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  1. Cheltster

    Finally made it!

    Thanks for the help once again guys. On the Road to Berlin mission I managed a total victory with just 9 men killed. So I was pretty happy with that. The difficulty was only veteran, but you have to start somewhere. Tonight I managed a major victory in Closing the Pocket. This was a very different mission. I opted for a sit back and pound them approach. Used the artillery and mortars to do the work whilst waiting for the Panthers and Marders to show up. Once they did I put them in Hull down positions and knocked out there shermans and M10s. Then just swept through the town. Found out at the end there were a couple of M10s hiding at the back for some reason. Loving it.
  2. Cheltster

    Finally made it!

    I love this site. You guys are so helpful. I have read my way through most of Mr Hardenberger's site, but that other link was new to me and a total goldmine. So thanks Bud. I'll hopefully get another crack at it tonight, once the kids are in bed. This time I'm going to sweep through that bocage with minimal casualties. We'll that is the plan anyway.
  3. Cheltster

    Finally made it!

    It is the second mission of 4 on the demo. With regards to YouTube, I think I've seen all the videos. The armchair general and Christopher Maillet ones are excellent. The AARs by Jose Wales and others are also good. It is one thing to watch them, another to implement them. Even though the Germans were down to a handful of men they still murdered me in the bocage. For some reason my platoon couldn't seem to get them even when they were running away. I still got a total victory but far too many casualties. Need to improve.
  4. Just wanted to say thank you to the people here for their help and support. Yesterday I finally managed to play the Battle for Normandy demo for the first time. I managed to obtain an I3-4130 with 8 GB RAM, a GTX 560 ti and a monitor for under £200. Needless to say, despite watching and reading loads about how to play, I was awful. I completed the mission to take St Martin's farm and the Crossroads but the body count was high. Hopefully this is the start of a new hobby. I'm open to any further tips or guidance.
  5. Cheltster

    Nvidia quadro vs GTX

    Well I bought an old gtx 560ti so hopefully that should be sufficient.
  6. Cheltster

    Nvidia quadro vs GTX

    Well this is good news. I can buy pretty much any old card and I'm laughing.
  7. Thanks, I've been looking at these but wondered if it would be overkill for CM??
  8. I managed to purchase an i3-4130 @3.3ghz 8gb ram. This chip has good single core performance for the cost. Just need to get a graphics card, any suggestions?
  9. Does anyone have any experience of quadro and/or gtx? Been doing some research into graphics cards and from what I've read the quadro is optimized for open GL for use on drawing programs like Cad. Just wondered if anyone had noticed if there was a positive or negative effect in CM?
  10. Update: I tried the CM:BN demo today and.......... Nothing happened. Just got a battlefront logo and about 5 secs of music. So clearly it won't work on the laptop. I consoled myself by playing CM:BO Wittman instead. Time to start searching through ebay.
  11. Thanks for this Joe. That was the kind of answer I was looking for. I'm such a rubbish general I will only be playing the smaller battles until I get up to speed.
  12. I could try this Bill but my laptop is a Dell from 2016, fine for word processing etc but it has no graphics card.
  13. Thanks for the support guys. I really do want to get into these games. I just don't want to make an error at the first stage. I've gathered that an nvidia gpu is the way to go. So that seems certain and that single threat performance of the cpu is key. I guess the most puzzling thing for me is why are the recommended specs so basic when people with much better specs ha e been having issues.
  14. Hello guys, Thought I’d throw this out to the group. As the title suggests,I want to start playing this having got into the game via CM:BO plus the sequels. The issue is a need to get a new computer as all I have at present is a 2016 laptop. The problem I have is I’m not sure what to get. I read the recommended system requirements and they are so basic. However looking through here people have i7s with 16gb ram and 2 gb graphics. I know very little about computers but I don’t want to pay £500 when maybe a £200 setup would do. Would say a 3Ghz core 2 duo system with 4gb ram and a 1Gb nvidia graphics card run this game well? I’m not after 4K display and 30 FPS. I just want to be able to get into these games without shelling out a fortune. I’m only an occasional gamer when work/family commitments allow. thanks in advance.