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  1. Hello all. Might I ask if Veins uniform mods work with V4 of CMFI/GL? If so could I get a link to the American and German uniforms?
  2. OK so between your help and the Desk, it is working. I didn't realize that it was truly a FULL installer for v4. For all others who are searching for help and find this.. Install or run only the Upgrade 4 V200 FULL. Then launch the game, (In my case, because I had bought the Upgrade 3) I copy and pasted the Upgrade3 Key into the Activation box. Then I went about conquering\defending Italy!! If anyone see's a problem with what I've explained please edit this
  3. Hello all. I am in a dilemma. I just bought the V4 Upgrade and I can't get the security to Activate. I have been waiting on a ticket from the Help desk but thought you all may have some insight as well. Specifically, I install CMFI from the original CD. Check the folders for the Activate security shortcut, without finding anything. I start the game thinking it may ask upon start up, it doesn't. I play the game for a bit, with nothing. I the exit, and install Gustav Line from the CD, and repeat the process of looking for a way to give it my License Key, play for a bit. I exit that, and install V4 FULL that I bought the other day. NOW upon start up, or with the shortcut, it asks me for the License Key. Putting it in, and I press the Activate button and a black bar shows up with an X in the middle. I also have tried the Base game and GL License keys. Nothing is working. The guy from the help desk says that it is because I didn't activate the base game. How can I do that, if I can't do that? I was wondering if any of you may have some suggestions for me. I have installed into different directories, thinking it may be the "Program Files" problem. My Firewall and security is disabled. I have done all that I can and have gotten nowhere, yet. Any ideas for me?
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