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  1. Yeah this Flecktarn looks great. Would love to see the dutch in dutch dpm!
  2. The Canadians really look cool in their Cadpat uniforms with their vehicles. Are there also plans to do something like that with the Dutch? To implement the Netherlands Fractal Pattern or something like that?
  3. What about the mentioned LWR's and soft APS ingame?
  4. It seems to work with some CMSF2 campaigns, however not with all of them, for example Valley of Death. Does anyone know if there may be a fix? Or can I use Mad Mike's tool for that?
  5. If there are any questions about translating text from Dutch, just PM me
  6. Sounds great.. really looking forward to this one
  7. What I would really like to see is some more 'auftragstaktik' or 'mission command', so you don't have to micromanage every squad when fighting with a battalion. Instead, attack with platoons of even companies, while they do their part themselves.
  8. Yeah I think that would cover it. Or maybe there might be people who are willing to mod a Boxer APC (Stryker icv?) or Bushmaster PMV (Nyala MRAP?) to depict the 13th light brigadešŸ˜‰ Furthermore most Dutch military personnel have their brigade patch on their right upper arm sleeve, while they have the Dutch flag on the left shoulder.
  9. Dutch army only has brigades, namely: 11 airmobile brigade 11 Infanteriebataljon (Air Assault) Garde Grenadiers en Jagers; 12 Infanteriebataljon (Air Assault) Regiment Van Heutsz; 13 Infanteriebataljon (Air Assault) Regiment Stoottroepen Prins Bernhard. 11 Brigade verkennings eskadron (Recon company) 11 Genie Compagnie (Engineer) Pathfinderplatoon each battalion has 3 infantry company's each company has: a staff group; 3 infantry platoons; a mortar group; an SLA group (marksmen); a Fire Support Team a maintenance group; 2 medical discharge groups; a supply group; an administrator. Every airmobile infantry battalion now also has a patrol company with scouts with "heavy" weapons like gill, 50 cal, and mag machine guns. These are mounted on Mercedes Benz softtops. They are the 'Delta compagnie' 13 light brigade This is the brigade that is portrayed in CMSF2 right now. However in 2014 they switched from a mechanized to a light brigade, currently operating Boxer APC's, Bushmasters and Mercedes Benz CDI's. It would make more sense to let the 'light infantry company' in CMSF2 be a part of the 13th brigade and the other dutch mech, tank and manoeuvre battalions be a part of the 43 Mechanized Brigade 13 light consists of: 17 Pantserinfanteriebataljon Garderegiment Fuseliers Prinses Irene; 42 Pantserinfanteriebataljon Limburgse Jagers; 42 Brigadeverkenningseskadron Huzaren van Boreel; 41 Pantsergeniebataljon; 43 mechanized brigade They are the heaviest brigade and the most capable of fighting major war. 44 Pantserinfanteriebataljon Johan Willem Friso; 45 Pantserinfanteriebataljon Oranje Gelderland; 43 Brigadeverkenningseskadron Huzaren van Boreel; 11 Pantsergeniebataljon; 414 Tank Battalion; (mixed german and dutch battalion, the Dutch currently lease one company of Leopard 2A6s) In a mechanized batallion not every company has their own mortargroup and AT-capability anymore. These are bundled in the 'Delta Company', the recon and heavy weapons company. However, i don't know if this is also the case in the light brigade Artillery is part of the Vuursteuncommando (firesupport commando) and can be spread out over the different brigades. The artillery unit is called 41 Afdeling Artillerie (we don't have 11 Rijdende Artillery anymore, however it's legacy is carried on by the Staf Batterij and the Charlie battery (120mm mortars) The units of 41 afdeling are as follows: Staff battery A battery (8xPzh2000) B battery (8xPzh2000) C batterij (8x120mm mortars) Furthermore the Fire support Teams are a part of every company in a battalion.
  10. When the installation is finished and CMSF2 was started, in the QB i could choose antiarmor, or italian army or some other weird stuff, but not dutch, german, canadian, US and so on. When i launch a scenario, units are not shown and have weird names and Italian weapons. Also the start screen says 'Demo' What went wrong and how can I fix this?
  11. What about every nation a SOF unit, so for example: US army: 75th Ranger reg USMC: Marine Raider reg UK: SAS Canadian: JTF2 German: KSK Dutch: KCT Syria: syrian special mission forces
  12. William C.C. Cavanagh: A Tour of the Bulge Battlefield
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