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  1. "if you even have an issue" "which, again, seems unlikely" Roger that, if this is the sort of skepticism shown towards people interested in this series by the community, then I have enough of an answer needed to make an informed decision. Thanks.
  2. One more question on the note of engine 3 vs engine 4 games. Normandy runs fine because I'm running engine 3. If I do the upgrade to engine 4, will I likely experience the same issue as I do with Shock Force 2, and if I do, will I be able to downgrade back to engine 3?
  3. I'm not sure what I could be doing wrong. I've tried every combination of graphic settings and get similar results. CM: Normandy runs fine on this laptop, as do games like Skyrim (in 1280x720 and a few settings turned down), Dark Souls 1 and 2, RotTK 13, Nobunaga's Ambition Sphere of Influence, and GTA 5 in low settings. Even when both are set to equivalent settings, I'm getting higher framerate out of CMSF1 than CMSF2. I'm getting steady 55-60fps on CMSF1, but CMSF2 is literally capping at 30fps with dips to 15-20fps. Again, this is the demo version of both, so I don't know if the demos are different than the final full releases with regards to optimization. The odd thing is, I get opposite results on my desktop with the GTX 1070, with CMSF2 demo running better than CMSF1 at 1920x1080. It's only on my laptop with the Intel HD 520 and no dedicated GPU that I'm getting worse performance out of CMSF2. I just want to know why CMSF1 isn't available for purchase anymore.
  4. I have an Intel HD 520 in the laptop I'm using. It's not a gaming machine by any stretch. I don't know why I'm seeing such performance differences between both games regardless of display settings or resolution, perhaps the demo isn't optimized. Both demos run fine on my desktop with a NVIDIA GTX 1070. The problem is, I'm rarely home and want to be able to play on the go on my work laptop. Since the Shock Force 1 demo works so well on the laptop, I really wish the option to purchase it was still available. I just don't get why it was removed altogether.
  5. Having tried the demo for both SF1 and SF2, the first game runs significantly better on my laptop than the second. The engine 4 games run horribly on my laptop in general, so I won’t be purchasing any until I’m able to upgrade to a better computer (which won’t be anytime soon since this is my primary work computer as well). However, I would gladly have purchased the first game, and was ready to do so right before it was pulled from the store. What is the reasoning it was pulled? That would be like Valve pulling Half Life 1 as soon as Half Life 2 was released. I’m now a willing customer who is unable to purchase a product that worked perfectly for me. If it’s about money, Battlefront isn’t making any money from me if they are have a product I’m willing to purchase but refuse to sell it to me.
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