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    Two issues with Combat Mission

    Thank you for all your replies. I tried the waypoint idea. The pre-start artillery helps. However, my big issue with this game is that the maps are crude and do not suggest any terrain that might have better line of sight over other terrain. In addition, the line of sights calculations seem to be very restrictive. Rarely can I see more than 100-200 meters even in Black Sea game. IMHO, the series fails to replace the older Steel Panthers series due to the line of sight issues and the artillery issues; great vehicle and unit graphics though.
  2. I recently purchased Combat Mission Black Sea and Normandy. In general, I like, but do not love, both games. The graphics are great, especially with all the neat mods. You can zoom out to follow all the action or zoom in to follow just a small part. But I have two issues with both games. One issue is that I cannot tell line of sight at all. I cannot tell a unit's line of sight without using the target function. In addition, I have no idea about the LOS from any point on the map. This makes it very difficult to properly place and move your units for maximum usage. Also, I cannot use artillery to bombard anywhere unless a unit able to use artillery has a line of sight to the desired target. This unrealistically restricts artillery. Many times artillery, mortars or howitzers, were used to bombard suspected enemy positions. I can use aircraft to strike targets not in any line of sight. The same should be true for artillery with reduced accuracy.
  3. JPFisher55

    Install downloaded scenario

    Got it. Thank you very much
  4. I am fairly new to CMBS. I used the video on how to install mods to install numerous mods. However, I can't find any instruction on how to install a downloaded scenario and I cannot find a scenario folder in the game folder. Can someone tell me how to install a downloaded scenario; where to put the .btt file. Thanks for any reply.