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  1. RexSaur

    CMSF2 v2.01 Released!

    As far as I am aware the "bogged" status can appear when moving wheeled vehicles over sand surfaces. The "bogged" status then can turn into "immobilized" to simulate that the wheels dug themselves in and the vehicle can't free itself. Why would there be any extensive damage to critical components like the engine? This feature is alright to add some tension to the mission. Forces you to adapt but taking out the vehicle for the remainder of the campaign is just bloody annoying. It is an arbitrary unit loss without any influence from the player.
  2. RexSaur

    CMSF2 v2.01 Released!

    One thing I find very annoying is that when a vehicle gets bogged and then immobilized it becomes unavailable in all next missions of the campaign although it does not count as a destroyed vehicle. Had a stryker bogged and immobilized on the very first mission of TF thunder in the very first turn. So that vehicle was lost for the remainder of the campaign. I'm sure someone would bring a shovel when going to war.
  3. RexSaur

    Armor Precision Arty

    Yes, I had that too on the 1st mission of the TF Thunder campaign with multiple dug in Syrian tanks. On other missions it worked alright though so maybe the glitch is mission related.
  4. RexSaur

    Marking Mines?

    So what to do in the first mission of TF thunder if there is no safe way to remove those mines at the choke point? Just send the strykers through and hope the best?
  5. RexSaur

    CMSF2 Release Update

    How many activations per key are allowed? I think CMSF1 you could have 2 installations per key.
  6. RexSaur

    Demo Feedback

    It is in the demo's installation folder. Here is my example: C:\Games\Combat Mission Shock Force 2 Demo\Game Files\Saved Games
  7. RexSaur

    Demo Feedback

    Well, the issues with the surrendering troops definiitely are annoying. How many times have I ordered my troops to target the enemy to find out they surrendered already. It is more annoying than adding any substantial gameplay. If there would be any feedback through the GUI it would be a lot better experience.
  8. RexSaur

    CMSF2 Release Update

    I don't know how Battlefront is handling this but the so called "crunch time" period before release can be insane, literally. I know a few guys who burned out on that. And when the game is released you need devs to fix bugs instantly just like domfluff said. Having a game released prior holidays means a lot of stress for the devs and their families. After witnessing that I don't have problems waiting a bit longer or pay a bit more for a game I really want. There are other games to play in the meantime. Imagine those devs who have to have their games released prior to the lucrative Christmas time.
  9. RexSaur

    New Schmuck in need of advice

    Yes, I believe that. However I just played through the Combat Mission Black Sea demo and small arms fire is definitely more effective there. Maybe it is intended because Black Sea plays in the near future? I don't know but the infantry squads in Black Sea feel a lot more capable than in the shock force 2 demo.
  10. RexSaur

    Demo Feedback

    True but this doesn't work if I have split the team already.
  11. RexSaur

    Demo Feedback

    Sometimes I want them to use the AT4 against buildings but not the Javelins. The commands "target" and "target light" unfortunately don't allow for such detail.
  12. RexSaur

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    I think that compound you are trying to take is probably a bait by the map designer to lure your troops into a trap. It is well fortified and occupied by several squads. I had to level half of the buildings to be able to take what's left of it. Otherwise you would have to encircle it to suppress all enemies in the compound without destroying the buildings but that exposes your troops to the other enemies on the map.
  13. RexSaur

    Demo Feedback

    One feature that would really come in handy would be to restrict the use of certain weapons with a tick box/toggle or something like that. For example I want to order a bradley to suppress the enemy in a building with its machine gun. If I use the target command the bradley fires TOW, 25mm and machine gun. If I order target light it still fires 25mm. If the UI had a way to "turn off" a weapon system that would make the whole targeting a lot easier because you would not need to use different commands target and target light and it would prevent units firing precious AT ammo while overwatching. Same situation applies for infantry squads. If there would be a toggle to prevent the use of weapons like RPG/AT4/Javelins etc. it would be easier to control squads so they don't fire precious Javelin missiles at buildings or RPGs at light vehicles.
  14. RexSaur

    New Schmuck in need of advice

    ^This! These are the main reasons for my causalties. Even if I suppress the **** out of the enemy they somehow manage to fire an RPG which takes out half of my squad in one hit. ATGM likewise. Even when surpressed they one-shot everything. Small arms fire hardly kills anything in this game. Even if I manage to flush the enemy from a building, I have 3 squads firing at them while they run in panic through the open without killing a single enemy. I just had a squad take out a BMP after 4 shots from the AT4s. The crew bailed out but was able to run around half the map without taking casualties from my 2 squads firing at them. Meanwhile a suppressed ATGM took out my Striker. The only things that kills reliably are the larger calibers.
  15. RexSaur

    CMSF2 and the 4.0 upgrade

    Is there any disadvantage to giving more ammo and weapons stored in vehicles to soldiers? Are they slowed down or react slower or anything like that? The manual doesn't mention anything like that so I let them aquire all the ammo from vehicles.