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  1. thanks guys I still have helmets with a Belgian badge to make if someone who masters the creation of scenario can do one for each of these unit often forgotten but which we remember well here in Normandy. For these of the great generation who are disappearing and whose we must by all means including the game keep the memory
  2. My dear Falaise, i like everything you make. good news Aragorn if I am sure that the Belgians of Piron were equipped with MK3 (the artillery unit at least) nothing indicates that the "Princess Irene" did not have one... so I leave the Mk 3 to the Dutch Royal Netherlands Motorized Infantry Brigade Princess Irene Brigade
  3. les belges sont lĂ  !!!! the guys from the colonel Piron 1st Belgian infantry Brigade
  4. I am not a pro of modern tanks or even tanks of elsewhere, but in view of wheeles (galets) and the gap between the 1st and the following is a T55 I think ! it is good but I prefer "The 28 heroes" they are strong Russian and have an excellent cinema
  5. superbe !!! great mods that add life to the game. but I imagine the frustration of seeing the Panzerschreck without being able to use it when necessary 😭 .😁
  6. thank you very much for your message, I am delighted that you like it. 3j2m also thanked me kindly and these thanks are appreciable. It's this great game and everyone's mods that gives us the opportunity to push realism even more. a time machine
  7. you played it in 4.02 with the modification or the old version ?
  8. Alas warts 'n'all this will not work Umlaut to modify the scenario has used CMBN 4.02 !!!😭
  9. no ! but you can do it, you have to tag each scenario according to the month and tag each bmp by folder I prefer to put and remove the file each time
  10. ah ah 😁 how many times in the morning while i'm still asleep i meet an old bald man in my bathroom. before realizing that this is just my reflection in the mirror 🙄
  11. Here is a series of mod that changes the vegetation as the months of June, July and August- September This mod was made by looking at the evolution of nature during these 3 months. Part, are stock textures that I reworked in color and saturation I also modified the Ramblers mod for trees by modifying the colors and mixing it with the ones in stock to break the repetition effect. You will also find the plowed fields of Kieme and Aris modified so that the colors correspond to the Norman soil which is brown. Finally herbs come from a super mod without an owner's name and which is no longer available. You will also find a multitude of small details insignificant but which to assemble gives a true impression of the Norman campaign. We can in passing admire the textures of the basic game whose colors correspond very well to the real colors of Normandy. The mods that I propose to you, support and combine in large part with these original textures, I advise you to remove all the other mods of vegetation and terrain to obtain the best result. There are 4 files: one called terrain de Normandie This is to installed permanently in the z folder Then three other files called June July and August which must be installed in the choice in z It is necessary to choose according to the scenario which one you will install in z. As soon as you take a scenario that changes months, just put the corresponding "month" folder, thinking that you have removed the previous "month" folder. You have the possibility of tagging your scenario by month it will suffice to tag each bmp I didn't do it because I like playing the same scenario with different month come soon when Bootie have the time to put it on his website
  12. you are absolutely right Warts 'n' all, I should have already put it online 🙄 i will put them online this week I have to make the text and translate it when we are not english speaking it's more work despite google translation !!!!
  13. making mods is nice but without Bootie for shared what interest? for Bootie Hip ! hip ! hurrah ! thanks Bootie !
  14. it's great just one request if you put only german equipment it will work with all CM ww2 but the pm berretta and the italian cartridge belt prevents it from being used with the other CM which is a shame because it really gives a good touch of realism and i need it to CM Normandy great job Bravo
  15. They are very distinct Here with net the MK3 and without net the MK2 In Normandy only the units having taken by landing on the beaches have it. The 3rd British ID the 3rd Canadian ID. The 50th ID, it has only the MK2, but it should not initially landed on the beach, it replaces at the last moment the 49th which is therefore also equipped with the MK3 For an unknown reason (from me) the 53rd also perceives some MK3 The mixing is done as the reinforcements arrive because they are generally equipped with the MK2
  16. Great we could also imagine classifying them by region Normandy, East of France, South round tiled roofs for example do not exist in Normandy or in the east only the southern part of the country uses them maybe by tagging them there is a lot of possibility thank you Umlaut
  17. Here is a mod for the 1st Polish Armored Division. The 1st Polish Armored Division was engaged in Normandy from August 1944. She fought in the plain of Caen Falaise before becoming famous during the battle of the Falaise pocket, then she continued her journey through the north of France, Belgium, Holland and finished her race at Wilhelmshaven in May 45. Each regiment is distinguished by its collar badge. The basic game offers us the 10th dragon which is the motorized infantry regiment of the division. However there is a small problem
 the 10th Dragon to show that its was a motorized unit wears in combat the cotton outfit without any badge other than that of rank. In addition to the 10th dragon in cotton uniform, I added the 3 infantry battalions and the reconnaissance unit The 3 infantry battalions: Podhale, 8th, 9th Chasseur and the 10th PSK( reconnaissance unit), wear the wool battledress with distinctive collar badge. These units also carry a black epaulet on the left shoulder This epaulette specific to the 1st Polish DB is a historical reminder. The 1st DB was born in Scotland during the war of the 10th armored brigade which is the 1st Polish mechanized formation. During the Polish campaign this unit wore a black leather jacket. Commanded by General Maczek, it inflicted heavy losses on the Germans, despite its weakness, which soon nicknamed it the schwarze brigade. It is to preserve this memory that the wearing of the black epaulette will become generalized throughout the division. I also removed the MK3 helmet which was not worn by the division during the conflict (Aragorn will not like it
 😁) 10th Dragoon 10th PSK 8th bataillon Podhale 9th batallion
  18. HonnĂȘtement CMBN a Ă©tĂ© un choc pour moi je suis nĂ© en Normandie et j'y habite et cette histoire, cette bataille c'est ma vie car ma famille Ă©tait lĂ  en 44 et mon boulot c'est de l'expliquer. Je suis toujours impressionnĂ© par la proximitĂ© du jeu avec la rĂ©alitĂ© J'adore me battre dans le bocage, ma nation prĂ©fĂ©rĂ©e y a jouĂ© les AmĂ©ricains avec leur puissance de feu et j'aime jouer avec l'infanterie Greene juste un reproche dans le bocage (ce qui est souvent critiquĂ© au contraire) les champs sont trop grands. en rĂ©alitĂ© la visibilitĂ© Ă  plus de 50 m est un luxe en 1944 souvent les concepteurs de cartes s'appuient sur google map mais depuis les champs ont Ă©tĂ© considĂ©rablement agrandis but apart from that what foot a great game
  19. I thought for a long time that it was a bug, but I couldn't reproduce it then one day I understood !!! tomorrow I would take a picture of a house next to me pierced by an AP
  20. excellent movie Schoendoerffern also carried out an excellent report or it follows a US platoon during the second war of Vietnam, the lieutenant Anderson one of the 1st officer of color lcome from West Point
  21. umlaut c'est formidable !! by the biggest coincidence, I finished last night less than 24 hours ago a modification of the building 103 to dress your "Cembienne" masterpiece and this morning I discovered that you posted a whole series of wonders !!! thank it's beautifful I started to take a photos of the commercial Buildings that we has still to meet in the northwest of France in order to have material (data base) to modify Even if you do not have time, I will send you and to whomever them want all the photos that I can take as a basis. some of the best examples found in Paimpol in Bretagne
  22. I finished the 3rd part, butchery !!!.😭 mirek you are a pervert !!!😉 the defense network is really well thought outđŸ˜± * hummm, more like a commando, everyone is dead. now, the third DSK fights alone megalon i sent you a private message !!!
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