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  1. Hello everybody, i would like to find a PBEM partner to fight over the Normandy (at the moment the only CM i own besides SF2). As a working family father i can offer at least 1 round per evening (europe time) im not extremely experienced with CM but i have played (and won) several scenarios. i hope to find an relaxed player who does not rage if there will be no email on the one or other evening. i play both factions so you can choose the side. Regards, Jan palagame@live.de
  2. Hi all, besides early tries decades before with the 1st series of Combat Mission, im playing Normandy (singleplayer) since a while, and enjoying it. I would like to play and learn and improve by playing versus a real opponent via Email. But im not sure how i can find somebody - playing normandy + addons - having patience with a newbie I am 40 years young, military and historical interested, but most experience on the side of air combat sims. Any ideas how to find an opponent for me? Regards, Jan PS: I have problems logging into the forums every time. Only after resetting the password, then clicking on the link in the email, set a new pw, then i can stay logged in here. Is that a failure on my side? or something wrong with my account? Because i do not have such issues with any other forums out there... PSS: Excuse my english, its not my first language.
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