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  1. Hello I want to start "for the king and the country" and then it's the drama !!! My soldiers wear badges of the wessex division with the yellow vouivre I remember seeing in the old combat mission website, the mods of the Northumbrian division but also of the Staffordshire division, Welsh, Highland, Scottish and the 3rd identity card but these mods are not found on CMMOD'S III Anyone know where I can find this mods?
  2. Falaise

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    During combat !! I was in the german side and i was surprise by a concentric attack of 5 shermans the Wittmann syndrom !!!
  3. Falaise

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    why so much hatred ???
  4. Falaise

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    special dedication
  5. Falaise

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    when you look at the photos it's rather rare in France by cons it's systematic in Hollande and Belgium where it seems that all vehicles had their graffitti !!!
  6. Falaise

    Gauging Combat Mission Interest

    I would be curious to see the average age of the players of "combat mission" I think it's 40-50 years In France for the blog of mister Hardenberger, the difficulty is the language Here almost nobody reads English, especially in the generation of over 40 years There is here an equivalent of blog which is a true mine and it recommend the reading of "battle drill blog" it is like this that I discovered it and that I came after on the forum and whith this i can improve my english like the say EWR i play almost exclusivly at "Normandie" and for the french units 2th Armoured Division Leclerc it's the same of US armoured troop. But i play too at "shockforce" and there the french troop could be a "plus" whith the foreign legion for exemple and probably more french player were coming
  7. Je connaissais bien le sens précis du terme mais pas son origine merci pour cet article and thank you for this AAR which always allows to discover the subtlety of the game
  8. Bonjour Another officer sending men to death for a matter of honor assassin !!! " baroud d'honneur" is a very French term
  9. Falaise

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Bonjour, full in the gun at 550 m ! i do the same face that gunner
  10. no ! I check every day to read more
  11. Yes !!! Bonjour it was very interesting because it was easier to follow than the large aar or you ended up getting lost with the number of units and you can feel the fatigue of the man that made the rapport as the battle progress it also allows to see the micro management I personally like this battle format I totally control the action Thank you !!!
  12. Bonjour great it's captivating, keenly the following
  13. Falaise

    about hit decals

    I can not resist sharing this photo with you! I passed close this sherman m4a2 today during a professional trip I out a little of the thread, though! here the hit decal are clearly visible
  14. Falaise

    about hit decals

    Hello JoMC67I always use the graphical characteristics to the maximum.however your comment on the number of vehicles is interesting because, it will be necessary to verify, it seems to me that the disappearance of the hit decal occurs when a large number of vehicles is affected