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  1. @37mm I really like your videos, the subtitles in simple English are very accessible, your framing, the rhythm, in short, is a pleasure to watch. that made me want to test this campaign and there it is @Mr.X that I thank and congratulate for this very immersive campaign, I was in Sicily. The maps are superb and the battles are terrible, I really like the mission with the paras ... In the last, superb very realistic village map, I managed to enter the village where urban fighting was very violent then I evacuated to let the navy to do the cleaning Great
  2. chop sir, chop.... I am happy to have inspired you !!! you managed to do what I wanted to do but I lack the technique !!! The without "ReShade" reminds me of Normandy in June, nature is fluorescent green, while with ReShade it gives a more Normandy atmosphere in August. it's really awesome !!! thank you, i am more than impatient to see this mod i send you a PM
  3. what a colossal job Thank you it's really impressive and interesting that adds to the immersion I found 2 3 problems but nothing serious and logical on such a volume of information Bravo and thank you
  4. did you see the fantastic mods from umlaut ? http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=266
  5. miracle with my professional box it happened !!
  6. Yes I just checked if I still had the backup, but no! I remembered that he also does the same thing with of Tomato scenario: 340 tiny open 340 immediately I recreated it if you want i can email it in the same second the tank is in the same place there, it's a little jump !
  7. yes I confirm this behavior only seen on CM italy the tank goes to the requested position then suddenly moves one or two square this happens among other things almost systematically in the 1st scenario of Invasion at Géla always in the same place (no vine in this case)
  8. if you want for normandy i have a sound with birdsong, barking dogs and some gunshot in the distance
  9. I confirm what my comrades say exceptional work
  10. as long as you keep making movies as nice to watch, it don't bother me
  11. it's true that it's cool if he could succeed making the waco glider imagined the embellishment and the setting in atmosphere of the scenarios on the bridgeheads of Normandy Holland and Italy !!
  12. It must be defective this beer because it gives me the same effect after 5 liters🤢 it looks like a nursery rhyme to learn in all kindergarten😄
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