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  1. Falaise

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    "noch ein paar meter und ich bin gerettet..." "still some meters and I'm saved..."
  2. exemple
  3. it's a good idea and a success the effect is believable me it is the effect of the rain on the landscape that interests me and it's the season to do this kind of observation it's been two weeks since I look at the wet road and the road with traces of wheels on the side of the road and especially the puddles The difficulty of having a brilliant and transparent effect there is mud on the road something like that could be a starting point
  4. Falaise

    Weekend Challenge Battle

    it reassures me, I'm not the only one ... we ruined the scenario! lol it's on we will not have tomato seeds ..
  5. Falaise

    CM New MG34/MG42 LMG animations

    thanks JoMc67
  6. Falaise

    CM New MG34/MG42 LMG animations

    it's the cover reload mod that interests me not the Alternative cower or Alternative buddy aid
  7. Falaise

    CM New MG34/MG42 LMG animations

    thanks to you both!
  8. Falaise

    CM New MG34/MG42 LMG animations

    woua!! Yvan did you share these mod realist, I'm always annoyed to see my troop reload under fire without sheltering
  9. Falaise

    Weekend Challenge Battle

    yes, i am proud of me :tactical victory but after my joy, deception... i play in veteran skill level !!! 🙄 I spoiled the scenario😣 in any case I love the idea a thousand thanks Heirloom_Tomato
  10. What do you think of the ambush scenario that is extracted from the game of the same name published by Victory Game en 1983 I always dreamed of having it but it was difficult to get it in France in the 80s and the barrier of the language my blocked I find the scenario CMBN pleasant playing and replaying it including with my eight year old son I would like to have the opinion of someone who tested it on board game
  11. Falaise

    CM New MG34/MG42 LMG animations

    It is much better like that but there are 2 small disadvantages: The shooter's head is higher, does it expose him more? From a certain angle, not systematically, the shot is shifted from the mouth of the weapon before now the shift despite everything, I keep the mods merci frenchy56 (56 c'est le Morbihan?)
  12. Falaise

    Fortress Italy bugs

    as long as we're here tracks are reversed !!
  13. Falaise

    New Scenario - Assault on Port Cros

    Formidable !! thank Combatintman for the scenario and thank you CMFDR for the translation