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  1. Falaise

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    the ideal is to mix the 2 mods me I variegated the images explosiona001 to 009 Veins then explosiona010 to 030n Herr Tom but it's up to you to try and to choose what you prefer
  2. Falaise

    champion du monde

    This year it was France or Belgium even though the Croatians were admirable ⭐⭐
  3. Falaise

    champion du monde

    merci !!! here is the euphoria difficult to escape
  4. Falaise

    champion du monde

    nothing to do with combat missionbut just to say "Champion du monde"
  5. Falaise

    Soldiers Movemens

    no mod does not affect anything !! good or bad the game is programmed to react according to data that its own the mods added only modifies the impression of the player so if I found it was noisy this is only my perception !! that's why I specified: "luckily it's a mod that does not affect the gameplay"
  6. Falaise

    Soldiers Movemens

    no, it's the opposite he is very immersive! in this mission where we have to find the enemy before he spots us and hears , the ultra realistic sound of a moving troop add to the stress very good mods !!!
  7. Falaise

    Soldiers Movemens

    funny anecdote I play the scenario 1st patrol the tension is at its maximum. a team dismounted progresses to an area where I suspect the presence of an enemy I approach of the team that is progressing with the camera argh they make a sound of the devil, the water slams into their gourd I should not have loaded the mod !!😕 luckily it's a mod that does not affect the gameplay😂
  8. something like "Saving landser Helmut"it is subtitled in 3 languages bonne journée
  9. Thank you for your answersI think this battle deserves to be better knownif anyone knows Spielberg ...what do you mean by french heavy?
  10. Falaise

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Bonjour, yes, it's a constant in the stories of the people who lived the fighting of Normandy cows and horses disemboweled by the artillery fire
  11. 😂 This hat is a French Regimental hat model 49 veteran of the war of Indochina and Algeria and this one went to tsahal as it can be read in HebreI . I have no hair and the day or the filming was done it was + 40 ° Celsius! record of temperature in Normandy I forgotthe film is subtitled in English
  12. Hello Here is a short video where I intervene to talk about the fighting in the Falaise Chambois pocket that you can partly relive thanks to the excellent campaign Kampfgruppe Engel Faced with the enthusiasm of 3j2m who have seen this video I propose to share it with you I also advise you to see the excellent series of reports made by Tropa Guripa any remark moved on my hat is wrong 😉
  13. Falaise

    Soldiers Movemens

    "roger" it must be "radio" in my ears french !!! we do not make fun I use the mod for all the nations. radio traffic in English in a German radio that does not surprise the waves was use by every one but the radio detaches too much from the rest maybe you could do a period of greater silence with just a few handling noises to show that there is lifebut this mod is really a plus that changes the monotony of the original
  14. Falaise

    Soldiers Movemens

    Bonjour JM 5 CMBN Mod Big Guns Falling Shells is very much, I prefer this one I love 01 Experimental Mod Part 1 This reminds me the testimony of tankers of the South Alberta Regiment at Saint Lambert/Dive: to save fuel, they cut the engine of the tank but had to regularly restart it to recharge the battery There is just the "Roger" that I do not like (I use them without distinction of nationality) The experimental 02 mod speaks too much à mon goût I use for more than a month 3 mods small weapons but I removed the auto weapon file so that the sound matches the annimations I try that new Bon boulot !!!
  15. Bonjour JM I'm not convinced by the turret noise on the other hand I love the sound of bolt and cartridge. has you a version without sound of turret,? in 75 for example to compare merci de ton travail