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  1. there is this possibility already documented
  2. my choice is not definitive I love to play this games and I take a lot of fun all the evils that have affected v4, I have never seen them or so discreetly that they do not embarrass me, even finding that it put a random that resembles the vagaries of life (I only play cnbn v4 ) but with the patch the strange behavior is reproduced with the regularity of a metronome that really makes the game unplayable. it is possible to have both versions V4.00 and V4.01 at the same time?
  3. I opened this thread asking you for your opinion and I thank you all. I ended up making my opinion. In view of the problem engendered and it is not minor: on my computer the patch makes cmbn unplayable. I stay in V4.00
  4. I deleted cmbn totally and I reinstalled it and put back the patch and again the problem appeared I am one of those who can not update the graphics card since December 2017 or otherwise the game crash. although this is no direct link this may imply a particular configuration of the computer. I do not know what thought
  5. it's not just there where the problem appears : on the picture if on top of, Germans right with the hands lifted, flew towards the Americans, once the hedge crossed, taken under fire they surrendered. A time after, the panzersheck team rushes to the Americans (see the post above) on the other hand, the Germans in the center had a logical behavior and retreated to the next hedge
  6. when I downloaded the patch, it was placed in a wrong location cmbn is not in my doc on my PC it is by noting that I was still in V4.00 that I realized I moved it and went to v4.01 but I think this manipulation has corrupted the files I have all uninstalled and returned to v4.00 I will wait to get more feedback before putting the patch back
  7. frankly for me it's systematic ! I did not complain about version 4 before patch because this behavior was very rare and often partly explainable. But since the patch it'is unplayable as soon as the unit comes into combat, in one or two rounds, the problem appears, it is obvious I think a loading problem occured , otherwise you would see it with the same evidence
  8. Ouch Honestly, I will have preferred to be the only one !! reinstall and that everything is good the film is significant of what I see the most surprising is when the two opposing teams are moving at the same time towards each other in the same field
  9. ah ah merci ok vue !!! not everything is in order since I'm the only one to have this problem and it's systematic I tested another scenario the same problem appears and i do not wait long it happens all the time I think there is a problem loading I will reinstall everything
  10. euh euh Here is the sound that a Frenchman gives when he does not know what to do in which tab should I go mission or IA
  11. I made a backup on a third try and again problems general situation, you can notice on the right the Germans who moved to the US troop before raising their hands now observe the panzerschreck team on the left he gets shot one of the 2 is hit the second decides to flee no ! not this way !! bad choice! I have the backup how to send it? can it be that I made a bad manipulation by recording the pactch Can I recharge and put it back on top?
  12. firing of the anti tank gun, but identical behavior in the face of an intensive light weapon fire back to the opponent passing through the hedge overdrawn
  13. I did not make backup I shot pictures. but as the behavior recurs as a unit retreats I will redo a game and save it I even had a hedge to hedge fight and everyone who suffered losses retrait to find themselves in the same field in the middle I had before exeptionnely this type of behavior but never in a systematic way it's as if each camp and programmed to fall back toward the opponent Could not the problem be related to the scenario
  14. I downloaded the patch I tested it playing "roadblock" that I always use to do my tests, it serves as a stallion and there big problem, the American and German units which fold back do it while precipitating towards the adversary. I repeat the test and systematically the problem appears ! As soon as a squad is located adjacent to a passage in a hedge as soon as it undergoes losses it rushes in the passage and is found to discovered the test was done only on "roadblock" Your turn to try
  15. 190507090617285996.jpg

    Hier ist endlich die definitive Museographie, die an der Gedenkstätte installiert wurde.
    Links der Satz von Rommel
    Nochmals vielen Dank !
    Ich hoffe, Sie bald in der Normandie zu sehen
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen Stéphane

    Ps: the private message space does not work !!!

    1. RockinHarry


      your welcome and glad I could be of help you now having the original quote! :)

      Also would love to see nice normandy and your museum anytime in the future! Got to check PN now. Maybe my inbox is full.

      cheers, Harry

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