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  1. Demian

    Black roofs

    It's a simple standard install v. 2.00/Engine 4.0 matching the properties of the .exe file. There is nothing patched, modified or manipulated with any utilities or something. This problem occurs in other scenarios/maps too. As I mentioned before: this black walls disappear in the editor. BTW: thanks for your effort to help me with this problem!
  2. Demian

    Black roofs

    Yes I have exact that version, the data folder is also complete. Never done anything with the modttools. After reinstalling more then once, I'm pretty shure the install is integer.
  3. Demian

    Black roofs

    I also detect now, that to destroy buildings causing the game to crash back to windows!.....?
  4. Demian

    Black roofs

    It happens also with no mods installed. I have a geforce gtx 960 with the newest drivers. It happend recently. It's the game red thunder. But I have to correct that in the editor only the black walls disappear, but the roof(s) are black anyway.
  5. Demian

    Black roofs

    Hello, I have often buildings with black roofs or black walls not in place in the game, as you can see on the picture. The strange thing about that is, that say look only in game like this. In the 3D preview of the editor for example, they look normal. Help appreciate! Thank you!
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    Can I ask you something?

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  7. I noticed another strange behaviour. Thats two pics with the same object/building from the editor with mod and without mod - with mod it don't look right to me. Furthermore the screenshots look a bit different from the original, but this should be incidental.
  8. No, don't have any other mods installed. And while the mod isn't installed, the scenarios keeps crashing to windows while loading. The strange thing about that is, that in the editors 3d-preview or unit-deployment there are no probs.?? Edit: ok, I figured out, it's only the 'Angriff' scenario from the standard scenarios thats also crashing. Wether the mod is installed or not.
  9. Hm..I realized now, that even some vanilla scenarios are crashing while loading. Obviously it isn't a problem with the mod. The strange thing is some scenarios load and some not. The campaign I tried gets also loaded. So I thought it's the mod, sorry for that!
  10. I atteched two files, showing my mod-install. Maybe there is something wrong!?
  11. Demian

    Operation Uranus

    Wut? I don't understand!? The next RT module and/or base game? Is it then stand-alone or what? Sorry, I'm not in the combat mission series since the anthology pack. Got a bit confused now with all this different engine upgrades and whatever.
  12. Hello! I got a problem with this mod. I can't load any of the scenarios on the master map of stalingrad. The loading screen hang up. I made a scenario file with only the stalingrad central map itself, with no units, objectives etc. but it also crash. The vanilla maps load in and then I'm able to spectate the map, but with the stalingrad map it chrash also. I can spectate the map in the editor, but thats all....? I bought the game yesterday: v2.0 / Game Engine 4 ...maybe it's the version? Please help!