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  1. I now realize that I need to zoom down to eye level a lot more. I just got some poor guys killed in our PBEM game (demo) because I had them retreat... retreat up a hill in plain freaking view of everyone.... 👎
  2. Wow! The best I did was a draw. I sent small teams of RPG types to ambush them while they were still on the road. I will try it again with your strategy in mind. The around the corner thing hasn't really worked for me though but I may not be placing them correctly. I don't think I know how to correctly position them to peak around a corner.
  3. Speaking of...A friend has the Demo version while I have the full version. What are our options PBEM wise?
  4. Didn't think about letting the dust settle, that makes sense. I also need to read up on what the dots mean for artillery.
  5. Sadly many of them look like they already have, like Gamma World in some spots. Economic warfare is just as hard on real estate as combat can be.
  6. Oh, oops... would that explain four of them getting stuck in the ford? I put them on slow thinking that would help. Are fords to be avoided for the most part I wonder?
  7. I have been selecting a point target and then a precision attack which I believe does use the guided rounds. I believe a point attack with a (not precision) choice will still be an area style attack but with a very small area. I will double check as I go through it again however and I am looking through the manual also.
  8. Too be honest, I had no idea even such things existed in artillery form. Probably explains why I see videos of people walking behind APCs or riding on top of them. For tanks, I may try point area fire or wait until the helo shows up. Tweaked must mean nerfed I am guessing.
  9. How much precision can I expect? I am using the Forward Observer that is controlling the drone and so far not good or at least not very reliable. I am playing Blue in the scenario BSBP 01 Honor. Should I just use a regular point mission instead because the time it takes me to get it done, leaves me exposed to artillery.
  10. Strykers... amphibious?!?! We need to talk to that contractor...
  11. Tried BSBP 01 Honor with predictable results....👎
  12. 10 feet?!?!? wow!!! We have a grain elevator in Akron that was turned into a hotel and now a dorm for U of A. Where they cut into the windows, it looks like maybe 3-5 inches. When I walk buy again, I will have a look. Old bank buildings around here are pretty stout, or at least look the part. Not 10 feet though!
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