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  1. Olek attention the badge of the 2nd Corps is not worn on the right but on the left sleeve only on the right sleeve you can put the badge of the 8th British corps insigne badge awarded after the fighting of Monte Cassino you will have to remove the badges on the collar and to put the one that corresponds to the regiment you want to present in combat however we note that the collar insignia are rarely worn an example of a Polish battle dress :
  2. I like the helmet with the full white badge which is pretty typical of the first battle in italy, the same weared on the french helmet during the french campaign if you need pictures of special insignia I have a good documentation on the Polish insignia of the 2nd Corps
  3. Hello olek there is already a mod with helmets with badges in CM italy the uniforms are those of the 1st armored division which was only engaged in Normandy they are not good, because the represented regiment is the 10th dragon who does not wear the battle dress in wool but the denim dress without insignia and the 1st armored division wears black shoulder strip on the left soldiers of the 3rd carpathian division in Italy infantrymen of Podhale hunter of the first polish armoured division in Normandy with black shoulder strip and blue and yellow collar badge me, it's the opposite I cleared the wood Enfield
  4. ho , I'm sorry for the false joy I made you I thought the article on the offensive Lvov_Sandomierz serious I am interested in this battle because I go regularly in this region. here is a scan of the magazine article page
  5. I love it although of poor quality this picture less usual than the classic photos of this battle shows 2 of the 3 tanks destroyed in the ambush of 13 August
  6. thank you Luke FF I removed all Z so as not to have any interference the problem persists only on tank regiment 44A, 5. as well as for the mortar I have the latest version 'italy, I bought the big buddle with rome to victory pre order
  7. little bug Polish infantry in tanks ! quick battle July 1944 Polish command tank regiment HQ only
  8. exact décembre 1943 mortier moyen [Q6] british scenario wacht am Rapido teaser battle
  9. yes an exotic camouflage, the second too an idea of mods
  10. in italy the British have shown originality regarding their hats !!!! in terms of camouflage also... 😉
  11. Not very regulatory, although possible tanker beret for a man of this team mortar ...
  12. there was of course a touch of humor in my remarks however reading your blog is for me part of the pleasure of the CM2 experience and I can only very strongly recomend reading for all new players like former thank you I start only to gently taming the game, but a lot of pixeltruppen pays for this learning
  13. thanks guys ... but the whole becomes transparent I just want to erase some part it is possible to make transparent that a part of the BMP ? chanel alpha no headset
  14. I try, it does not work I downloaded pixelformer But as with photoshop in 24 bits The transparent part appears in black in the game the alpha channel is recorded with the 32 but there, the entire bmp disappears in the game
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