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  1. The Wolves of Steel

    Nice companion game to CMSF2

    I´ve participated in the beta and it is a really neat game which reminds me alot of Steel Panthers/WINSPMBT but in real time. I´ve just had the feel that the AI struggled to present a challenge and would like to see improvement in this department and also hope for an engaging SP campaign.
  2. The Wolves of Steel

    Bad performance

    Leave the model/world detail on "balanced", you won´t notice much visual difference but performance impact is huge. Try enabling HPP and install on a SSD. Try disabling vsync or nvidia gsync in case it is turned on.
  3. I´ve made a presentation video of one of the CMSF2 demo missions for people who either aren´t able to play the demo for whatever reasons or for people who want simply to check out what CMSF2 is offering: Enjoy, more will follow...
  4. The Wolves of Steel

    Distant Guns and Jutland naval simulation videos

    Sadly Distant Guns and Jutland have to be run when stormpowered is running. Admin mode on all and removal of these files did it for me. When you say it wants to be reinstalled, Is there a dialogue appearing or what exactly is happening?
  5. The Wolves of Steel

    BFC leads & Matrix follows on DOD Use

    Years ago when I made my initial purchase of CMANO when it was on sale I was somewhat frustrated because it was micromanaging hell for me and the missions/functions that were supposed to reduce that problem often didn´t worked out like I intended or were a huge time sink on their own. But with the years they´ve kept patching and adding more intelligent features and especially sophisticated AI functions/routines that I meanwhile changed my opinion and really enjoy the hell out of it without the need to manage every asset, no matter if bigger or moderate scenarios. Immersion was always a big problem for me also because that pragmatic windows interface. It may look not different from software at use in the real military but from a gamer´s standpoint it can be hard to immerse itself when confronted with such an interface. I´ve learned to get used to it and especially those free seperate addons/mods that add pictures to the assets helped a lot, and I even proceeded to include my own asset pictures and high res map overlays from Google or other Services that even let you see the real life facilities, airports, or harbours that you may use or even attack in a scenario (which is a scary thing to tell I know but it adds an unbelieveable amount to immersion). Also love their realistic what if scenarios that they´re selling as DLC. You can play it also with this "decide as it were real and if I am were responsible for real soldiers, sailors, and airmen here" attitude I am also enjoying when playing Combat Mission games (altough the psychological and moral simulation of CM is not represented in CMANO and abstracted due to the scope). Don´t know why but excercising this "real responsibilty" is a very important challenge/roleplay aspect for me when playing wargames. It requires to understand all aspects of post ww2 modern warfare except land based operations and COIN which is underrepresented for a good reason. Thus you need to especially understand how guided weapons, air combat, naval surface and subsurface combat work and what weapon and active/passive sensor systems are deployed, and how they are countered. If you understand this and invest some time into understanding the vast functions that come with that software you may have the best simulator in your hand in this regard (and yes I owned and played all alternatives like H3, Fleet Command, etc.) Would like to get eyes on the GOV version of it and how different it is out of curiosity.
  6. The Wolves of Steel

    Distant Guns and Jutland naval simulation videos

    haben sie splash.exe geloescht?
  7. The Wolves of Steel

    Distant Guns and Jutland naval simulation videos

    Yes I run it in Windows 10 newest update only with admin mode. On thing that always created issues for me is the splash.exe in the stormpowered install folder and in Jutland/Distant Guns install folder. This is supposed to be a small intro but sometimes stopps Stormpowered and also the games from working. Just backup/delete it from all folders and the update or game start just runs fine, it is possible that after the small automatic update another splash.exe is created, also remove it from all folders, you don´t need it to run the game. Try if this works for you. If this is the same issue for you, I will inform the Stormpowered guys that they should remove it or at least add a instruction disclaimer because not every consumer can figure such stuff out. I´ve noticed it in the task manager and after killing it, everything booted up. I was 5 secs away from giving up and deleting everything and never take a look again at these gem games.
  8. The Wolves of Steel

    Distant Guns and Jutland naval simulation videos

    That is true, I am actually not that of a navy buff but caught myself now lining up dozens of BBs and BCs in the quick editor to see them cruising (and blowing each other into pieces), very strange enjoyment haha. Nevertheless best luck with recovering your account! Let me know if you want to try the MP one day...
  9. The Wolves of Steel

    Distant Guns and Jutland naval simulation videos

    When you remember which email you used for purchase you should be able to recover your account. The UI definitely has issues and requires some work, figuring, and hotkey memorization until you´re able to issue orders with confidence and convenience. The battle UI thankfully works quite well but the dynamic campaign UI is really "expert level" in figuring stuff out and required alot of trial and error. Yeah I love the hundred detailed ship models they´ve put in. There are some static crew to spot and I could imagine that during combat operations bigger ships may have less crew outside because it could become a real hazard to their life but nevertheless "real" crew with animations like seen in SH5 would be super awesome and raise this to "rated M for ship porn" level. As far as I understand this is/was a very small studio with limited options so I am pretty happy that they atleast got a solid graphics engine which still looks good to me despite its age.
  10. I recently discovered two very unique marine sims in the deep space of wargaming internet. "Distant Guns 1.5 Enhanced" covering the Russian-Japanese War and "Jutland Pro" covering WW1. These games (and their weird distribution method) have their issues for sure but I must say I am still impressed. The fidelity and love put into it reminds me somewhat of what I´ve also enjoy when playing Combat Mission. Perhaps there are even some players around this place. Would be awesome to make some multiplayer fleet battles. I´ve made some videos on my youtube channel for you to enjoy: All videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeK7fSyoEE8aorVLlVfNcAQ/videos Will also probably do some CMSF2 vids in the future.
  11. The Wolves of Steel

    bailing out of an AT gun

    I see, thanks
  12. The Wolves of Steel

    They meant september of next year!

    Wonders me why I am not that affected by all of this and still are very excited for CMSF2 even when it takes longer. I am pretty sure it will be awesome. Being plagued with a cursed passion for my beloved naval sims Distant Guns Pro and Jutland Pro I probably have gone trough customer hell full with zero communication, login fails, and DRM issues that I probably stopped caring or having emotions at all 😅
  13. The Wolves of Steel

    bailing out of an AT gun

    If my crew leaves the AT gun (for example to return small arms fire in full force) is there a way to reattach the crew to the gun?
  14. The Wolves of Steel

    They meant september of next year!

    Looks promising.