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  1. Well, I have to say I experience the likewise problems with the GILL. In testing all went pretty well, but when I played a scenario the Gills were of little use with over 50% miss rate indeed.
  2. As one of the guys who asked you about it: Thanks a lot, I'll have a look into it and use the ones I like
  3. There is an entire thread about the Gill, but Elvis stated that the gill was completely fixed:
  4. I understand your frustration, I frequently have situations where I feel the same way, although it is often my own lack of suppressive fire in the preparation phase of the attack/assault. Also, if I remember correctly, troops can be set to 'Fanatical' in the Force Selector, so maybe that is the case with this guy/unit. Funny in my case it is often the 'lazy' Forward Observer who has the most kills.
  5. True that, that was literally the problem I had yesterday in a duel against a Shilka. Miss from a Gill and then just sitting there reloading and waiting to get killed. Would it be possible to clock the time of aiming necessary and then give them a 'target' command while in a for example 15 sec 'pause' command so they will immediately move after firing?
  6. Thank you for the information you provided! This gives me better insight in the capabilities of both the jav and the Gill in RL and CM.
  7. Just did a quick test in CMSF2 and it worked indeed, so thanks for pointing it out!
  8. Lol, I immediately thought of your reaction after I saw the patch was releasedđŸ˜€ Do you btw know if this is true?
  9. Unfortunately not, it was just a quick test to see if they would work properly. Two factors that may have influenced the effectiveness of the Gill I can imagine are: - High ground vs low ground, with low ground launches resulting only in overshoot, and high ground resulted in succes. - The enemy units were placed directly at the edge of the map, so maybe that could be a factor why the Gills failed? Still have the question of how the Gill would do against the Javelin, as they are from a similar timeframe and use the same guidance for as far as I know. Anyhow, looking forward to @Aquila-SmartWargames ' play of the 'Back on Tracks' campaign to get more insight of how the Gill functions after the patch.
  10. Very interesting, thanks for your answer! I ran the same test and i had an even better result of 10 out of 10 with all rounds fired en all crew empty after one turn. However, when I counted the missiles beforehand, it were 18 missiles. Am I correct to assume each of the 5 teams had 2 missiles but because of ammo sharing it looked like 18? Still weird how in the other scenario nearly all missiles overshot the targets, I'll have a better look into that.
  11. Reaction from @BFCElvis: 'From the readme file: "* FIXED: Gill ATGM had an abnormally high miss rate against targets in ideal conditions" ' However, in the last game (with the V2.03 patch) I still needed 20+ Gills to kill 7 vehicles, because the missile often overshoots. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  12. Just played it with the newest patch. CV90 munition seems to be working well. Also, most dismounted Dutch troops have radio now. However, I needed 20+ Gills to kill 7 vehicles. The only ones that connected were fired from the high ground, the rest all overshoot unfortunately. Was the Gill for CMSF:2 meant to be that way?
  13. I yesterday just started a new game, do I have to start over again after installing the new patch to be able to play with a goodworking Gill and CV90's?
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