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  1. يستغرقون بعض الوقت للحصول على تعزيزات للوصول they take time to get the reinforcements to arrive الجنود الصمت ، وصلوا Silence soldiers, they arrive
  2. great pictures and story i love it thanks for share
  3. yes, I like your autumn ferns with brambles it works well for the months of September and October
  4. merci umlaut 3j2m7 tu me coupe l'herbe sous le pied !!! yes I will go out of something else I will send them by Wetransfer to Bootie
  5. I did not expect such success !! umlaut will link a dropbox the purpose of my post and ask if there is a possibility by adding a numbers to increase the number of bmp example: doodad brush; doodad brush 2;doodad brush 3 etc...
  6. I do not know how to link a dropbox send me your email and I send you the bmps you can put them online for the community this makes a big surface to maintain 😉
  7. it's been a long time since the weeds invaded your masterpiece
  8. No, I will not tell you about global warming!! But the possibility of increasing the variety of plants in the game to give a more realistic This is especially the doodad brush that is the subject of my remarks Those offered by the game do not please me because they are indefinable. The undergrowth but also the Norman fields and even the gardens (especially mine) are overgrown with nettle, ferns and brambles I modified the original of the game but the modification can not relate to only 2 type of bmp Unlike helmets for example it is not enough to add a number to the bmp to obtain a wider variety This possibility with the random will offer an improvement of the aspect of the game nettles and ferns brambles
  9. maybe I am wrong or I did not check the level of sharing info but it seemed to me to have read that in this great book discovered with the forum Busting the Bocage: American Combined Arms Operations in France, 6 June-31 July 1944 by Captain Michael D. Doubler despite all a pack on this theme with some little improves could be interesting
  10. Well it may not be the moment with the scheduled release of Rome to Victory and Red Hammer But I would like to have a pack Cobra and Lüttich with campaigns covering these operations with beautiful cards, some new flavor objects for the atmosphere, but especially the ability to raise the infantry on the tanks as in Red Thunder or Final Blitzkrieg to replicate the tactics used by the 2nd and 3rd Armored Division As well as the possibility of using aerial reconnaissance by piper club, the drones of 1944 Christmas is coming, I'm sending my letter to Santa Claus ...
  11. interesting discussion on the picture of British soldiers advancing in the wheat field, we can see that it happens to them half of the body, not that it is small but at the time the wheat was almost double in size of the one that we find currently in the fields, then we had need the straw! in 1944 corn was only grown in southwestern France flax and oats were widely grown in Normandy and Battlefront put it in the game. This is not a coincidence, but it demonstrates the level of research done by BATLEFRONT for game design.
  12. it is possible to mitigate this problem by dividing the groups, they will all take the same door However, this remains a problem when the troops descend from a vehicle, the "split team" does not work. I also noticed this type of problem on CM Italy while it does not or few arise in CM Normandy I think it comes from the calibration of buildings
  13. I think I read somewhere that those who pre-ordered will receive the game on a DVD of Christal with a box covered with Damascus leather embroidered with fine gold and inlaid with precious stones and the game manual handwritten on vellum with polychrome illuminations it's worth the wait !!!
  14. superb I'm in a hurry to have the mod great job
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