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  1. Makes more sense, I guess the spotted vehicle is triggering the targeting process of the AT gun which then causes model glitches. This indeed indicates that something got botched in the modding process. My rough guess would be either missed import/export metadata checks or something screwed up by loading multiple times the same model into Blender like tackled in the "Prominent Issues..." tut video. However without being the author and no inspection of the model it is naturally hard to pinpoint the exact cause. Yes existing CM models (parts) can be combined and if required resized afterwards. There is a "Combining Existing ..." tut video available for that aswell featuring the Stuart Flak idea. I generally recommend to at least skim once all the available documentation and tutorials here. It will save time and effort. Video Playlist for CM 3D Model Editing with Showcases, Workflows, and Tutorials (latter with commentary) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlUX4ALH7zTNgpWGBYSFUCnZK-Sf7SCcl
  2. So this happens once any another AT gun is present on the map. This is new to me and might indicate that there are some sort of dependecies between them in context how the internal engine handles things but for now I don´t have a proper explanation for why and what. Is there something different with the other AT guns or is just the custom one affected? Before discovering the zeroing solution I managed complex scaling/rotation modifications by doing it one by one. However it can be a frustrating process that might require multiple exports/imports of the custom model until "everything stays in place". Do you still have the bugged 6pdr model that didn´t receive zeroing to check if this is indeed tied to the 6pdr´s zeroing/transforming or not.
  3. I do not have currently access to my gaming machine and to this date didn´t work on towed models but it seems to me that the zeroing fix might be the cause of this. There might be model parts or model markers that are providing coordinates for correct towing positioning, which either shouldn´t be zeroed or require the coordinates to be corrected again after zeroing. What you figured out by yourself is correct. If multiple models are loaded into blender, the software attaches numbers to model parts that were already present which can cause bugs. There might be other solutions but for now I recommend to start a new Blender instance and always load the model that is planned to be eventually exported first. I´ve tackled this issue and methods to prevent it in this tutorial:
  4. A lot of models are in .max format which can´t be directly imported into Blender but require conversion first. 3ds Max could handle this conversion but I never received the free version for academics which I guess is because of using an obvious incognito name in the registration process. For now I try to stick to the formats that are allowed to be imported directly into Blender. Did you try this
  5. I am currently still busy with the Year of the Rat campaign but excited to see that the upcoming campaign is going along well. H&E is an amazing experience.
  6. @3j2m7I try to mention the fundamentals when working on stream but I understand that it still can be difficult to follow for beginners. I assume you already watched the commented videos of the playlist I usually put in my comment footnotes? There are indeed many exciting models but some come in formats that are - at least for me - hard to work with aswell as my Blender not comes with the feature to import some formats that easily. If there still is something unclear about the shown methods I suggest to leave me a comment on my Youtube channel and we´ll see if it can be worked out. Mods: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 Video Playlist for CM 3D Model Editing with Showcases, Workflows, and Tutorials (latter with commentary) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlUX4ALH7zTNgpWGBYSFUCnZK-Sf7SCcl
  7. Its not a claim of how things fare in real world as I was neither a tanker nor did I command a Russian BMP-3 equipped unit in real life. Thats what I stated: Again to make it perfectly x-ray clear: So I am likely the wrong recipent for this inquiry as I only have the usual OSINT knowledge of said vehicle. Beside this, were you involved with the Russian Armed Forces, specifically with operating BMP-3s in your unit? Because using terms like "standing orders" in this context doesn´t really sound like it. No offense meant, just curious.
  8. Es posible que sea necesario modificar con Blender para eliminar las partes NVD
  9. The 2003 Iraq War has not much to do with Article 5. It was only once invoked in the history of NATO.
  10. I didn´t know that Berlin got also hit, long time since I´ve read it. It very likely wouldn´t require constitutional changes at all as in the case of a direct attack the Bundeswehr might already have legitimization by Art. 115a GG alone. However Article 5 NATO would be very likely activated aswell and thus there would be more then enough reasons for the government to give green light and enact a combat focused mandate. Exactly
  11. Things become different when NATO´s Article 5 is activated and collective defense is declared. This was the case with the 9/11 attacks and allowed German special forces and other units to operate in OEF which in contrast to the ISAF mandate was not a stability/peacekeeping mission. According to CMSF´s hypothetical background it can be assumed Article 5 would be activated aswell.
  12. The Bundeswehr wouldn´t have sent basic conscripts (Grundwehrdienstleistender, GWDL) into an operation like CMSF Syria. It is theoretically possible for volunteer extended-time conscripts (Freiwillig Wehrdienst Leistender, FWDL) to participate in deployments abroad but you definitely won´t see many of them aswell. There are some exceptions like special qualified civilians undergoing shortened training and contract time, who then receive a temporary equivalent of an officer rank but they almost exclusively participate in rear-area/build-up" operations or other non-combat related activities. The absolute majority of the force you would see in such a situation would be professional volunteers with contracts ranging from several years up to decades (Soldat auf Zeit, SAZ) or even lifetime contracts (Berufssoldat) bringing with them what was stated in the previous post, in game words: high quality. Hard to precisely predict how the German government would respond to CMSF´s backstory and conflict but it would be a good bet that they would sent in rather a smaller but highly professionalized portion of its army which I think is also what CMSF is portraying.
  13. Using the quantity of a nation´s wordwide military activity as the prime factor in order to evaluate the proficiency of (all) soldiers and units of said nation while neglecting all other factors is rather flawed. Despite this just because an army has conscription in place doesn´t mean that every soldier in said army is a conscript. German soldiers that are dispatched on tours to the Balkans, Afghanistan etc. are 99% volunteers with years long contracts and experience which underwent selection and extensive training. For a even more demanding operation like CMSF´s hypothetical Syrian Conflict you can be assured they would sent in personnel that have enough soft factors packed with them and many of them would rather disagree about that "little combat experience" claim. I am pretty confident that similar applies to NL, UK, and CAN guys which bear excellent leaders and soldiers aswell.
  14. While designing the Temple addon I´ve run a quick test on big model parts of buildings/walls/roofs: This is a roof filling a big part of the H&E Year of The Rat campaign map which is a quite huge map thus it seems there is no size limitation when model modifying buildings. Mods: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 Video Playlist for CM 3D Model Editing with Showcases, Workflows, and Tutorials (latter with commentary) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlUX4ALH7zTNgpWGBYSFUCnZK-Sf7SCcl
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