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  1. Hello, my name is Georgina Von Konrat. I am Georg's daughter. He and my mother lived together for 17 years after his boat arrived in Australia. Unfortunately he and my mother separated when I was quite young, but during my early years he married again and had another daughter who he ultimately left Australia with and went to NZ. From New Zealand he did go to South Africa and was imprisoned for acts against apartheid. My half sister is able to attest to this. They did escape via Angola and flew to the UK where they were interned as refugees. They finally settled in the UK and Georg died in Wales some years ago. My half sister reports that our father never slept a day in his life. That in the moments when he did sleep he screamed and shouted his way through his nightmares. He was able to tell her some of his stories and many others too. With the help of my mother he was able to write. What he remembers and whether or not it is entirely correct according to the history books remains his secret. We, my brother Matthew and I continue the search for our other family members lost to that terrible war. Georg came out of the war with injuries both mental and physical. What really happened is probably of little significance - what ever happened destroyed his life, destroyed him and destroyed our family and the possibility of him ever reaching his full potential.