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  1. The games allow modification of what I call "hard data" so the JTS mods are not only cosmetical. While it is technicallly correct that HE does not change hard data, calling it only cosmetical would be the biggest understatement I´ve heard alongside it. To everybody that has the slightest interest I recommend to test it out for yourself. Playing the yot Rat campaign in HE was on of the greatest and most unique experiences I´ve had in recent years in CM. It is remarkable what the team achieved despite CM´s modding restrictions. Which brings me to my point: I do not ask the devs to go full 180 degree on CM´s modding friendliness as I understand the reasoning. However I am confident that offering the community at least some more modding options would be a win-win situation for all involved.
  2. Another recent example is that there were people telling me that they got into CMSF2 because of the Heaven & Earth mod. If I hypothetically had zero interest in CMSF2´s Middle Eastern modern warfare setting but some interest in the Vietnam/Asian setting, I would buy CMSF2 just for it without thinking twice. I mentioned it several times while playing the Year of the Rat campaign on the stream and it was meant serious. I guess I have a lesser threshold than the average to spent money on wargames but if I assume that for some reason I had no interest in the default content of the other CM titles - which is not the case but hypothetically - but had for whatever reasons interest in user content such as the various mod/campaign projects, I would buy CM games just for them alone. Last week I bought two JTS games primarily in order to get my hands on total conversion mods.
  3. Also when viewers on my channel ask for recommendation which CM game they should buy, one of the most popular questions they add in is, wether the games come with rich user and mod content.
  4. My first physical copy of IL2 I bought because of German 3rd party historical addon campaigns. I purchased a second digital copy of IL1946 exclusively for the BAT mod. Similar with countless other games. There are dozen games I would´ve never purchased if there would be no modding coming with them.
  5. China modern/near-future PLA as a faction would be interesting. Expanded campaign mechanics aswell.
  6. That a tank in a ditch in front of another one might get later fully aquired but might catch a shot by accident doesn´t seem that unreasonable. I second that. While it a) can stand for a contact report that was received from contact sharing it b) also can stand for "I see an enemy tank but don´t have it fully identified and/or are not ready to engage it yet" There is sometimes no way to distinguish if a contact report is coming from a) or b) and can be of mixed sources but the very strong color points more towards a very strong b) (This limitation is also why I think why we see this new icon blinking in CMFI RtV.) Doesn´t mean that I want to justify this case here. With the little information I have no real opinion on it. However labeling the tank invisible is wrong.
  7. They decided to move alot of the effects into "legacy" when installing which isn´t downloaded anymore by default but has to be selected manually, perhaps thats the issue.
  8. @37mm The Reshade settings of your latest CMSF2 video, are they available for download?
  9. Courage Conquers, 1st mission. First encounter at 1:46:00, Sherman vs Sherman at 2:35:19 Really liked the idea.
  10. One of the CMFB campaigns is featuring a German Sherman Beutepanzer.
  11. @Lucky_Strike I´ve just found this thread and these screenshots are on another level. I would like to test the new looks and your reshade profile, furthermore I´d also like to make a video showcase/preview of it. The only thing I did with bocage models is to add them onto vehicles as addon 3D camo experimt but they can be modified on their own. Would be interesting to see the results and options. About LOS it might help your project to know that some of the LOD graphic degradation can be "modded out" by replacing the LOD files.mdr with copies of the original model mdr file although I am not sure if this option is available for all LOD-sensitive assets ingame.
  12. - German addon skirts were introduced to tackle the Soviet ATR threat in order to interfere with the projectile before making contact with the main hull. It seemed to work good, also good effectiveness was reported against 76mm HE which also was used against vehicles. It was never designed with HEAT protection really in mind as primary. - With the arrival of the Western Allies and its HEAT based portable launchers it was reported to offer (some) protection "by accident". It seems there was no real consesus even back in the days about how effective it is and it remaints a controversial topic to this very day. A typical problem is also that alot of individuals also approach this topic with this "all or nothing" or "x-yes/x-no" mindset ala "is skirt X protecting from HEAT weapon Y" which is simply not working when talking about many topics of real warfare. Overall evaluating the additional protection value with "low" might be the safest bet. - Ít was later replaced by Thoma Drahtgeflecht Skirts because production of these were easier and they achieved the same effect against ATRs as it was already stated in this threat. If they were really more succesful in specifically interfere with fuzes remains in the unclear. - As mentioned there was a widespread use of field armour including logs, sandbags, welded replacement tracks and wheels. There effectiveness might be even evalued lower than skirts at least against HEAT due to the little standoff it usually provided. - There is also this consideration that some measures might even improved the HEAT penetration i. e. made it words as due to production and technological limitations alot of these weapons were designed with less than optimal standoff ranges which then could be evened out by the addon armour when pre-detonated by it properly. - all of this is was in use in many post-WW2 conflicts that featured RPG systems, recently by Western Coalition in Afg and Iraq in order to specifically tackle the popular single stage RPG warheads & its various copies, and in Syria everything that is loose is welded onto tanks. Does it mean it must be super-effective? Not really. However: - Could a skirt/wire mesh interfere enough with a HEAT charge in order to fault its fuze or to make its superplastic jet less efficient in penetrating the main hull? Sure. Did a wooden log, a sandbag, or welded tracks, or tank wheels safe the day for a crew somewhere somewhen? Sure there are accounts claiming that. Was it worth the complete fuss especially when taking into account the additional burden on industry, the vehicle engines, transmission, fuel consumption? Nobody might every know and there might be no universal answer. More important: - even wide-spread measures weren´t done because some super-brain scientist came over and told them but because of the psychological effect. In the end soldiers are also humans and might try everything to ease their mind or to find some protection against a lethal threat no matter the effectiveness. Im am pretty sure there were commanders and also higher leadership that knew about the little "hard" effect some of this measures would bring but still ordered them because they counted on the psychological effect. CM specifically: btw I also did some testing on the single-stage RPG warheads vs Cage Addon Armour in CMSF2. It was a small batch size but it seems that the angle is also calculated into the odds of defeating the charge so it might be not just random luck. Furthermore I think that CM only shows a single hit message, so if you read (Partial)Penetration doesn´t mean the skirt was doing nothing but didn´t provide enough protection to stop the penetration. Vice versa if you read "HIT: Skirt" doesn´t mean that the charge never made contact with the main hull but that it in no way managed to penetrate it. Furthermore this could mean that there might be a chance that a complete penetration ended up being a partial one because of the skirt. It is a theory might be different.
  13. He experienced a LOS block in his test scenario with the terrain cover mod when bringing infantry from the fake ceiling into upper levels, wich is surprising and exciting aswell. He uploaded it a couple of posts ago but I didn´t check it out yet but others are welcome to take a look as well as this would enable alot of new options in case it is indeed the case. That´s great news as there are not many that got this far. With that you´ve managed to overcome a big part of the challenge of this Blender/CM Tools method. Would be great to see your ideas coming to frutition. Everybody is encouraged to experiment with all these custom models mods here and do whatever they like with them. In most releases I´ve added theBblender project file for easier editing them and education purposes by loading them directly into Blender. Instructions and possible purposes of methods/custom models are highlighted in the dedicated posts which were published here for almost all releases. This complete thread is basically a manual with discussion bits between the instructions and progress flow. I am not really expecting any volunteers but if someone wants to extract all of the vital data from here and bring it into a new (general mods) thread, you´re definitely welcome. Video Playlist for CM 3D Model Editing with Showcases, Workflows, and Tutorials (latter with commentary) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlUX4ALH7zTNgpWGBYSFUCnZK-Sf7SCcl
  14. Wasn´t sure if the simulation is going that far as modelling blindspots of specific vehicles. Great to see it´s the case.
  15. While the facing of a tank and its turret play an important role in CM spotting it doesn´t mean they´re blind on the flanks or rear. Despite the commander, crew member positions were equipped with viewports and periscopes as well and they were trained - along their main job - to observe specific areas around the tank. They didn´t had the quality optics as the gunner/commander but for closer ranges it could be enough. Which is in unity with @Bulletpoint´s observation although I didn´t pay attention how much this is tied to the tank having a TC cupola which would naturally make sense. Nevertheless in this incident it makes of course little sense that the tank spots the infantry first here. As mentioned CM allows for gun depression below/above historical parameters although a delay will be issued. I can´t recall hearing the reasons behind it but my theories are engine limitation, in order to prevent explotation, limit AI stress (example: AI tank for some reason ends on a ridge and is not able to engage anymore), to make tanks not too exposed to infantry close assaults (run up a inf team in a WEGO turn and they have 60 seconds convience for blowing the heck out of it), a mix of those, or complete different reasons. About vehicle TacAI: An interesting thing about vehicles is that sometimes they start to turn without even having any contact marker whatsoever as if they sensed something. To me it seems there is a state of contact awareness present before even a first spotting icon. I don´t even want to know what exactly is going down there under the engine hood as it is one of those thrilling "I feel trouble brewing" moments. This behaviour can be especially observed when enemy is close to the tank or when a ATGM was just launched. My rough interpretation: 0) everything fine 1) no icon, turning i.e. "sensing": "I think I´ve just seen (heard) something there but I am not sure" 2) question mark icon: "I definitely see (hear) footmobiles or vehicles there! 3) full icon: "infantry or tank identified, ready to engage" Specifically for CMSF2 and a scenario with high civilian density: 0) "everything fine, only civilians passing by" 1) "I think I just saw a guy with a weapon there, not sure could be also that he just bought a big sausage from the market" 2) "definitely weapons there not only unarmed civilians!" 3) "Identified, three guys there carrying weapons!" However I´ve never seen infantry doing this "sensing", only vehicles.
  16. Tagged mods are only activated when the specific tag is used by the scenario/campaign and AFAIK tagged mods are overwriting every non-tagged mod.
  17. Possible, I am not into Blender/Python specifics, I followed the CM Tools instructions and somehow ended up with this working setup, which is enough for me. Somebody else might know more. It comes with a dedicated texture which can be replaced by whatever is required. Creating several versions would make sense if a designer for some reason would require several covers each with a different texture in a single scenario. Further when talking about this modding department I advice not to jump into fast absolute and universal conclusions like "it is for x purposes only" because let alone in this thread they simply proved too often wrong and spread false information and confusion in a modding topic which it is already hard to keep track of. It requires some scientific mindset and out of the box thinking for understanding and progressing many of the techniques here and not everything is always evident, especially when alot of the information in this thread is skipped. For example @wgbn1968´s testing in this case might indicate that there is a LOS block for some reason. This is surprising for myself too although I myself didn´t take a look at it. Nevertheless everybody interested in this at least try to skim through the thread and the provided information. Despite this there might be an alternative. In the meanwhile we´ve learned that building roofs can be modified aswell (Years of the Rat Temple Addon, see post). It might be an idea to mod a terrain cover onto a building roof and place the building into a depression. This is less suited for the ceiling workarounds of multi-story under+overground buildings as shown by @wgbn1968 but if somebody wants to hide a complete building below this might be worth a try. Video Playlist for CM 3D Model Editing with Showcases, Workflows, and Tutorials (latter with commentary) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlUX4ALH7zTNgpWGBYSFUCnZK-Sf7SCcl
  18. Z folder still works across all CM2 games. Use what is more confortable for you either documents mods folder or the game install data/z folder which might have to be created. There is no difference when it comes to modtags. Documents folder might have the advantage that several local users can keep different modding setups without requiring manual copy/paste. Never tested it but should work in theory. I only use z folders as I prefer to keep mods in the install folder and not everyone wants to keep several GB of mods on the system partition.
  19. The comparison pic should also suit my colored silhouettes pretty good
  20. Ramelle is part of the CMBN Saving Private Ryan campaign:
  21. What really? Haha it was one of my sloppiest CM playthroughs. I started by taking care of every single man with the observer beach party but when the batallion came into play I started to waste the forces and drive tanks around all over the map somewhat in flight mode.This has something to do that I indeed prefer smaller OOBs up to company level and like to focus on single situations. Yes I´m using to many quick command and not enough rest because time limits ill-trained me once to and it really showed here. I also became hungry. I guess I am prone to apply a modern mindset when it comes to ww2 air support but yes I know from accounts that it often was next to possible to bring support options to effect especially in the PTO. To my knowledge I didn´t alter any of the air support in the editor but accidents happen. Calling in all support options from the beginning would be also my choice when deciding again. Very unique scenario. Would like to see a <=company-level campaign based on these Pacific assets.
  22. CMBN LLF Pacific Mod modified by SMW.rar (Experimental) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 - for current CMBN versions - there are two version of the Iwo Jima scenario included, the original, and a mod including the following slight changes: Note: - some textures might be misaligned
  23. 1) changed the Pz.II to R35 2) added some ships to the 3rd Reinforcement Wave About the changes made to the uniform mods, it was a rough brute-force attempt to get the Japanese in somewhat working condition. I´ve dropped alot of the skeleton files thus the result is not as sophisticated as the original work.
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