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  1. We'll get all the shiny new toys, so we can make scenarios set there.
  2. Wait, wasn't this thread about a CM module of the Third Reich's demise in the East?
  3. The thing with CMFB is that it uses a lot more mod tags than CMBN. Textures will be replaced by others if the ground conditions are muddy or snowy, or if vehicles are supposed to be whitewashed, which will make the default textures not appear. Copy-pasting then renaming should do the job if Aris hasn't made the corresponding textures. If you can't see what's wrong, extract the base game files using the mod tools BF generously gave us access to and take a peek inside the texture folders. 99% of the time your answer will be there. There may also be more vanilla texture variants than Aris made. He also made a few textures for CMFB, go snatch them.
  4. Well, you could just have clicked on the title of the video here in this thread.
  5. I had no intention of insulting you, even if it may have seemed so. I'm just telling you what I've noted from seeing your posts on the matter. Really, there's nothing bad about this, and it's only normal if you're not familiar with how a game is built. Of course I'm not saying that I can't be wrong about this either.
  6. Watch it on Youtube. It works there, though the subtitles are unfortunately desynchronized.
  7. I'd taken zero casualties at that time. I definitely don't think it's tied to that, in fact it seems you make erroneous connections often in front of coincidences.
  8. I was playing a Market Garden scenario with the 82nd, and after having suppressed a house with a surrendering German left in it, a team of Paratroopers passed by and one of them threw a grenade through the window. No prisoners is the way for Airborne, apparently.
  9. Oh Christ, I didn't even think of taking Juju's UI ranks off. Thanks for reminding me to do that. All ranks seem pretty much correct now. It seems patch v312, which apparently came out after the last version of that mod changed the KM ranks. Anyway, it made for a nice discussion.
  10. Well, a "temporary" (I don't think BF is going to be too bothered with this, they got other things to do) "fix" (maybe the ranks are correct after all, though I doubt it looking at CMRT Soviet ranks) could be to try and switch UI ranks around, but then I don't really have an idea of what goes where. Maybe the ranks would reflect Army ranks?
  11. I played a bit of "Facade Troops" before "jumping into" the scenario editor as well and looking at the formation, as I always do when something seems fishy. Yes, in fact I modified it so it more or less reflects the in-game ranks, like I do with the rest of EZ's German uniform mods.
  12. The thing is that two M4A1 variants are already in the base game. Not the M21 though.
  13. It is. Shrapnel goes up, so if you're in the upper floors of a building you'd have chances to catch some, though.
  14. Those specops you're talking about would most of the time be doing spooky stuff far behind enemy lines (except maybe the Rangers and of course the already existing Syrian special forces). Combat Mission is not the best at simulating specops stuff, since it's mostly focused on frontline combined arms combat, so let's not stray too far from the subject matter.
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