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  1. Yep, really makes you learn that a part of being a good commander is being able to manage with excruciating losses. If you're at the spearpoint of an offensive or the flank of a defensive line, that would be a requirement.
  2. There will also be Luftwaffe Field Divisions. From what I've seen there were two of them deployed in Northern Italy, and shortly torn apart after being engaged on the front just like most of them. https://weaponsandwarfare.com/2015/11/21/the-19th-and-20th-luftwaffe-field-divisions/ Gebirgsjaeger are also coming, probably.
  3. There's a reason the Brits got such excruciating casualties in that operation.
  4. Yes, because it would be mean to leave a joke hanging. By the way, have you taken time to look at mission briefings? There may be at least some information in there.
  5. Saying the Dutch are from Holland is like saying all Americans are from Texas. Holland is a province (in fact the biggest if you combine the North and the South) of the Netherlands, and the people from the Netherlands are called the Dutch. Here is a nice little map for you. People from the Benelux will always remain touchy about this subject, at least until the sea drowns them all, Germany takes Luxembourg and France annexes Wallonia. So who cares anyway? (The Flemish can keep their country because they're the only okay people there)
  6. Don't forget the Hermann Goering Division AFV crews have this problem too, as said earlier. However as @BFCElvis said it's been formally written down, not sure about the Fallschirmjaegers though.
  7. Okay @BFCElvis, I'm starting to get really concerned here. Fallschirmjaeger also use the regular HG Panzergrenadier model, regardless of date.
  8. If you own a game which features German overcoats (CMFI GL, CMFB), you can extract the greatcoat texture and model files using the mod tools and rename them so they replace the summer uniforms. You can also mod tag them [autumn] or whatever your autumn mod is using. If you want any help or explanations, just ask.
  9. Well, sorry but that smiley told me it was a genuine sentence.
  10. Alright, thanks Elvis, it's always good to have feedback from the team. Any chance for a hotfix soon?
  11. Well, they're 3D model files, not texture files, so all it will do is give the spare tracks their texture back. It seems the bug was in the 3D model itself.
  12. Okay, I confirmed that it can be fixed. Here are the files for the StuG and StuH models from Red Thunder, just drop 'em in your Data Z folder. https://www.mediafire.com/file/96padb44axl7h7w/StuG_StuH_model_fix.rar/file
  13. Well really you just need to extract the files somewhere and overwrite your old game files. Now the question is why use an installer when you could just use a compressed file for that.
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