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  1. it happens reliably for a variety of game modes, maps and force selections. I'll provide more details when I get home in a couple hours
  2. w respect to the crash - it's happened three times, I can get video of it if you want... it was twice with syrian forces, once with american. different map each time
  3. professionalXMAZ

    Opponent wanted - CMBS

    I'm in Europe until mid september, when I get back I'll be down to play. Full disclosure I'm a brand new player and a battalion level operation for my first PBEM might be above my ability, but I'll do it. Is rad an abbreviation for a map?
  4. hey i'm brand new to this game, I hear he got banned... I'm wondering why the download for 2.4 is split into 10 parts if most of them have identical files inside? It says to combine them, but with identical file names it will just ask to overwrite / skip / stop please advise
  5. When I run the program the launcher appears, but when I click 'launch,' the screen goes black and that's it. I know this is low-priority but FYI
  6. professionalXMAZ

    Confusion over ability to download both pc/mac versions

    @Heirloom_Tomato If I remember right, I saw a wargamer.com article about the pre-order for SF2 on reddit. It's kinda disappointing because I've been playing graviteam games for a while and never saw any ads or content that I can remember - but I think I'll prefer this since it has wego and multiplayer.
  7. professionalXMAZ

    Confusion over ability to download both pc/mac versions

    @IanL thanks!
  8. Hi guys, can't believe I just discovered this series. I'd like to buy CMRT - I'm overseas for a while with my mac laptop and have a pc at home. When you check out to purchase the game, it directs you to select a version. But on the front page it says: all games include free, unlimited downloading for both Windows and MacOS Which is it?