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  1. It's important to point out that while Germany spends less percent of its GDP than Canada on military (both below the 2 percent requirement), it hosts the largest deployment of U.S. Army and Air Force personnel than anywhere else in the world (by a significant margin). From what I understand, the Bundeswehr were constitutionally limited to defense of its borders. In 1994, it got amended to allow for World Police antics. So, they got to tag along in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. I saw a program about a German small business that buys American decommissioned materiel by the trailer. They find a lot of goodies in there, refurbish them and sell them out. I am sure if Americans reduce the number of troops, that'll cut into businesses. If I was a Hun, I certainty would not mind if other people paid for my defense. Naturally, I would not lose sleep about the Bundeswehr having to defend Germany from foreign invasion on its own. I think it's bad form that NVA veterans do not get military pensions, while SS veterans do. NVA is considered a "foreign military", and it doesn't sit well with the East Germans (from what I've been told).
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    Kampfgruppe Peiper Campaign

    MMMMMMMMMM SCHOKA COLA! I'm currently 4 or 5 missions into this campaign. I actually really like the choices that are given to the player. It makes the missions feel more open. That and the fact that the maps are MASSIVE -- you really have a lot of room for maneuver in this one. However, this is the only CM campaign, where I had to lower my settings because the large detailed maps murdered my FPS. The scope of this campaign is unrivaled in the franchise. Much props to everyone involved in its development. While the quality of the troops is impeccable, I do find myself short of infantry 90% of the time. Pioneers often have to get pushed into infantry duties. Ironically enough, that takes less of a tole than doing what they're there for -- clearing out minefields. I'm actually not too happy with the Panther's performance. They're quite big and yet have problems spotting. Only advantage to a P. 4 is if they face 57mm AT fire or a 75mm Sherman. Two well entrenched/camoed 76mm Shermans wiped the smirk off of the faces of an entire late Panther platoon. Bazookas have no problems taking them out, either. The Doughboys aren't playing around anymore. Artillery is my best tool for breaking up the American defenders. I have to say, I've found the stummel and the 8cm mortar halftracks to be invaluable. Going from commanding a depleted company to a reinforced battalion took me by surprise.
  3. DerKommissar

    Great CMRT period war pic segment

    This 5 minute scene did more for me than all of Fury. I may have to check out this film.
  4. DerKommissar

    Rafael's idea of future armored vehicles

    I believe it's actually a pro version of Arma 2 (Arma 3 was made for filthy casuals). It still gives an armaholic blue balls. It looks like what Arma 3 /should/ have been: I still think this vehicle is vaporware. All I saw in the video is some dudes playing VBS on a cool gaming set-up. It's also poor form when VBS looks better than the animation made for the demo. To boot, this concept is 2 years old and I do not see any real progress in implementation. Is Rafael going to be making Arma mods, now? Maybe they should get the RHS guys to help out with IFV development. All this being said, it is an interesting case study. What do manufacturers THINK MoDs want? An Armata-like IFV, from the looks of it.
  5. How does one aim those things, anyway? Imagine taking a wee, except you're letting loose a stream of flame and a plume of smoke -- and looking out of a periscope! From what I've seen of crocodile footage, is that they kinda have to get close to a large target like a bunker or a house. Then, spew short bursts in the general direction.
  6. I'm curious if they're planning to bring partisans into the mix. Some COIN stuff? Maybe an Otto Skorzeny campaign? I think Sicily and/or Cassino would be awesome.
  7. DerKommissar

    Rafael's idea of future armored vehicles

    I found it amusing that they ARE playing a computer game on those monitors of theirs. That game is called Arma, the map they're playing on is Takistan. At 1:47, it actually says Takistan, a fictional video game country, on their "GPS". Frankly, I can't take this seriously. I always had respect for Rafael as a company, and hardly expected this sort of antics. Worst part, is that this is the second time they're trying to sell a video game IFV. Why doesn't someone try selling a AT-ST walker from Star Wars at one of these expositions? It has as much relation to realty as this:
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    ~5 minute video of what I think is Azov on parade

    What's wrong with the world? This belongs in the WW2 titles, not modern ones.
  9. DerKommissar

    Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA)

    Respekt ++ I'm curious if anyone has made, or is working on, a Soviet conversion for the SAA. It seems like this game has the chops for a CM:A 2 reskin. Someone should swap the blue in the UKR flag for green and call it Chernarus, xD.
  10. DerKommissar

    NATO Units????

    I did find it strange that the M113 has been absent from the CMSF Canadian arsenal. That thing's still in service, and looks like it'll stay that way for a while. We've been recently acquiring more enemies. Saudis are pretty cross with us, as well. I'd like to see BMDs for both UKR and RU. I felt they were a glaring omission, considering how ubiquitous they are in Donbass.
  11. DerKommissar

    NATO Units????

    I'd really like a USMC & VDV module for BS. I may be wrong, but weren't they already involved in the lore? I'd like more toys for UKR too...
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    The 'Never Say You've Seen It All' Thread

    Speaking of North Korea...
  13. I would like to eventually see a single executable for CM, with all the families being modules -- wait, did someone mention Gulda Fap?! Gulda Fap! Gulda Fap! I have recently become fascinated with the Cuban Missile Crisis, which is very well documented. I'd like to see a CM of a hypothetical US invasion of Cuba. You'd get US Marines, CIA Mercenaries, Cuban Military and the Soviet units that were deployed there. Pretty much inverse Black Sea, except set in the 60s (very fun zietgeist with that one, almost as fun as 80s Fulda). You'd get to pit WW2 stuff against early cold war stuff. While I doubt tactical nuclear weapons will make it into CM, I would very much like to see amphibious operations that are already supported.
  14. DerKommissar

    Over-Powered Artillery and general game lethality

    Unfortunately, that's how it was back then. Time was often a more valuable resource than human life. If you can't take the objective on schedule, that means that other elements of the operation won't be able to do what they need to do. Then, the entire operation goes Market Garden -- and more people could die in other engagements because you decided to spare yours. War is a terrible thing, and field officers often have the unsavory duty of being forced into no-win situations. It /is/ disheartening -- that's CM. I would like an option like in the newer XCom that doubles time limits. On this, I totally agree. I'm waiting on those AI patches -- maniacs getting up and trying to run away from mortar bombardment, when they should be burying their face in the dirt. Yep, my biggest issue. The engine can't really handle big sprawling maps. I often find the avenues of approach to be limited.
  15. DerKommissar

    Coop Rules

    This is really cool. Actual Combined Arms. I'd love to try something out like this.
  16. DerKommissar

    Over-Powered Artillery and general game lethality

    Yeah, I am not too surprised that artillery is overly effective and infantry losses are disproportionately high. Ever since the dawn of the Industrial age, since Napoleon, artillery is the Queen/God/Whatever of War. I remember reading that German mortar fire was responsible for 75% of British casualties during D-Day. The capabilities of modern artillery is so terrifying that its a deterrent to conventional warfare. Here's some stats from the US Army Medical Department (along with too much info on wartime casualties) : Table 14 60 percent of casualties were due to shell fragments. This is across all the theatres of where the Americans were (Arty being slightly more effective in Europe than Pacific). I imagine similar, if not higher, figures on the Eastern Front. The Soviet's take away from the crushing defeats in Barbarossa wasn't that they needed more tanks -- but more mortars. As for copious amounts of infantry casualties... Here's some stats on US casualties from 41 to 46: Battle casualties by duty branch More than 2/3rds of ALL casualties the US sustained were Infantry. This is why you can't really have a "Balanced" game that's also plausible. I will say that I find CM maps to be a bit on the tighter side. There is not a lot of opportunity to spread out your infantry.
  17. DerKommissar

    Daily Challenge

    Good things grow in Ontario... But better things grow in B.C.
  18. Yeah, I wish more scenarios had straight roads like that. Setting waypoints for a battalion-sized convoy on a shark-teeth road is a nightmare.
  19. DerKommissar

    The 'Never Say You've Seen It All' Thread

    Hey, man. Dieselpunk mechs want to look good too. As it says on the ancient pages of the internet (circa 2011), "Thou shalt Twerk" and "Thou shalt only YOLO once"
  20. Honestly, I'm disappointed. There's not much to do. No campaigns. I've also found the abstraction of tank damage to be worse than Wargame: Red Dragon & Men of War, which don't even market themselves as "realistic". Tiles are too big, too. All I wanted was a bigger Cold War Close Combat. What I got was a poor man's Steel Panthers. I did recently give Panzer Command: Ostfront another go. It's pretty good (LOTS of content) -- it's like CM 1.5. Still leagues behind CM 2's attention to detail. It's a shame those guys didn't go forward with the concept.
  21. DerKommissar

    Interesting Read for IT Guys

    I'm not surprised. When I was an intern in IT, one of my tasks was to go around a factory and call center and document everything hooked up to the network. This includes all computers, switches, and machines. I've found things that our Sys. Admin couldn't believe. I've added an old ass hub to our museum of relics. This guy is obviously an amateur at embedded systems. A Pi and a USB dongle, really? Guy couldn't make his own PCB or use encrypted MCU binaries instead of an open-source OS? Who is this guy? Mr. Bean? Hell, I'd try to disguise my snooper as a network switch or a wall socket. I'm guessing this was done by some punk kid. This being said, the easiest way to break into a system is by going around the office/site and picking up sticky notes with folks' passwords on it -- or go through the bin and find them. So if they knew what they were doing, they'd easily already have wifi SSID and passwords. I've seen employees writing down their Citrix log-ins and sticking them on their monitor. Lesson of the day: don't let random people test their embedded systems in your server room.
  22. DerKommissar

    Calling all Metal Heads

    The most Australian song ever?
  23. DerKommissar

    How do you counter tanks with ERA?

    UKR player here! Your answer to RU tanks is thew Corsar ATGM: This thing rips through ERA like nobody's business. If you're playing the UKR campaign, take care to keep these things. The "Corsair" (which is what I call it, not sure if that's the correct translation) do not have as much of a punch as RU or US ATGMs, so it may take two hits to take out a T-90A. This being said, they are very accurate, quick to set-up and reload, in my experience. All this being said, the Javelin is a superior solution and I can see why UKR, IRL, is really eager to acquire it. The other thing I noticed is that ERA (especially on my Oplot-Ms) is very vulnerable to autocannon fire. Sustained 30mm fire will very quickly destroy ERA, and cause a very disastrous amount of commotion. The crew is rocked, and needs more time to seek and destroy the source of the fire. All the while, their optics are getting damaged and their main gun can even be knocked out.
  24. DerKommissar

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    CM interiors always impress.