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  1. Wow, that is a gorgeous piece of footage! And is making me pretty certain that craft I saw at much higher altitude did indeed have 6 engines. Even at this low altitude the nacelles look “swooshed” together. They were definitely evenly spaced.
  2. It struck me as military but was too high to discern markings.
  3. Re: above post, this is the photo that makes me NOT second guess what I saw. These are not equally space, and do not protrude the same. But it did seem like a transport craft, slow and heavy.
  4. Thank you for the comment, Erwin. I also appreciate the recent photo postings with the extra fuel nacelle shot from below. It does have me kind of second guessing if that’s what I saw. But memory is pretty clear of three nacelles equally placed along the wing, and equally long across it. I will know what to look for now, should I ever see it again!
  5. This one is what I’d like to see from below. Might just be it, but the on the one I saw, the six nacelles were equally spaced and sized... https://goo.gl/images/QAT3iM
  6. I actually concur, but know I saw a big slow plane with at least four props. Have been trying to find a similar angled shot (from behind and below) of the suggested Lockheed AC-130, but none I’ve found have the clear delineation of three, and only three, nacelles if some kind below each wing...
  7. Thank you for the feedback. I thought about trying to find a filed flight plan but have not yet been able to research. It flew over Pasadena CA City Hall heading west-NW at about 1:15 PM yesterday (Mon Jan 28). Will post back if I unearth anything!
  8. Hello, newbie here but this entry came up after my search today and I have to jump in. (Too cool that it’s a 10+ year thread!) Was coming back from lunch in Pasadena, CA today and heard that unmistakable sounds of a low and slow prop plane. Immediately know it’s big for the sound, but the six engines were surprising. Double take. Stop and gape. Never seen anything like it. Dad was a private pilot and I grew up around aviation. I am certain the extra engines were NOT fuel nacelles; it was low enough to discern the blades. Or at least, to see all six were the same. Am so very puzzled and would welcome any additional thoughts! klf
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