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  1. German campaign chronicling Panzer Lehr's counter-attack in July.
  2. Combat Mission Red Thunder covers the Eastern Front but it only covers the summer and fall of 1944.
  3. So I just bought Final Blitzkrieg and this is the first product I have bought since BF switched to a new website. When I got previous games it immediately let me download the game and now there is an "order pending" notice on the receipt. Anyone know how long it takes for the order to get processed?
  4. That was Millennium Challenge 2002. The OPFOR was led by retired Marine Corps Lt Gen Paul Van Riper. https://warontherocks.com/2015/11/millennium-challenge-the-real-story-of-a-corrupted-military-exercise-and-its-legacy/
  5. You had LT platoon commanders as a 96B? I was in more recently (2010-2015) and I never once had an officer platoon leader. From DLI to my unit in Korea all my platoons were commanded by either a SSG or SFC. Although maybe that was because I wasn't in a tactical unit. My buddy who was in the BCT MI company up at Casey had an LT platoon commander.
  6. I've got a question about US officers. In CMFI all US rifle platoon commanders are 2LTs but in CMBN (except for glider infantry) they are all 1LTs. Did Battlefront make a mistake or did the US Army organization change going into Normandy?
  7. Most players prefer the turn based WEGO mode. I am one of the few who prefers to play in real time although it's true that controlling a larger force in real time is a bit unwieldy.
  8. Yeah, Epsom was the British offensive to take Caen in late June.
  9. Operation Epsom and the Battle of the Hurtgen Forest ring any bells?
  10. I never really got into Korean TV dramas myself. I find them to be a little ridiculous. On the other hand I really enjoy Korean cinema.
  11. The Washington Post usually gives you 2-3 free articles per month.
  12. The Korean alphabet is actually a relatively recent development. Before the 15th Century Korean was written using Chinese characters. For a long time literacy was the sole preserve of the upper classes. The only way to move up in society was to take the civil service examinations which required years of study of Chinese characters. The Korean king Sejong the Great wanted people to become literate so he commissioned a group of scholars to develop an easily understood writing system. It took them a couple of years and the king presented Hangul to his people in 1446. It's actually a really well developed alphabet and incredibly easy to learn. It took me about a week to learn it at DLIFLC. Of course Korean grammar is a completely different animal...
  13. Ugh, MOPP gear... Hated training in that stuff in Korea.
  14. Everything in Seoul is overpriced. Especially if it is foreign.
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