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  1. So if you were starting from scratch and getting a new PC to play Combat Mission games, what are the specs and card you would suggest? I'd like my game to look like the lovely screenshots I see people posting. Thanks.
  2. These mods are amazing. I'm going to buy a new PC primarily for Combat Mission. (I'm currently using an old MacBook Pro.) Can anyone suggest what type of card and processor I need to get these to look as good as they do in the thread? Thanks. K
  3. The terrain and weapons used in the Korean War have been largely created for other WWII chapters. It doesn't seem to me to require too much new programming. There were some really intense battles with fluid front lines, I enjoy those best in CM. I would love to see a title or simply a mod by an intrepid member of the community. Consider me pre-ordered.
  4. This file won't open running 10.13.6: CM Battle for Normandy v400 Installer.pkg It craps out during verification. I turned off Webroot. Ideas? Thanks. K
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