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  1. It doesn't have one with the roof afaik. It wouldn't work if it did either, the way it would work is simply having the roof be transparent or not according to a dice roll. Just like how Shermans can have equipment strapped to them, or don't.
  2. All instances of tank riding were either for tactical swiftness or simply lack of serviceable armored transports for all sides as far as I know.
  3. It seems like it's trying to use the regular cap textures instead of the crusher cap textures. A simple dive into the game files and a bit of renaming should do the trick.
  4. @ViperAssassin26 Can you make a guide on how to open the .mdr files in Blender? I'd like to try my hand at it.
  5. Yes, but it could be removed so I don't mind. The handle on the BAR was added after WW2, so it was used during the Korean War. You can exchange the model with the M1919A6 from CMBN or CMFI. I've done it and it fixes the double bipod.
  6. Coop would be a very good idea. It would make battalion-sized engagements simpler, each player getting a company.
  7. I'm pretty sure the legs are in the boot texture, with the socks.
  8. The only mod that affects string files is Vin's animated text. I don't see any problems with mods that change textures or sounds, which are 95% of mods for CM... Of those that don't work, either they are named in an outdated manner or a new model on which the texture doesn't fit anymore came in. None of them create issues as bad as this. The problem is that it may as well be dark magic to those that don't mod, which is a shame because CM is very intuitive as far as modding goes.
  9. It doesn't seem THAT hard, though? We already have a Sherman Crab and I'm not sure if BF sweated a lot over it. It could use the "breach" command on an obstacle to lower the blade. What ensues would be a hole in a wall and perfectly intact tracks.
  10. I wouldn't doubt it. Valentines will also be introduced afaik.
  11. Smells like Battle of the Scheldt to me.
  12. Yes. Put the space in, or else it won't work.
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