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  1. Well as of right now more people have been killed by cops enforcing the lockdown than there are reported deaths from Covid19. Pretty brutal out in the informal areas. Here in suburbia it's been okay. I haven't left the house in 8 days. Added bonus of the economic shutdown means less strain on power generation so respite from blackouts. Not sure. Bus them out. All I've read is mention of government owned land where I presume they'll be set up with nothing more than tents. Once this thing really kicks off the public health system will fold, it barely functions as is.
  2. Not here. Slums have significant rates of TB and HIV. Apparently there are plans for mass evacuations of people from the townships.
  3. Here in some area if you just go for a stroll you risk getting shot at with rubber bullets by police. Soldiers though prefer dishing out a more personal physical beat down....
  4. Just announced a nationwide shutdown here for 3 weeks.
  5. It is indeed present in all the titles but it affects all troops not just those that are panicked. Here's an example of Nervous troops running off after a grenade thrown by their own side explodes. I notice it fairly regularly with devastating results as an entire team usually gets wiped out as they run into the teeth of the enemy. Again not panicked or green troops. I'm hopeful though it will be addressed with Fire and Rubble with it's focus on urban warfare which is where I find this bug appears most often.
  6. Apologies if this has been mentioned before but does the Heaven & Earth mod require all SF2 modules?
  7. Seems there is an issue in CMBS with airburst rounds. 'Usually Hapless' H2H game had two incidents where airburst round exploded harmlessly above targeted Humvees. 9:20 mark
  8. Here's a crazy thought. Maybe a lottery of sorts? Stop sniggering and hear me out. 60 tickets at a dollar a piece and the winner takes home a title of their choice. So the possibility, admittedly a small possibility, of getting a game for a few dollars or even a single dollar. That or the consolation you've made a minor contribution to help somebody else getting a CM game they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. Finer details and rules would have to sorted out but it's at least plausible, assuming it's even legal. Or not in which case just forget I ever posted this....
  9. Literally just started the campaign and now I see this thread. Guess I'll just stick with it and see just how punishing that second mission is. If anything it might, to some degree, reveal how good or not I am at this game.
  10. /shudder Just no 🤢 Hopefully like both my grandfathers did when they were there...
  11. Churchill found Smuts to be a rather nice Afrikaaner. and us English 'soutpiel' South Africans speak perfectly good English thank you very much. Unlike most Brits.....
  12. Great. I reckon I'll make for a great 'incompetent benefactor of nepotism' in the Syrian officer corps....
  13. Well I suppose if you're desperate enough you could quickly crush this newbie although I only have demo
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