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  1. Apologies if this has been mentioned before but does the Heaven & Earth mod require all SF2 modules?
  2. Seems there is an issue in CMBS with airburst rounds. 'Usually Hapless' H2H game had two incidents where airburst round exploded harmlessly above targeted Humvees. 9:20 mark
  3. Here's a crazy thought. Maybe a lottery of sorts? Stop sniggering and hear me out. 60 tickets at a dollar a piece and the winner takes home a title of their choice. So the possibility, admittedly a small possibility, of getting a game for a few dollars or even a single dollar. That or the consolation you've made a minor contribution to help somebody else getting a CM game they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. Finer details and rules would have to sorted out but it's at least plausible, assuming it's even legal. Or not in which case just forget I ever posted this....
  4. Literally just started the campaign and now I see this thread. Guess I'll just stick with it and see just how punishing that second mission is. If anything it might, to some degree, reveal how good or not I am at this game.
  5. /shudder Just no 🤢 Hopefully like both my grandfathers did when they were there...
  6. Churchill found Smuts to be a rather nice Afrikaaner. and us English 'soutpiel' South Africans speak perfectly good English thank you very much. Unlike most Brits.....
  7. Great. I reckon I'll make for a great 'incompetent benefactor of nepotism' in the Syrian officer corps....
  8. Well I suppose if you're desperate enough you could quickly crush this newbie although I only have demo
  9. 1. Early War Western front. 2. Korea 3. Now for something from way out of left field. The Iran-Iraq war. A mishmash of units and types of warfare from major tank duels to guerilla insurgency.....
  10. So I've been looking at a possible workaround to this issue. Certainly seeing more incidences of squads fleeing from their own outgoing fire especially when a thrown grenade explode . Seems to me that in the game there is one solution to two different situations. The first situation I'd call 'regrouping'. A squad that is at worst 'cautious/nervous' concluding they're in a possibly untenable situation and intending to fall back. The second is 'fleeing' when a squad is overwhlemed i.e panic status and is convinced bugging out is the only solution. For both situations the game offers a fast move in a seemingly random direction for around 60 meters. Which is fine for the later but an overreaction, often with dire consequences, for the former. A possible solution would be to introduce a second retreat mechanic specifically for the first situation. Say a short 10 meter quick move order back where the squad came from. This I reckon would be a more proportional response. Obviously I'm not privy to engine limitations and other consequences to changes being implemented etc...
  11. I have no doubt some players think that. However I don't. I've made an attempt at constructive criticism of an issue I have with the game and I'd appreciate constructive replies. Hopefully that's not too much to ask. The Youtube link is working now.
  12. Apologies for the hyperbole but it was born out of frustration. Then again counting isn't a personal strength. Lets just say it's happened more times than tolerable given the dire consequences in terms of casualties. Especially for a particularly casualty adverse player. I see your point about the pixeltruppen's view of the battle verses the players and you're right. However I still think the troops are over reacting. A short organized retreat behind cover, yes. However running off into the distance in a seemingly random direction doesn't seem right. Green troops panicked and disorientated okay but calm veterans? I understand there might be game limitations to deal with but it does seem serious gameplay issue. To me anyway. I've done a little more testing and captured a clip of what I'm talking about . That's if you'll excuse the potato quality. As you'll see the squad is not suppressed but when implementing their area target order into an adjacent room they become suppressed from their own fire and when one soldier throws in a grenade and it explodes they all make a run for it. In the same direction as the explosion..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIiHFLzI3Xk&feature=youtu.be&ytbChannel=null
  13. So I've played through the SF2 demo, 'demo' doesn't really give the amount of content justice, for the most part I've really enjoyed the game with only few relatively minor issues. However unfortunately there is one problem so egregious I just can't get my head around it and that's the squad retreat mechanic. Time and again squads when under fire just break and run off in a seemingly random direction, cover be damned. I've never served but it seems to me the only time a trained soldier would risk abandoning cover and running off would be if he is absolutely convinced he's about to eat lead. Yet in the game even Veteran troops, under a modicum of fire, who have suffered maybe one casualty or even none at all, break and run for it. They're not even in a panic but merely 'cautious'. One example in the Alamo scenario.Three squads abandon their position after engaging an enemy squad at close range. Most of the enemy had surrendered and there was no incoming fire at all by that turn. Yet they cut and ran off despite none of them being in a panic. Naturally straight into an enemy squad who took them out. I reloaded the turn and it turned out their own fire, I had an area target 30 meters away where the remnants of the enemy were, was what had triggered them into running off! It's also reared it's ugly head when moving troops back that are under fire. In the Breaking the bank scenario a few squads were in a building when two of them came under fire and I ordered them all to slow move back one room. Three of them all Veteran, none in a panic then proceeded to run down multiple flights of stairs, out the door across the road into an open field where they were later mowed down. Two pics illustrating it. I've witnessed countless other examples of this behavior which is so out sync a game that gets so many aspects right about warfare. Hopefully it's something that's being looked into as I can't see myself purchasing SF2 as is. Which is a shame.
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