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  1. I am playing Final Blitzkrieg. Mission 4 Stavelot. I captured all objectives yet the game didnt finish. I finally went cease-fire only to find I had a 'total victory'. Shouldnt the game have finished upon capturing all objectives without myself having to declare a cease-fire?
  2. Wow, thanks. The dev should be ashamed of himself. Not fixed in years. Major issue.
  3. I was thinking that perhaps certain doors were not real doors, that they were just cosmetic, and that that is why the unit was using the wrong door. But you guys are saying it's a pathing issue. I see...
  4. Why cant your units use the back door. Say you put a way-point at the rear of the house, shouldnt your units then use the nearest door, the rear door to exit the house. Why would your units use the front door, walk directly into enemy fire, and attempt to walk around the building. That is ridiculous. And it would have been incredibly easy to implement. And it would have made this simulation game more realistic; just that one little change would have made the game more enjoyable and strategic. But for some reason it's not in the game. I cant believe it.
  5. I am on a mission where I have to cross a bridge. Unfortunately enemy wreckage is blocking the bridge. If I do try to cross it slows my units considerably. And now they are stuck. I understand that this is a sim but some things cant be simulated precisely, problems such as this. I suppose in real life they would clear the bridge somehow ...but we cant do that in game. I cant even target the wreckage. Is the only solution to go back before destroying the enemy at the bridge and hope it isnt destroyed on the bridge!?! Is there some other way?
  6. Now that I think about it, the Americans fled before my first mortar even hit the ground since they, all of them, were approaching my units in the forest before the first mortar even hit. They were flowing out of the town completely, none remained in the town. They were all killed as they approached my units outside the town.
  7. It was total waffen SS loss. Or something similar. You get 5 points for the occupy objective, most points come from destroying american troops. So you cant win by simply occupying the town. I just got total waffen SS victory with 17 minutes remaining. The American started fleeing the town almost immediately, before I even attacked (I had only a few mortars going), but I had my troops stationed along the road behind the town so they couldnt flee. That is how I won. I cant seem to take screenshots.
  8. Nothing in the brief about this. I didnt even know enemies could flee the map. The only way to know this is to fail the mission or cease fire and then to realize you have to go about it very differently than what the brief says. I am thinking that every mission probably have fail points where the objective isnt clear or where the brief doesnt actually say what your actual mission is. You have to look at the scoring, only there will you get a hint.
  9. So it seems that enemy units are allowed to retreat and leave the map. There are no enemy units. I think that is a joke. Poor mission design. I have to do the whole mission again and specifically place units in ridiculous areas to stop the enemy fleeing along the road or I have to play catch-up. That is one of the parameters of the mission. The main parameter.
  10. I am failing the mission despite occupying the objective and killing all enemies within the objective. Apparently there are enemies hiding somewhere, causing me to fail the mission. Since Mission 1 requires you to kill all enemies and only gives 5 points for actually capturing the objective. I have tried searching the entire landscape with squads and half-tracks and found no more enemies. I watched a youtube video where the user found no enemies outside the objective. My soldiers have covered the objective up and down and have searched all buildings in the objective area and some outside the objective. How is this possible, is the AI allowed to hide underground without firing or revealing their position? Here is the youtube series showing that there are no enemy combatants outside the objective.
  11. Well I prefer the WW2 games. I have had Final Blitzkrieg for a while. I now have Normandy and Fortress Italy. I just want to play with the best German units is all, I dont mind a challenge.
  12. Which game/time period is the best for playing as Germany. Was Germany under-powered in any game? I am thinking Final Blitzkrieg would be the best?
  13. I did search the board but couldnt find anything, is there a way to find range information for a selected unit. This info doesnt seem to be in the manual either ...the older games had range info when pressing enter. Also there are three colored buttons at the top of the interface, a green circle, red circle and arrows ...what do they do? Thanks for any help.
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