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  1. Great to hear that! The guy on the right in the first photo is wearing the desert variant. The vest and backpack are a mix between the two, like this: https://magazines.defensie.nl/materieelgezien/2017/01/mg201701smartvest
  2. Hi Oleksandr, Ever thought about making a mod with the Netherlands Fractal Pattern (nfp)? Would be a great extra for the Dutch forces in Shock Force 2 http://soldiersystems.net/2017/01/30/more-on-the-netherlands-fractal-pattern/
  3. Great video! Thanks again for accepting my request.👍 When the reworked NATO campaign is released I will definitely buy CMSF2 to give it a shot myself. Barend Jan
  4. There is a lot of discussion here about 'Stingers for the Brits', but what about stingers for the Dutch? they use them also IRL, so why not give them ingame?
  5. What I found on the Internet about the stamp is that the Diemaco indeed has a maple leaf and the Colt version has this sign on the art. In CMSF1 the dutch assault rifles were completely black without the (newer) sandcoloured accessoires. Are the handguard and buttstock in still black in CMSF2? Or is it the newer two-coloured variant?
  6. Nice! What about personal weaponry? Do the dutch in game still use Diemaco c7/c8 instead of Colt c7/c8 with the sandcoloured accessoires?
  7. Good afternoon everyone, After playing the demo of CMSF2 I am thinking about purchasing the game. However, apart from the TO&E, I can't find any information, video's, gameplays or AAR's about my main country of interest, The Netherlands. I really like the game from what I have seen so far, but it would be great to see some actual footage of Dutch forces in action from the original CMSF. Thanks in advance for the help!
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