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  1. Seeing my sniper teams engaging enemy vehicles with decent success I was curious about their capabilities in that role and how everything works under the hood. I´ve made an experiments video: Note: The Syrian vehicles in this test are basically made blind and this in no way represents the usual spotting abilities of the vehicles. They´re also set to immobilized (red engine, tracks) and to 50% crew quanity which also means that the casualty figures from penetrating hits in a real game scenario would be way higher, especially for crowded vehicles. I am a novice when it comes to the editor if there is a way to set enemy vehicles to being passive let me know. Some of my observations: Naturally it is hard to tell what effect your sniper fire will have on the vehicle. I´ve observed vehicles getting abandoned by the crew after one hit while others remained in (limited) operationality after 10. My conclusion is that it won´t usually result in quick knock-outs but in damaging vital parts like the engine or taking out crew members severely hampering the vehicle´s ability to perform its duties (mission kill). In an engagement the tactical AI of the sniper team always keeps its role, threat, and effectiveness in mind. When not issuing manual target commands, the sniper would probably first engage infantry units, especially close ones, it then would proceed to engage vehicles. When the sniper then let´s say spots a BMP and a BTR with frontal facing he would take its own weapon effectiveness into consideration and engage the BTR because of the higher chance of causing penetrating damaging hits. However the sniper is also able to take the facing of the vehicle into account and would prefer to engage a BMP with his back facing towards the sniper because a BMP and its explosive ordnance may pose an bigger threat to the sniper, thus highly likely is also a more important target than an BTR. There is also less risk involved to get spotted by such an vehicle although this is probably a side effect of the other AI priorities. You can also observe that the penetration values raise with closer distance and at 400-500m frontal penetration of some vehicles became possible in the test. However never engage an BMP frontally from that close distance and wait for a better shot or reposition. Also do not stay too long in the same position or take to many shots in quick succession because this naturally rises the chance of discovery even by low-tech vehicles. Watch out for vehicles with sophisticated optical tech such as thermal vision. Taking a shot and quickly reposition may be a viable option in some cases. Moving vehicles especially low tech and high speeds are also good targets but don´t take it for granted that they don´t spot you, this is especially true again for high tech vehicles. If you want your snipers to focus solely on anti-personnel duties and to not engage armored vehicles. You can achieve this by setting a tiny armor target arc for the sniper team, vice versa is also possible but with enemy infantry danger close the sniper team´s self preservation may take the upper hand.
  2. Hotseat, never thought about that mode, great idea, thanks. I am using reshade in combination with the ingame shader. You can see my settings in most of my videos at the beginning. Also using 16xAF, 8xAA, 8xTransAA in the Nvidia settings. Ingame shader is custom by one of the shader mods at cmmods, can´t exactly recall which one but highly likely one made by BabaricCo. For performance I keep ingame aa off due to conflicts with nv aa and keep both drop down settings at default balanced as I didn´t notice much visual improvement other than draw distance when setting this high but huge performance impact.
  3. Can´t recall an instance where I´ve observed this in my CMSF2 playthroughs. From what I´ve seen the spotters will only take part in combat when being under immediate threat or when getting the "Target Light" or "Target" command issued. At greater ranges the target command also will only lead to the commitment of the sniper. I placed vehicles including a juicy soft truck target in the background to bait the complete team including the M203 into action but still they maintained fire and only the sniper engaged. Also later on when the M82 Barrett sniper proceeds to engage the vehicles, his spotters kept proper fire discipline.
  4. Captain Reyes

    CMSF2 "Black Sea" Vehicle Pack

    I like the idea and would love to see such an expansion.
  5. Mission 18: The Final Mission 19 Hom´s Last Stand Part 1:
  6. Normally I get pretty quickly fatigued with computer games but I´m having a great time with CMSF2 and this campaign. Mission 17 Part 3:
  7. Mission 17 Part 1: Mission 17 Part 2:
  8. Mission 16 Part 1: Mission 16: Part 2:
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  11. Second Lieutenant Pak made a dangerous decision when he decided to lead 2nd Platoon A Company deep into a Syrian Town. Not able to accept leaving wounded men behind, 2nd Lt Pak commits again to an hazardous plan... Mission 10 Part 1: Mission 10 Part 2:
  12. Mission 4: Having a blast with the campaign. Really enjoy the fact that in these missions not a strict time limit is your worst enemy.