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  1. I think i can word it better in a less confusing manner.... Chinese MilArms complex is already ******* out a lot of tanks thanks to China's industrial capacity however due to budget restrictions and how large the PLA is, its not ******* out new gear at a fast enough and effective rate.... A lot of tank brigades are being turned to "combined arms" mech brigades or Motorized to size down the tank force size.... PLAGF is simply too large and the PLAAF/PLAN also suffers from this too... PLAN to a lesser extent however.
  2. ZTZ-99 "a2" isn't new, its 2008, ZTZ-99A is the new MBT they are using which is not deployed in Vostok Ikalugin convinced (dragged) me into this forum to tackle the chinese questions but thanks nonetheless, Yes, i've seen the wiki claim but a lot of info out there in the internet about chinese stuff is wrong or falling wrong speculations.... as for Armor level, I'm can't say much about it other than it is a mix of Steel and Ceramic "Composite" kind of armor, I think it can withstand 23mm AP from the front from 1 click out and .50BMG from 100m in the side.... Ah don't quote me on this, this is from discussions i had and we didn't really touch upon it too much because its an APC.... This is fairly common in china as Production of new gear despite how large it is due to chinese industrial capacity is not fast enough to modernize the PLA at an effective rate due to the PLA's large size (Too large, they have too many tank divisions for one) I'm guessing the brigades sent to vostok was recently re-equipped last year with the ZBL 08s
  3. ZBL 08s are pretty roomy and it is a modular design following trends for increased need for modularity in PLA.... Though i have not seen (nor heard off outside of western sources/mentioned in reliable Chinese sources) the 155mm Variant of the ZBL 08 Artillery.... only 122mm ZBL 08s (PLL 09s) and a 120mm mortar variant (Nona style) for indirect fire
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