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  1. Great. Again, thank you for all of your help. I will check with Battlefront support and see what they can do.
  2. Thanks for the quick replies. I assumed that the CMSF2 upgrade wouldn't work because it is only for "Battlefront purchased" games and I don't have a license key to my knowledge (the game just runs a CD check). Otherwise $15 for an upgrade to SF2 would be a no brainer. In any event, I went ahead and bought Fortress Italy so I should have plenty to do while waiting to see if the 1.21 patch ever materializes. Thanks again.
  3. So, after a long time away I decided to get back into Combat Mission and am trying to get my old copy of CMSF (Paradox retail CD) up to date. However, I notice that the only available patch just takes it to version 1.20. Is there any way to get the latest patches installed or was this version of the game put out to pasture whenever the deal between Battlefront and Paradox ended?
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