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  1. There is no link to having pre-ordered R2V and having the files. It's the dev's "fault" for having included them in the most recent patch. As far as I know.
  2. The M5A1 Stuart can also fire its .30 cal AAMG if there's targets to its right side and it's unbuttoned.
  3. Same thing happened with the new IL-2 Sturmovik. Before, everyone flew the German planes instead of the Soviet ones for the same reason, meaning they had to fight 20 vs 60 sometimes in multiplayer. Now that the new Allied planes are out (Mustang, Thunderbolt, Spitfire, Lightning, Tempest) it's 20 Germans vs 60 Allied.
  4. BF can barely give us a release date for the CM Italy module, give them a break.
  5. That would be part of the TO&E nightmare BF is going through. Though I doubt this was their biggest problem.
  6. It has been said that modelling new weaponry is one of the easiest parts of the whole thing. So if we can have the right gun in the right hands at the right time, go for it.
  7. They're basically lower quality, both in men and in weaponry. Squads have no organic LMG. Well, I tested that out and it doesn't seem to lower the chances of the STG, even the G43 appearing. It does affect HMG's (you can find only MG34's when set to poor, however LMG's are still most often MG42's).
  8. In fact, we already have a Sicherungs formation in CMRT.
  9. I think BF could investigate adding new weapons like these in addition to vehicles. I doubt it would cost many resources, and it would add a nice touch to low-quality and rear-guard units. I have noticed that many vehicles introduced by some modules could be added to other games. The Brummbar from CMFI and CMFB could find its way into CMBN, like the upcoming StuG IV for R2V.
  10. Generally, the TacAI is abysmal at anything that includes reacting to fire if it finds itself out of cover. If you're lucky they will quickly get "pinned" and hit the deck fast. If you're not so lucky they will keep running toward their next waypoint at all costs.
  11. Well, I'm sure a soldier with sense would care not to dump most of his ammo into fruitless long bursts and end up unable to do much until resupply.
  12. I dunno, have you ever fired a WW2 submachine gun full auto? The difference in burst length with weapons like the MP-40 would be about 1 or 2 rounds. The rate of fire and weight makes it easier to control overall, as I've seen in videos. Pushing against the weapon's recoil does not rule out aiming at another spot, by rotating your waist for example, ejecting casings have nothing to do with that at all. It would be interesting if Thompson users started using the semi-auto mode around 200 meters. It's not just for show, and you find yourself short of .45 ammo pretty often.
  13. There is no way to add new vehicles without trying to make contrived modifications from existing ones. You will always be missing a feature or two, so unless Battlefront opens that to us, it won't really be a thing.
  14. The TO&E is not moddable. Only Battlefront can modify it. Which is a damn shame since you could be able to correct oversights yourself.
  15. Indeed, that's what I understood and how I tested it accordingly in the scenario editor. What I was trying to express was that CMBN US infantry squads get a disproportionate amount of extra BARs compared to their CMFB counterparts, and that it doesn't change with quality settings. It could be a historical quirk, but I am not sure. I do know that trucks in Infantry Battalions came with a BAR for self-defense (particularly air defence, at least until they came with mounts for .50 cals).
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