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  1. it's an excellent game, but very demanding or the slightest mistake is paid off hard the ancients of Italy, whom I met, spoke little of it. in France also their fights are forgotten Badger73 you are part of that convinced me and I thank you
  2. I acquired Fortress Italy and I share with you my first impression. Maniac CMBN player, it's almost with disdain that I watched this battlefront game on the forgotten front. It was on the enthusiastic advice of some and the next arrival of the module containing exotic troops like the French of the General Juin that I decided to make the purchase. I used to fighting in hedgerow, trained to face the panzer with thick skin and fanatical troops of the Waffen SS, it's confident that I engaged my Gi and Tommy face Italian troops under equipped and their ridiculous R35 and Semovente My research on strategy and tactics led me to read Zun Tsu, Carl Guderian, von Clausewitz and Bil Hardenberger whose entire work was read and re-read and all of whose tutti were played and replayed until keyboard wear. So it's very confident that I started the game I, who, a few days ago, contemplated with a knowing smile, the bust of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, imagining me as a digital alter ego, the return to reality was violent ... especially for my pixeltruppen. It's painful that I learn the war in 3D The pronounced relief, long and complicated LOS and LOF loses all my knowledge and my certainties I, who thought I had learned a tactical logic, discovered with bitterness that I was just replicating reaction routines with relatively identical patterns, In the hedges, the game consists of solving a succession of tactical problems one after the other, each problem generally corresponding to the field facing your troop so having a limited resolution key number. With the opening of the LOS and LOF and the relief, the number of combination increases enormously. The, the serious things really start It's exciting and totally new, which does not spoil anything I find the game rather successful visually W italia
  3. the morning alarm clock will be able to ring on a new day merci PIATpunk
  4. I just loaded the new Windows update and shutdown is possible again 😁 , I hope for you Lanl that he does it for you too
  5. 😄 I must be like Bill Murray in "an endless day" at one specific intersection, when it is raining on alternate Tuesdays
  6. when I complain to the car salesman that the car I bought him squeaks when I turn right and he says that I only have to turn left !!! Yes I find it funny
  7. whether it is a bug or not, I only make one observation: it does not work anymore when it worked very well I remind you that the road block scenario is a training scenario.
  8. It is true that "Road block" was taken in reference and that I did not test another scenario however, I find your advice very amusing You could have said: "or, just please do not touch the Roadblock scenario, Scotch Corridor campaign, CMBN and all Battlefront games ever again. That seems like the best solution at this point."
  9. I tried putting a bomb hole, (see higher in the thread) and it did not influence their behavior This behavior does not occur only here What surprises me is the systematic side that seems to occur only for me I do not think that the model of a computer can influence the course of a program (but the computer is not my specialty) that's why I wonder if I could have had on the disc that i bought, a basic program variant currently online !!
  10. I have not made a backup and since then I have removed the game (I thought it was he who prevented me from properly closing CMBN) Systematically this happen at home, in the example given 10 times out of 10 It seems that I am more impacted than others. I ponder what is different I could be from other owners of CMBN. I thought we should not be many to have a disk version of the game. that could be a variant of the program different from that put online can be provided as well ? I never complained of 4.00 for me the problem appeared with 4.01 and 4.02
  11. great so i do not have to wait to start fighting in italy I open a ticket merci BFCElvis
  12. it's done, but does not work !!! all the time that game opens and works normally there is no death of man my mind is already in Italy🍻
  13. I just me paid my birthday present it was last october 😉 better late than never and I still have the same age!!! merci battlefront it will be long until August🕸️
  14. Hello lanL, strange no !!! it began Friday, June 21st I tried to uninstall the last update but it did not work even the launch of the program becomes problematic! but once open the game works, the main
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