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  1. Swervin11b

    Courage Conquers campaign?

    Don’t feel too bad. I haven’t made it past the first one yet. The 1:1 ratio is killing me when you also have to save ammo
  2. Swervin11b

    Vehicle Immobilization

    It’d be cool to have recovery assets, or even allow for self-recovery. Even if it was imperfect and difficult, it’d be an accurate interpretation. For every problem, a potential solution. Wire/mine obstacles can be breached with engineers, for example. Some may say that such a feauture may not be an accurate reflection of front line operations, but reading through AARs one sees that they absolutely had to do it under fire sometimes, even if their efforts were greatly frustrated. (Ex: The recovery vehicle in a cav squadron had an 81mm mortar to shoot its own smoke screen). I can easily see why it’s not in the game, though. It falls into the same category of something like medics. The developers have to ask themselves how many players would find it entertaining to run ammo around the map, dispatch litter bearers, or tow vehicles.
  3. Swervin11b

    Vehicle Immobilization

    Thanks. Yes, quite a few stories. You could say it was an interesting time. Had to watch out for power lines in those alleys and streets, a real hazard at night too. That’s the infamous and ubiquitous grey sludge of the alleyways. Even the dust in those smelled funky. Kudos to the designer, though. That’s an exact resemblance of Anystreet, Iraq Town.
  4. Swervin11b

    Vehicle Immobilization

    Having commanded a Bradley on plenty of streets and alleys exactly like that, I’m not sure that would be likely. Those alleys were hard packed dirt that was actually perfect for tracks.
  5. Swervin11b

    Vehicle Immobilization

    I can confirm this. Concertina wire wrapped up in tracks is a huge mess. I had to clear it out a couple of times and it took a long, long time and could easily injure the soldiers clearing it. (Can confirm that too unfortunately) If the construction material of a wall can be crushed, though, it’s less of a concern. Cinderblocks weren’t really a hindrance. Still, if at all possible you could use weapons systems to breach walls as opposed to busting through. As far as the game goes, the terrain I’ve encountered that’s most apt to throw track are tree lines and woods, oddly. Reading through here has given me a fair understanding of their vulnerability, though, I’ll take better care to avoid anything but open ground if I can.
  6. Is there a greater morale impact for losing commanders? Just my observation...a platoon lost its LT and entire HQ team in a mortar strike that also killed a few soldiers in each squad. The LMG team is the only one who’s still rattled. As a two man team, 50% of his unit got wasted. The other squads are actually back to nervous and cautious already. They haven’t been under fire since that mortar. I think their remaining leaders are +1 and +2. It seems like it’s a percentage overall that affects the permanent morale level They lost CnC altogether but the company and battalion commanders were approaching them when I saved it. Maybe that’ll do then some good. This last quick battle I’ve got going in a mess. These casualties (were my fault), immobilized tracks. Had to change plans a couple times. The airstrike I’ve been saving is coming soon
  7. Swervin11b

    Vehicle Immobilization

    Thanks! Figured it might have been discussed before. (I’ll try to search better next time.) Having it random is realistic. Pivoting on soft ground was terrible for throwing track. Good to know that overuse of the ground can make it soft. I wouldn’t have thought the game engine would account for that. I doubt the crew is very good infantry, so I’ll probably just leave them in safety
  8. Quite a few times I’ve had tracked vehicles go down to immobilization, sometimes at critical junctures. I’m assuming they’ve thrown track since they’re not under fire. Is there anyway to avoid it? As in, is this a kind of random occurrence programmed in or is it due to terrain? Bogging down in wet terrain is common sense, but the woods generally look the same unless I’m missing something. Is a particular movement type through rough terrain avoid it? Is there anything you can do once it’s immobilized? I try to keep my vehicles in open terrain as much possible but sometimes you have to go through rough stuff. It can lose a battle so I figured I’d learn about how the game deals with the matter. One would hope that Pvt Joe Snuffy didn’t just forget to measure track tension and add grease to the track tensioner during his PMCS
  9. I mentioned in another thread that I love the authenticity of the TOE. The triangular setup with US WWII units is great. I got a kick out of seeing the cannon companies under the infantry tab on unit purchase, as it is a not so readily apparent historical detail. Ive been a military history nerd for a long time and it’s good to see this game. Really new to it but love it. I play RTS and also love the pause button *swoon* Finally, I was pleasantly surprised by the authenticity of uniforms and equipment for WWII as well. The officers have musette bags and the GIs have haversacks, correctly set up at that.
  10. You can split up different types of movement with waypoints too. (Pardon if you already know this. I played a while without knowing). For example, you can have them “move” until they’re within enemy weapons’ range, then “hunt,” then even sprint the last leg if you have to. Alternatively, if it’s a vast distance you could also roll them up a ways still mounted and then dismount out of range of AT weapons. That’s the key though, out of AT range. +1 to what Mikey D said about moving them in safely.
  11. Swervin11b

    How to Use Extra HQ Units?

    Thanks. One of the chief merits of this game - and it’s a big one - is that you don’t have to learn how to “beat the game” to do pretty well. I’ve been dorking our on military history for a long time on top of serving, so that knowledge has served me well. For the most part you can apply real-life tactical and organizational doctrine with good results. I’m a huge fan of the historical accuracy of the TO&E. I create something along the lines of a task force, albeit on a smaller scale. I could probably get away with allowing the company commander to have control of the unit as a whole and will try it soon
  12. Swervin11b

    How to Use Extra HQ Units?

    I will do this if I keep solely a company. If I’m attacking I usually keep the engineer platoon and use the anti-tank platoon slot for my armor/mech support, switching out the AT guns for Shermans, Stuart’s, or TDs. If defending I keep both as is. I guess I could rearrange that and farm out the armor to each infantry platoon or use the weapons platoon slot for them. I haven’t used snipers yet...I have run into enemy snipers before in a campaign and they were a world of pain. It’s indicative of their utility I guess haha
  13. There is not really an easy answer to this, as it depends on the individual situation. A good rule of thumb is that if you’re expecting contact you should dismount. I know it sounds counterintuitive - in the situation you described it’d be best to dismount them and have the vehicles offer support by fire. Theoretically their chances are better on the ground. Your infantry will be smaller targets if they come under fire. They can also take advantage of small depressions in the terrain that an IFV couldn’t, and can bound toward the objective as well. There are also more eyes and weapons on the ground overall. The vehicle itself is a big, fat target. It’s somewhat counterintuitive. It was not an easy thing to have to get used to in a mechanized infantry unit. It boils down to the fact that grunts are cheaper than IFVs. We were taught that the IFVs were essentially a mobile support by fire element. They were a ride to the contact area (from potentially dozens of miles away) and not really a ride within that area. The real advantages of the mobility aren’t necessarily in small tactical situations. Instead, it’s in moving long distances (dozens of miles) quickly. In the case of Strykers that’s really, really fast. An exception would be, say, one platoon plus its vehicles providing a base of fire while another still mounted platoon moved by covered/concealed route to the flanks. You can google “bounding overwatch mechanized infantry” and check out some battle drills. There is definitely no easy answer, but having to dismount guys under fire is usually the wrong one. It’s not quite flipping a coin but there are a lot of factors to consider. Good luck! It’s the biggest tactical problem with mounted infantry
  14. Swervin11b

    Thanks for the Mods

    Yeah man. The sound mod for CMFB is outstanding - right down to the M1 ping
  15. Swervin11b

    How to Use Extra HQ Units?

    Thanks for the informative reply. I didn’t know about the field phone abstraction and that will certainly be valuable. Because, of course, knowing is half the battle. (The other half is violence). Thanks man. Great ideas