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  1. Bonjour great it's captivating, keenly the following
  2. Falaise

    about hit decals

    I can not resist sharing this photo with you! I passed close this sherman m4a2 today during a professional trip I out a little of the thread, though! here the hit decal are clearly visible
  3. Falaise

    about hit decals

    Hello JoMC67I always use the graphical characteristics to the maximum.however your comment on the number of vehicles is interesting because, it will be necessary to verify, it seems to me that the disappearance of the hit decal occurs when a large number of vehicles is affected
  4. Falaise

    about hit decals

    I will try thisthanks again lanL
  5. Falaise

    about hit decals

    thanks lanL for your answer yes I have already noticed that sometime impact is hard to see that's why I loaded the Mords mod that color them to make them more visible but I confirm, sometimes the impact does not appear I did not have this problem before, I have had to change something I love this feature that I use to identify of where the gun fire came! In addition to uniforms I also use a lot of texture variant to get with the random many variations of landscape as for example this hedge which counts 4 or 5 texture I applied it on everything and maybe the graphics card is overloaded and no longer systematically takes the hit decal
  6. Hello I loaded the mod of Mord hits decal and noticed that the impacts did not appear each time. it has nothing to do with the mod but makes it more visible and obvious. Does this happen to you too? I had already noticed it I feel that it is more numerous. can be a problem of adjustment ? similarly I have a considerable number of mods such thirty uniform Heer this number can he disturbed the operation of the game?
  7. Falaise

    strange little bug ??

    I think it's Combatintman who's right! it's the fault of the German helmet more seriously, I think I read that in mask mode the ability to observe decreases this cancellation is undoubtedly voluntary to reflect the loss of vigilance because it is present on all the titles
  8. Falaise

    strange little bug ??

    Yes hide not not hide Strange !!
  9. As for the officers who watch with binoculars, in hidden mode the binoculars disappear while the animation simulating the action takes place
  10. Falaise

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    the ideal is to mix the 2 mods me I variegated the images explosiona001 to 009 Veins then explosiona010 to 030n Herr Tom but it's up to you to try and to choose what you prefer
  11. Falaise

    champion du monde

    This year it was France or Belgium even though the Croatians were admirable ⭐⭐
  12. Falaise

    champion du monde

    merci !!! here is the euphoria difficult to escape
  13. Falaise

    champion du monde

    nothing to do with combat missionbut just to say "Champion du monde"
  14. Falaise

    Soldiers Movemens

    no mod does not affect anything !! good or bad the game is programmed to react according to data that its own the mods added only modifies the impression of the player so if I found it was noisy this is only my perception !! that's why I specified: "luckily it's a mod that does not affect the gameplay"
  15. Falaise

    Soldiers Movemens

    no, it's the opposite he is very immersive! in this mission where we have to find the enemy before he spots us and hears , the ultra realistic sound of a moving troop add to the stress very good mods !!!