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  1. On my version (the latest public release), some Staghounds do have full crews after all (mostly company/battalion HQ's and unique platoons), most of them have a crew of 3 out of 5, and all Daimlers seem to have a crew of 2 out of 3. That is from the start date of the formation to May 31st 1944, of course. I have also noticed something else, the Fox armoured cars from the Recce Regiment formation are also missing crewmembers. Two out of four.
  2. Again, thank you Elvis for the quick reply.
  3. @BFCElvis Again! Missing Canadian crewmembers for the Armoured Car Regiment 44 formation. The Daimlers are missing one crewmember, and the Staghounds are missing two.
  4. That could be problematic, since the maximum game date does not, or barely goes past the end of the battle of Monte Cassino. For now. In my opinion the SMLE's wood looks way too green, very unnatural for a WW1/WW2 rifle. I don't see how you could be content with this result, Oleksandr. Vein's CMFI uniform mod has textures for the Polish Carpathian Division. I suggest you check it out, though inaccuracies are present. An idea for a new mod could be the Kresowa Division.
  5. Thanks for clarifying, Elvis. I had heard something about "substitutes" for voices for the new factions, don't remember from who. Might just have been me.
  6. Your sense of observation might not be so good if it took you almost 9 years to notice this. jk.
  7. Well, toward the end of the war, earlier fighting against the Viet-Minh could have stacked over the fighting against Japanese. In fact some Japanese soldiers fought in the Viet-Minh as well after their country surrendered. In fact, the French were fighting the Japanese in the first place since they had invaded and wrestled the rest of Indochina out of Vichy French control in September 1941 (they had already invaded the North one year earlier). No wonder the airfields were available.
  8. Both on Viet-Minh and French sides. I thought it would be clear that the French would be the other side during both of those conflicts.
  9. I heard the Brazilians won't get their own voices. So don't hold your breath.
  10. Yes, Hitler had a passion and technical skills for drawing buildings. But you can't really get into art school if that's basically all you want to draw, there's more to it than that. Art is something that is used to transmit emotions or otherwise some kind of meaning, and Hitler's disinterest in that pretty much sealed his fate.
  11. Yeah, I'd be sure of that. I hope they don't use this name in-game though.
  12. In reality the MAS38 SMG saw the most action against remaining Japanese troops in 1945 Indochina, then on either side against early Viet-Minh.
  13. @SimpleSimon Quite exact, but the FM 24/29 is about as much of a 'slightly modified French BAR copy' as the Bren is a 'slightly modified British BAR copy'. It used part of the action, yes, but you cannot call it a "copy", or "slightly modified".
  14. It's situational. If the enemy are hot on your heels, you better get shootin' with that rear MG.
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