but as you can see I received around 6000 or ca. 60% of the victory points. The Crew (Supply Platoon HQ) is sitting on the map edge in this demo. Keep that in mind when doing your mission´s victory point calculations. 3) When replacing vehicle, turn them to "IMMOBILIZED" so they won´t make engine noises when spotted. 4) You can either use them for hidden TOUCH, OCCUPY objectives (reach the downed bf109 and search it), for SPOTTING and like in this example for DESTROY objectives (destroy the bf109). These can obviously used for the player and for the AI aswell. Scenarios like "we lost an important asset in this region. Locate it before the enemy does" or "defend the asset from destruction/search" and many more become possible. 5) You can also replace sturdier objects as (Wooden) Bunkers or armored vehicles, this would require the player to use specific weapons (satchel charges, launchers, grenades) to get the destruction objective done. For example you could replace some armored vehicles with the train for an "Ambush the Train" scenario requiring to fire rockets or missiles into the trains. 6) And again these objects can receive AI plans and do movement like the replaced vehicle. You could simulate something being slowly towed away or trying to escape (like the example with the MIG-21s that try to get airborne (evac zone) in order to escape.) 7) Same goes for reinforcements, you could let them spawn when and where you want. Pretty good for these mentioned "patrol and locate weapon caches" big sandbox map scenarios. Combined with the methods used in the CMBS "TOC" sandbox scenario, there are ALOT of options just requiring creativity and out of the box thinking. 8 ) placing these custom model objectives into ground caves (deeper as in my showcase) and cave labyrinths which then are covered by the Underground Cover Mod, and with the edges made inaccessible either by mapping or the various methods we have (invisible walls, bushes etc.), would the player demand to go into these caves to locate/destroy objectives otherwise not able to be spotted.
  9. Camo-Net Emplacement Release (All CM games) - camo texture can be quickly changed, retextured, and/or modtagged ([snow] etc) as required - hide vehicles, crates, emplacements, trenches, at guns, atgms etc. beneath - height/width can be quickly resized in Blender - combine sandbags, bunkers, buildings. As a flavor object it can be placed in/on buildings. - if you want it to be spotted and not being always visible on the map: Replace an unused emplacement with it (sandbag, trench, wooden bunker) or an vehicle (taxi, kübelwagen) which then is turned into a wreck. The replaced emplacement/vehicle will not be visible but the camo net (or other objects released here) will inherit the "needs to be spotted" ability. - again if you have an hard time hitting the shelter in the editor. Remove all blank.bmp files from your Z folder in order to see the shelter and make it easier for you while editing. - combine 2 or 3 nets that are displaced 1-2 tiles to make it denser. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agho21MGTssHaTHHgpIcaQWqWpU?e=5rKEzK Video:
  10. I add everything to the same folder. Do not download the complete folder multiple times.
  11. The weapon model has an arrow named "weapon muzzle" attached that tell the game engine where to create an effect. You can freely move it to match your model but for most CM model swaps it isn´t required as naming conventions are almost always the same for all CM2 engine games. Some examples for engine specific arrows/markers you will see in Blender: weapon eject (1,2,3...) where brass is thrown out. driver, gunner, commander, loader, radiooperator soldier (1,2,3,4,5...), leader etc.: tells the game the position of crew member and passengers. However what stance he has (sitting, standing etc.) is I believe defined by the internal part of the game. There are often duplicates an a or bc attached i. e. "commander a" and "commander bc", don´t know exactly what it means. gear (1,2,3...) see the post where I explain it -option (a,b,c...) see the post where I explain it groundpoint (1,2,3...) for what spot crew/passengers will leave the vehicle firespot (1,2,3...) where a flame is created when the vehicle burns, but I believe when this is not defined the engine randomly assigns firespots. hatch (1,2,3...) hatches and doors of vehicles that may be opened by the engine when crew/passengers exit. Model swaps have the tendency to use wrong hatches. For me the unbuttoned commander hatch is important, especially in WW2 games, so I check ingame which wrong hatch opens up and then go into blender and rename the hatch names (for example hatch 2 and hatch 4 switch names) and eventually the correct commander hatch then opens up. Can be used to define hatches or bulkheads on boats and other custom models. exhaust (1,2,3...) where fumes are coming out turret/mount/weapon (1,2,3...)don´t know exactly how they work but I guess they tell the engine what part is what so it can be moved/animated properly the turret will traverse, the mount will elevate/slightly traverse depending on the type and the weapon may have a recoil animation. Also seen the term "fixed-gun" on the Tiger model its probably the part of the gun that doesn´t recoil wheel (1,2,3...) all tire wheels and track wheels are called wheels in CM models, don´t know if their rotation/jerking is defined by the engine internals or if the rotation information is stored in the models metadata or both. Could probably used to create rotating radars or boat propellers but I did no tests in this direction. clip defines the part that is removed when an infantry weapon´s mag is reloaded
  12. About Model Part Exchange and Mounting Different Weapon Stations and Guns Stryker with 30mm Mount (Proof of Concept Prototype, no Release) British Scorpion with 76mm cannon (released, part of Falklands Vehicle Collection) Also see the UAZ MG, or the Jeep conversions for the H&E Mod. 1) Moving parts/turrets/weapons between existing models is pretty straight forward. Simply import the 2nd vehicle model you want to take a part from and remove it/ "unparent" and install/"parent" it on your target vehicle. 2) With Blender/CM2T I´ve noticed that there is a tendency that when you move/install multi part gun/turret and then export your new model, there is a tendency for the gun/turret parts to get distorted in their position. You need to reimport, correct, reexport. This is perhaps required several times until all parts stay in place. 3) When planning a vehicle modificaton involving new turrets and weapons naturally think about what vehicle you want to replace with it. The vehicle to be replaced should resemble the new weapon/turret characteristics. You don´t need to stay with the original military branch or even nationality as Combat Mission enables scenario designers to setup missions with mixed forces involving ALL branches, factions, Bluefor/Redfor assets at the same time for one side. 4) Also its good to put your new vehicle in context of its environment and technology, especially when recreating specific time frames. For example with the 1967 Six-Day war vehicle collection a good choice would be to do a Red vs Red and replace all the oldest Syrian Tank slots with the Arab/Israeli tanks and then pitch them against each other. The oldest Syrian vehicles don´t come with this superior optics and the ability to kill everything on the battlespace in matter of seconds which then results in a more authentic depiction. It isn´t hard to guess that replacing a new gen M1A2 or T72T-T/T90 with a Arab T-34 would result in a tank that over-performs in its 67´ environment. Alot factors can also be influenced by crew experience. 5) Don´t forget to turn "Export Metadata" on when your vehicle has tire wheels or track wheels. Check Blender tutorial in this thread to understand importance and current limitation of this setting. And yes technically it would be possible to depict the Korean War with replacing all CMWW2 German assets with existing Soviet Red Thunder assets (preferably waiting for the Late War RT module) to create an US/Commonwealth vs Soviet-equipped force situation. it would require some consideration on what to replace with what, alot of file renaming, and considering how to set the experience levels to depict the conflict in a best possible way but it could be done. Furthermore the H&E mod advances and assets will open up more options for Asian scenarios. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agho21MGTssHaTHHgpIcaQWqWpU?e=5rKEzK
  13. Either make them taller or much easier simply raise the billboard model into air to match 2nd 3rd 4rd etc. floors of buildings. Every custom 3D model can made to "float" in the air like the underground cover was, just the base "primer" flavor object needs to stay on the ground but it requires no "physical contact" with the custom model. You should be also able to create WW2 barrage balloons. From what I´ve learned you should also be able to create vehicles that float in the air, their base is still on the ground which then is be made invisible. But the usability of floating flying vehicles is questionable as FOV and fire source stays on ground level. Also an billboard bridge or whatever you can drive trough under should be possible. The invisible primer flavor object would be on the ground but it doesn´t impede movement so everything fine. One could stretch/reposition the billboard feet in blender so cars can fit under or attach the bb to two sturdier looking lamp/telephone poles that are already in the game or again simply let it float in the air and attach it to neighbouring walls and buildings as the billboard is wider than a road.
  14. MTVR Full Desert The Marines of my Rolling Lords of War campaign playthrough decided to give their beloved trucks a complete desert paintjob: You can see them in action here: I´ve recorded the method I´m using for these jobs. Its not perfect but shows a quick/cheap way and requires little photoshop expertise. Use it along the info in my recent post: About Terrain Modding Alot of the terrains are exchangeable between the CM games and some additional where created by modders. When it comes to CMSF2 Syria (and other Middle Eastern countries) aren´t all about desert and just arid terrain but you can find plenty of diverse conditions and regions there. To give you some visual diversity or to depict specific regions you have plenty of terrain options that can be quickly utilized: Euroscape terrain: Gives a green/"European" like experience. As it is hard to find a public link I´ve uploaded it to my clouds. It is just the terrain & buildings not the full package and neither the original mod. Combine it with the Russian Forces Mod and CMBS buildings in order to get a Euro Cold War experience. In action (together with the US/Marines Woodland & Russian Forces conversion & CMBSHD Mod Buildings) Syrope Terrain: Its greener than Euroscape and links are still available here: In action: Using Terrain files from your other CM games By using the tool rezexplode which ships with your CM game you can unpack the terrain from your CM games. Its a folder called "terrain" and you can then copy it into the z folder of another CM game. The ground and roads folders are pretty straightforward and also buidlings work for the most part but watch out with foliage files. I´ve experimented with porting trees or bushes but for me it often ended up with invisible bushes or trees. I don´t know much about foliage modding and porting may know more about the limitations or how to get it done. For beginners I recommend only to copy ground, roads, and if desired buildings files. Buildings are like a surprise bag you never know how they will look like in your other CM game. Especially the CMBS buildings provide you with a more colorful buildings palette which can be very pleasing after seeing the same grey/tan CMSF buildings for a long time or especially for heavy urban scenarios. My buildings favorite: CMBSHD Buldings mod in CMSF2 My terrain favorite: CM Fortress Italy terrain in CMSF2 Both in action: Syria Winter Terrain Yes it can snow in Syria. You´ll find the winter mod in the clouds. I think I extracted it from the CM Red Thunder Winter mod. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agho21MGTssHaTHHgpIcaQWqWpU?e=5rKEzK
  15. Tiger Late with Woodland/Snow Camo - a camo port of the previous one for the late Tiger with standard woodland + [snow] tagged version added. - should work in all CMWW2 games as AFAIK they all have the late Tiger. - alignment wasn´t modified from the previous mod and thus is not perfect as obviously the late Tiger is different from the early one. - commander hatch now without issues, perhaps something wrent wrong in the previous camo net release one as the "origin" (the three colored arrows in blender) of the hatch was not placed at the hinge of the hatch (thanks @sbobovyc for the info). - the video shows just a light snowy base skin but for the demo its okay. The camo nets would look more beautiful with a proper snowy Tiger skin. Simple method to create snow and desert skins in seconds in GIMP 2 1) GIMP2 free photoshop tool 2) With it open your texture of interest 3)Decide if you want to modify the complete texture, or select specific parts of the texture, or temporarily cut out parts you don´t want to colorize (vehicle lights etc.) and paste them in back in place when you´re done. 4a) Upper UI -> Colors -> Desaturate -> Colors to Gray will turn it into a snow skin 4b) Upper UI -> Colors -> Desaturate -> Sepia will turn it into a desert skin 5) done and save it 6 optional) refine it further (some good options are color-> saturation/brightness and contrast/hue chroma) And be a cool guy and provide your creations to the community by either uploading it to CMMODS, clouds, or file hosters. Some options just take seconds and don´t be afraid about people being judgemental, The majority of the CM community are happy about every mod or skin. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agho21MGTssHaTHHgpIcaQWqWpU?e=5rKEzK
  16. Yes the M27 luckily came with a seperate mag which then needs to be called "clip" so the game engine recognizes it when reloading. They´re probably one single model because alot of these models available are (quick) ports from other formats. It can also make trouble when several textures are assigned to one mesh (model part) as happened with some of my models. Here is a way how to split/cut models (not recommended for beginners or people who give up quickly). Better use another weapon model with a dedicated mag and collect some experience first) 1) Watch my video on cutting faces (big comment with videos in this thread) 2) select the model 3) tab -> edit mode 4) z -> wire frame mode 5) Press A -> deselect all 6) now with "Mouse right click" or "B" Key frame select this little vertices until the complete magazine is highlighted 7) press "DEL" -> Delete Faces, the mag is removed 8 save the model, you know have a weapon without mag, 9) you will now need to reload the original model but delete everything except the mag and save it. 10) import both created parts 6b) you can also try selecting the complete model and go to lower left UI and use "bisect", its like a knife. When you have your cutting line. Press F6 and delete inner or outer model part. This is how I would handle it right now but there must be an easier solution like this. There are alot of written and video tutorials on Blender in the net. By the way does one understand how this textures, materials, UV coordinates stuff work in Blender so that textures get "printed" onto the models? I still want to fix my airliner and the texture on the M27 IAR. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agho21MGTssHaTHHgpIcaQWqWpU?e=5rKEzK
  17. Glad you enjoy it and see use for these items in your scenarios. I am already excited to play the H&E release. And about why the aircraft carrier, I saw MOS´ modular building aircraft carrier and then decided to give an ac a go. It didn´t require much time as it was a straightforward model.
  18. BTR-82 Release (CMSF2 and CMBS) Desert: Green Video: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agho21MGTssHaTHHgpIcaQWqWpU?e=5rKEzK
  19. MT-LBM-6MA (MT-LB V2) Release (CMSF2 and CMBS) Desert Green (CMBS Original with Added Gear) The MT-LBM-6MA comes with a 14.5 and 7.62mm dual weapon turret. I didn´t know that this vehicle variant existed in CMBS but it is a perfect match for SF2´s BTR. - desert and green version available - hatches corrected - random gear added, gear comes with a dedicated gear texture which is only used by this MT-LB and which can be customized for example to make it greener - replace the dedicated gear texture with a blank.bmp to remove the gear. - new model can be used in CMBS alike, just rename the .mdr files to "mt-lbm-6ma.mdr" and "mt-lbm-6ma-lod-x.mdr". Hatches may behave different when disembarking as this is optimized for CMSF2´s BTR. However the often for model swaps troubling "Open Up" should work fine as it required no change. - this model - no matter if used in CMSF2 or CMBS - is compatible with the already existing CMBS MT-LB texture mods out there. Replace the textures in the folder as you see fit. - hatches are optimized for a BTR-60 replacement but it can also used for other vehicles such as the BRDM-2 (less passenger capacity). If you want to use it alongside my Makeshift APC mod I recommend to use the MT-LB for the BTR and the Makeshift APC for the BRDM-2. - both versions in the clouds. I removed my old MT-LB mod. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agho21MGTssHaTHHgpIcaQWqWpU?e=5rKEzK @Erwin The vehicles, skins, weapons, conversions you can use as simple "Z modfolder" jobs. The flavor objects need also to be placed in the Z folder but you shouldn´t do this blindly. They are primarily dedicated to scenario and campaign creators which then can replace specific flavor objects with them them and modtag them for their scenarios. However "private users" still can use them but it requires extra work. You can basically open every scenario in the editor and place your own flavor objects into these missions without getting spoilered about enemy forces and positions. But it requires some knowledge about flavor objects and where to expect them. I started a scenario lately that features a radar station landmark, so I opened it in the editor and added the radar station. I often replace traffic light flavor objects as these are almost never used in rural/open terrain and they come with an excellent draw distance. But no matter if open or urban terrain with a good eye there are always unused flavor object slots with a good draw distance to be found for these personal edits. With some practice this just takes a minute. blank.bmp
  20. https://www.marcorsyscom.marines.mil/News/News-Article-Display/Article/1505738/marines-to-receive-more-m27s/ I think I saw some decent A2 models on CadNav Would definitely make for a better swap.
  21. I´ve just exchanged ideas with @3j2m7 about depicting the Balkan War or Israeli-Arab conflicts and noticed that I forget to mention this mini mod: Six-Day War Vehicle Collection (Stug, Jagdpanzer, Pz. IV, T-34, T-55, Sherman, all with desert skins) Similar to the Falklands vehicle conversion minimod this was also created. It includes Arab Stug, Jagdpanzer, T-34, and T-55 and the Israeli Sherman. If scenario designers should pick this up, they replace the static T-54 and static T-55 but keep in mind that there is no way to limit the fire arc of the STUG/Jagdpanzer so if you use them then only for the AI and place them in tank emplacements which limit their fire arc via terrain. A total conversion with infantry etc. if one would be interested should be certainly doable as most modern conflicts from post WW2 to up this date work pretty good with CMSF2s capabilities. Many infantry weapons of this war are already to be found in the various CM games. A Red vs Red scenario would be likely the best base and with the force selection trick you can also use further bluefor vehicles (and their reskinned/relocalized crews) if really required. You can do Red vs Red quickbattles and by human purchase and setup these tank battles fairly quick. Just have in mind what replaces what. M1200 Armored Knight V2 for Recon Humvee I think this was my first Blender modification created 3 weeks ago. Corrected hatches and removed the M2. Desert + Woodland Skin version. MT-LB, BTR-70, BTR-70M, BTR-80 for BTR-60 Conversion Replace your BTR-60 with other Russian APC with custom skins. Good for some enemy variety. (Credit to Euroscape authors for the BTR-70 skin). MT-LB swap is not very realistic as the real MT-LB has no 14.5mm. SPG Makeshift Car One of the first models. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agho21MGTssHaTHHgpIcaQWqWpU?e=5rKEzK
  22. Newest Release/Technique: Okay a pair of Syrian soldiers and this radar station. Nothing new but look at the ground on the left. Here is a demonstration video what this is: Terrain Cover What it looks like in the editor: This is basically a floating terrain object that allows to cover underground spaces or buildings. Possibilities: - Hide stashes or caches under them in caves which then need to be located by the player - create underground tunnel systems - create underground bunkers and basements - the cover texture can be easily switched by any terrain or building ground texture or a new one can be created. - if you have troubles with editor placement remove the blank.bmp texture which makes the primer shelter invisible - with some size and height adjustments in Blender cover can be provided for deeper underground systems. - its not hard to be located by the player, especially due to shader differences but it is still a nice method to get some underground/tunnel action into CM. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agho21MGTssHaTHHgpIcaQWqWpU?e=5rKEzK
  23. Ruins Pack Release (WW2 + Modern) High Low Use it so or combine it with visible/invisible Buildings, Walls, Emplacements, Wrecks etc. for LOS/Fire/Movement block and additional cover. Can be customized, textured, resized like all projects here. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agho21MGTssHaTHHgpIcaQWqWpU?e=5rKEzK
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