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  1. Frenchy56

    MG Deploy/Pack up times

    He said later that the SG43 takes more time to set up than an M2HB. The two HMG's the Soviets have are the Maxim gun, which is water-cooled, and the SG43 which is air-cooled. They're both belt-fed and on wheels with a gun shield. I'm not sure how transport over large distances was done (I think it was broken down in multiple parts and carried on the soldier's back), but in combat they would sometimes be pushed forward while still firing. I'm not joking. Otherwise they would be dragged around, and I'm sure at least two men could lift them up if the need arises. I think the current logic the game uses is the breaking down into multiple parts thing, which is probably why it's so long.
  2. Frenchy56

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Well, how much money do they have then? I doubt they run on the same economy as monks in an abbey. (I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't far from that however) BF is already quite lucky to have so many testers free of charge from a solid, yet small community.
  3. It really should be implemented, I mean, the concept of a scout team is about as old as warfare itself. It's unfathomable that the concept of a scout team was foreign to even the Italian Royal Army.
  4. Frenchy56

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    You talk about the grass but I see that Fallschirmjaeger texture mod. :lickinglips: By the way, welcome back EZ.
  5. Frenchy56

    Special Effects Mix

    Absolutely neat, cheers.
  6. Frenchy56

    Breda M37 Team has 60mm HE?

    Guess you can post this in my thread, since this seems like a loadout oversight.
  7. Frenchy56


    Absolutely agree. I doubt Steve and all have as much time as me to play the games and notice these kinds of things. Even with all the messing around with mods I do. Though the lack of patches for two years has been felt, we got a spanking new Shock Force out of it, thanks to them.
  8. Frenchy56


    I can't see how he's got OCD if my Red Thunder "inaccuracies" thread has some issues that are glaring. But then if he really did have OCD we probably would have seen Red Thunder only last year or something, hahah.
  9. Frenchy56

    Unfortunate Road Design

    By the way people, this is a joke. You're supposed to either laugh or walk away.
  10. Try to turn the model quality to the lowest setting as well. I'd reckon that if you want to play this scenario you'd need to turn the texture detail all the way down as well. Shaders don't affect performance all that much.
  11. Frenchy56

    Special Effects Mix

    He's a French soldier from the 1er RPIMa. It's written in the video description. He even has a Croix de Lorraine tattoo, which I didn't notice. Didn't notice the French Centre Europe camo either...
  12. Frenchy56

    Special Effects Mix

    Here you go. The muzzle flash is pretty visible at the same angle. I've watched him shooting AR's and it's pretty similar to the video you linked. Here the muzzle flash is less visible however. Probably due to the camera and lighting.
  13. Frenchy56

    Special Effects Mix

    Actually, after a bit of thinking, I got that feeling when playing the WW2 CM's. I think you can get why. What you're saying is right, the effect is just right for modern rifles in intermediate calibers and such, but not so much for WW2. Any chance for a WW2 version?
  14. Frenchy56

    Special Effects Mix

    The thing is, the footage is shot from only a single angle and illumination. Not much to build the effects on in my opinion. Certain cameras probably don't catch the flash properly either. I think it's better to check multiple videos. I'll try out the night effects.