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  1. It totally is. It's still a damn good film.
  2. If you like westerns let me recommend The Good, the Bad, the Weird. It's a Korean western that takes place in the late 1930s in Manchuria. It''s about a thief, a hitman, and a bounty hunter searching for a Qing Dynasty treasure buried in the desert before the Japanese army finds it first.
  3. To be fair, Game of Thrones is an adaptation of a book series. They couldn't just end it in the middle of the series. Although, I will say that the quality of the show decreased sharply after they outpaced George R. R. Martin's writing.
  4. Bearstronaut

    Stuart Recce - What's the point?

    You Brits have an odd sense of humor... and I damn well appreciate it.
  5. Bearstronaut


    I've come across references to a Fredrocker CM:FI campaign called "The Boyz of FGM". Unfortunately the link on his blog is dead. I was wondering if anyone had this one.
  6. Bearstronaut

    Stuart Recce - What's the point?

    I understand that the vehicle was historical and therefore included in the game. I also try and use them for recon purposes only when I am commanding a combined arms unit. The problem usually comes up in some of the smaller scenarios where you are in command of only a recce unit.
  7. The Stuart Recce seems pointless. Every time I have one the crew just gets killed using the M2. Why did the British take the turrets off of these vehicles?
  8. Do most H2H scenarios contain some basic AI? Like if I wanted to play as the US attacking the German AI in a H2H tagged scenario, would it be worth it?
  9. Bearstronaut

    A distraction while we wait..

    I didn't interact much with you guys. I was tucked away in the SIGINT shop at the SCIF in Korea for 3 years.
  10. Bearstronaut

    A distraction while we wait..

    Ah another MI guy! What kind of analyst is 96B? I was in from 2010 to 2015 and was a 35P. I believe my MOS used to be known as 96G.
  11. Bearstronaut

    Omaha Beach West

    Any update on this?
  12. Bearstronaut

    Lend-Lease stuff coming soon?

    That's pretty much how I use them.
  13. Bearstronaut

    Pacific in WW II

    Yeah, the Korean War would probably be more memorable in the west if it hadn't ended with pretty much the same borders as before the war. Blame MacArthur and his idiotic race to the Yalu for that. As to the Type-95, I don't recall any Japanese armor at the museum. I very much doubt that the ROKA had any old Japanese tanks. The ROKA had pretty much no armor and very little artillery before June 25th. KMAG didn't want President Rhee to use such material to invade North Korea.
  14. Bearstronaut

    Fury Movie Discussion.

    Rudy Reyes played himself in "Generation Kill."
  15. Bearstronaut

    Fury Movie Discussion.

    NatGeo's recent mini-series "The Long Road Home" cast actors of a believable age to play the soldiers of 2-5 Cav.