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  1. Not that I am impatient but the first post was posted a year ago, battlefront really need to improve their time management for bug fixed patch. I don't think other other gaming companies would take such a long time to fix notable bugs like these.
  2. Is the revised version more suitable for 4.0? What has changed? Where do I get it?
  3. Hi any idea when BF will fix the BAR bug? I know its a small team but woul appreciate if they could at least fix this bug its been around for quite sometime.
  4. Just noticed there an update for 4.10 for CMBS. Whats new, can't seem to find the change log int eh download.
  5. Thanks for tip personally I try not to change the original's author's intent. I am so far having a blast and minimum difficulty.
  6. Some update, I end up buying CMBN so far having fun with the tutorials.
  7. contacted them and they have approved my purchase! Now time to enjoy!
  8. Yup just finish the the devon training campaign
  9. After more than year, I have decided to pick up CMBN as my first WW2 combat mission. Problem is I do not know what to do first, since there are a plethora of content ready Any idea?
  10. Same here bought CMBF big bundle and still have no link but received a receipt from paypal and the game is listed under my orders.
  11. thanks real good stuff where did you get it? Anymore?
  12. Oh I see, what about other version of WW2 like FI and RT or FB are those affected by this bug. Also I read somewhere that the CMBN mission are not updated to 4.0 whcih caused some imba gameplay.
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