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  1. Impressive, thanks for the detailed responses
  2. A scout team without radio spots an enemy position, when withdrawing the scout team still "knows" where the enemy position has been seen the last time (represented by the darkened symbol). When this scout team now moves into the close proximity of an HQ with a radio... Is the HQ unit informed about the enemy position? If yes is the contact report the HQ has received from the scout team shared on the radio net?
  3. Not sure if i get this wrong but I interpreted the information entirely different. That you will able play a US campaign which reflects the operations of specific units like the 42nd LAR which are part of a greater US force. You may succeed in this operations but on the "grand scale" the story will eventually end with US forces´ defeat and withdraw. To put a commander into a position that even with tactical finesse and overwhelming success you may not able to prevent a war´s negative outcome on the grand scale - story wise - is in my opinion a fantastic idea and reflects the reality many great historical commanders had to face.
  4. I also keep the 3D Model setting by default on "balanced" or "improved". On a powerful computer and forest heavy maps it perhaps makes sense to go for one step further with "better" if one want to trade fps for distant tree draw distance. However I never use the highest 3D Model settings in any Combat Mission title as it will severely disrupt FPS even on the most powerful machines without providing much if any visual improvement - at least for my eyes.
  5. Didn´t know that something like this exists. This is probably the craziest military vehicle I have seen in a long time.
  6. If I recall correct the Marines AAV-7 and the Syrian Regulars & Special Forces RPG-29 team is also missing under specialist teams & single vehicles.
  7. For me CM:A is an underrated title. Sure some of the variables and representations can´t keep up with 4.0 level but I still had a really great time with the Complete Incompetence custom campaign I did some weeks back then. The mountain mission also ended in one of the best looking CM experiences I´ve had, somehow all variables (game, reshade) resulted in perfection by accident. Still have the late war official Campaign and the UNCON custom campaign on the list.
  8. I´ve made some test videos but when you followed this thread you won´t learn anything new from watching it. The ESV appears still to come with nothing special as mentioned in the original CMSF manual, blast command for mine clearance can be issued only when there is some obstacle on the tile, marked mine tiles change basically nothing for vehicles. Tried to interfere with MBT and Shilka fire but looks like nothing. So to sum it up mine fields always stay dangerous. Did one of you got it´s MBT completely destroyed by a AT mine in CMSF2? Off topic: Pretty new to this YT stuff but when uploading to Youtube you can see a comment counter for your videos. Apparently somebody tried yesterday to post 5 comments in rapid succession but the comments never appeared anywhere not even in the SPAM folder. I once read an article where the author claimed that Youtube is excercising "shadow-banning" on disprespectful and insultive users which means although they still can comment like usual nobody can see the shadow-banned user´s comments. They also still see other comments as usual so most of them not even notice that they´re banned in this special way. Wonders me if this was a thing here.
  9. Blast, not a bad idea, never thought about that one...
  10. I did something similar and and while a Abrams got struck I was able to navigate most vehicles trough a single gap via slow command. I contributed this success somewhat to engineers being able marking the mines thus lowering the danger especially for slowly moving vehicles. Looks like I was wrong, as I read now that marked mines have no effect on vehicles Also good that we have confirmation that mines are only detected when units are in the the same tile. Two questions: 1) Is it correct that the ingame Stryker ESV is in no way different from a standard Stryker ICV as its special capabilities are not modelled in CMSF2? 2) Given the example there is a minefield with no gaps and you see yourself forced to pass it with vehicles. Beside the option to blast at a single tile at best with 150mm artillery (which according to the tests done here is not a safe option either), is there any other alternative other than taking an heavy armored vehicle, move slowly, and take the risk?
  11. Also in this mission my TOW Humvee crews are not able to move when dismounted. Was the first time in the campaign I was trying to dismount them so this could be a general issue.
  12. Also here is my Nightvision effect. The original one is very grainy so I decided to update it you can see it in action in my "Night Vision Combat" gameplay on youtube. The UI is impacted by the nightvision which I personally like but with the method explained by billy_sp you can tweak this. NightVision.fx
  13. Imagine playing casually a scenario, making the wrong move with a unit and suddenly being jump-scared by such an explosion 🙂. The serious utility of this experiments is limited of course but still had a great time and nice to see how many options Shock Force 2 provides you with. The UNCON aspect makes CMSF very special not just among the CM family.
  14. If you really interested into the matters do your own research at best with military academic resources for example like this one: https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a567418.pdf but you definitely will find more and better ones.
  15. The absolute cruicial single file to run (or remove) the reshade plugin is for opengl based Combat Mission games: opengl32.dll Not crucial but naturally required and installed for visual enhancements is the folder containing shaders and some textures: reshade-shaders folder No later than the first game launch with reshade these files are created in CM root, will simply renewed by the plugin when not in place: opengl32.log reshade.ini When you create a reshade profile ingame another ini is created in root, alternatively a downloaded one can manually placed in root and then be selected in the reshade menu: yoursavedordownloadedpreset.ini Basically the first two two entries: "opengl32.dll" and the "reshade-shaders" folder are required to set up a reshade plugin with all bells and whistles can be copied all over around and installed in every other CM game or opengl game.
  16. There are no known issues with specifically notebooks other than always making sure that the high performance GPU is running. Your GPU should furthermore be able to handle it perfectly. I do not believe this has anything to do with your driver. Opengl32.log is created by reshade in the first place, perhaps something went wrong during install. Very seldom I´ve made the experience with some games that installing the complete shaders package may stop my game from working. Perhaps download corruption but I don´t believe this as corrupted shaders normally don´t prevent the game from launching and just throw an error message. Still you can find all installed in Combat Mission Title\reshade-shaders\Shaders they are interchangeable between installs (as all reshade files are) and by manually removing them all you can check if the crash is connected with these files. However my experience with Reshade 4.0 is limited as alot got changed with that and it still feels somewhat "beta" to me so I keep using 3.4.
  17. Rule Number One:You never can judge the threat of a RPG-7 without taking its warhead into account. While the launcher system appears almost unchanged for many decades, warheads evolved over the time and in CMSF2 you will encounter many different ones with penetration values ranging from 280mm up to 700mm RHA. Starting with the PG-7V and the PG7VL, these are simple HEAT rounds whith the VL being the improved more powerful version. They come with the iconing mortar/rifle grenade shaped warhead everybody knows from movies, games, and photos. It´s basically the most widespread warhead on the world and saw widespread use in Afghanistan and Iraq which prompted the Coalition forces to issue "up-armor kits" for their vehicles with addon armor systems like ERA blocks or the Slat/Cage Armor (which was already introduced in a smiliar fashion by German Forces back in WW2.) Both armor systems have the goal to "pre-detonate" the HEAT grenade before it can make contact with the main hull and inject its charge into it. You will see in this test that both systems work although success is definitely not guaranteed thus don´t "count" on them. Even may these armor systems look imposing and bulky they are just raise the survivability odds in situations you never wouldn´t like to find your vehicle in the first place. Also naturally the grenade can always hit parts that are not covered by both systems. You will also see that the impact angle contributes to the system´s effectiveness. However the Syrian Forces and also the UNCON forces in CMSF2 evolved and now possess warheads that can overcome these two systems like the PG-7VR which comes with a Tandem warhead that has the ability to defeat counter measures first with a smaller charge before the main charge makes contact with the main hull of the target. Furthermore they even more powerful than previous warheads also against conventional armor. In other words ERA or Slat is pretty useless against them (ERA at least is able to substract of its penetration value). The vastly different shaped PG-7VR is a very lethal threat to almost any vehicle in CMSF2. Furthermore there are the HE and Thermobaric Warheads which are designded for anti-personnel or attacking fortifications. So in CSMF2 you want to use them against infantry, especially in buildings. You can engage unarmored or very light armored vehicles but other than that they are quiet ineffective against defeating the armor. However they can damage optics and other systems outside of vehicles with their HE effect. It may also cause crew interference due to psychological stress and could trigger retreats (inexperienced, nervous crews). So it may be a viable option to use these against heavier targets via the target command to degrade their combat effectiveness. Also in the second video when firing from distant ranges you may notice a complexity of CMSF2 that isn´t represented in many games. While the RPG is quiet unprecise at greater ranges, the AI soldiers aren´t bricks, they "learn" with every suceeding shot and thus accuracy isn´t calculated always from the scratch (this is true for all weapon systems by the way). What I often did (better said not did) is that when I heard the sound of flash of an AT being fired towards my vehicles which then missed, I found myself relieved thinking "missed, everything fine again" but especially with RPG teams being able to carry alot of ammunition you may consider to reposition your vehicle as these shots may become more precise pretty quick maybe the 2nd shot already will be enough. Also keep always in mind: When the enemy AI fires something at you it does that most of the times because it thinks it can hurt you and achieve this with a considerable precision. So when unknown AT ordnance impacts beside your Abrams it may be able to hurt that Abrams and that the threat may be close by. The chances that this was just a guy who found an old ineffective HE warhead in his basement went to the streets and casually fired it towards your Abrams from 600m just to return to home after that is very slim.
  18. This info of dumfluff´s guide + the remark that every triggerman can trigger any bomb should be pinned or highlighted otherwise.
  19. Spinning can be stopped by simply setting "input processing" to "pass on all input". Yes everything what you do is also done in game but still makes things less nauseous and way easier so check your effect results. Also when ending up in menu with enabled reshade and getting the flower power visuals simply deactivate it now with your hotkey and locate any ingame Combat Mission menu button with your cursor and click it. Your screen will become normal again, no biggie.
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