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  1. Hello, I up a video defending with the Axis against the Allies and, after, a counterstrike. The battle have many losses for the both sides.
  2. Hello, I have buy the complete edition of Combat Mission (because I haven't the game). I have buy some weeks ago, but they only send me a email that confirmed the order. I must wait the official release of Rome to Victory? Thanks.
  3. Sorry, I no play Red Orchestra, there will be another one with the same name as me.
  4. Hello, I'm the only spanish that up videos of Combat Mission to YouTube. Actually I up Shock Force 2, but I go to record Fortress Italy when Rome to Victory is release. My channel is this, I hope you like it, thanks for read.
  5. Hello, I want to advert that, in quick battles, the Gebirsjäger Section put that only have 1 Command and 3 Gebirsjäger, but when the battle starts it have 1 grenade launcher team too.
  6. Hello, I want to advert that, in quick battles, the Gebirsjäger Section put that only have 1 Command and 3 Gebirsjäger, but when the battle starts it have 1 grenade launcher team too.
  7. Thanks, I try to do 2x2km but as you said is too much, but I manage very well the 1x1km and I do great plans for the AI in the tests that I done. I'm going to do more maps of 1x1km.
  8. I have already created maps for other games, I have no problem due to lack of experience (and this is quite easy). I created a 1x1km map and I think it's pretty good, especially to be able to play with foot infantry.
  9. Hello, I'm going to do custom maps to play, I search the map sixe recommendation, in a older post many players debated that the game is planing for 2x2km. What do you think? I think that for infantry combat is too much, maybe 1x1km better?. Finally: can I export a map, creatd by me, in Schock Force 2 to Fortress Italy? I know that many elemets no stay in the both, but I refear if I use only elements that have the two games. I can't try it because I haven't Fortress Italy now. Thank for answer, you help me a lot
  10. Thanks, I'm new and I'm asking everything I don't understand
  11. Hello, if I do not misunderstand the only ones that can be cured are the soldiers with the red cross on them. The problem is when the soldiers have an "x" under (kill) the others start to heal them equally. What am I misunderstanding or what happens? Thank you.
  12. JOSELILLO 😃 te has equivocado de foro 😄 Este es el de Shock Force 2, el de Normandy es este. A menos que tu intención fuera ponerlo aquí, claro.
  13. Hello, I've seen that there are portrait mods, I know that the measures must be 51x57px. I know that in order for it to be replaced, you must have a correct name. Is there a place to see the names of all the portraits in order to replace them correctly? Thanks.
  14. Hello, I have created a map in the editor and I would like to cover some areas with trees that impede the line of sight. I have found that the only difference between light and heavy forest is that vehicles can only enter the first, but both allow the line of sight. I have tried with the condensation of trees and the icon of a tree allows the vision and that of three I think allows less. Could you explain to me how to make a forest impede the line of sight? Finally, do hedges allow the vision of vehicles but not that of infantry? Thank you
  15. First video in Spanish uploaded to the internet (by me, and more to come )
  16. Thanks you, I'm going to up more videos of Shock Force 2 and Fortress Itally (I have this last preorder, big bundlee with the new dlc,Rome to Victory)
  17. Hello, I have understood that I only can have the game install in one pc and, if I install the game in other pc, I must enter the key but first I need desactivated in the other. This is truth? and if it is truth: who I desactivated they key? Unnistall the game work? Thanks for answer.
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