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  1. Or because you have chosen Emergency in the parameters.
  2. I presume that you are referring to http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=1120. Then in which case then nope. Similarities between some symbols but it's not the same. Compare the icons for machine guns and mortars to those on page 9 on the last link.
  3. Oliver_88

    What game am I playing?

    Well come on now be honest, someone's been messing about with the strings.txt, haven't they.
  4. Oliver_88

    360 video

    There was one on the British Army youtube channel an while back. Was rather cool. Going to try find the thing again for you. There we go the Rifles using GPMG (SF) in Kenya.
  5. No problem. I was looking at using the thing to assist me in making some icons. The other mods available for icons tend to be just Yankee or Hun versions. Could not see any Commonwealth ones which I tend to play as exclusively and therefore was wishing for. Barely started making though and not done any more on it since either. Probably useful for some peoples Youtube channels also in their AAR videos!
  6. I was going to post much earlier on about this. But in essence that's what I understand. Except that the heavy weapons teams (in other words any infantry that get the same details panel as vehicles do) and the vehicle do not need to be within the same sub-formation (in other words units that are also highlighted when a units selected) to share with each other. The heavy weapon teams do not pickup that ammunition either, rather than taking the ammunition, it just gets added onto the ammo count shown on the details panel only. Units need to be in the same sub-formation in order to share between other infantry types though, and that's an single magazine at an time only when within range and when that ammunitions depleted. Might do an video some day to illustrate the different types of ammunition sharing.
  7. Oliver_88

    Fix for BAR & Brent gun?

    It's fixed and should be included for the engine 4 patches that are coming soon tm.
  8. I see indeed. The "progression" appears to be fixed upon the detachments designation. A/B/C detachment in an section always gets given the same icon no matter the method they are created. A/B/C detachment also always gets given the same unit type no matter the method they are created. The unit type assigned need have no relation to the soldiers in the detachment. The icon assigned need have no relation to the soldier in the detachment. The unit types assigned need have no relation to the icons or vice versa. Neither the unit type nor icon need have any relation to the Admin command you ordered. And the "progression" seems to be unique to the formations also. But then I must query the "why" as seems as though that just defeats the purpose in having different style icons? And same thing for having different unit types displayed on the unit information panel for detachments. What's the point when they have no meaning?
  9. Started another QB and chose to test upon an section from the Engineer Squadron [Field]. I used the Scout Team command twice upon them. The second detachment that was created is highlighted in the screenshot below. Bren unit type but with no Bren. Also regular Infantry icon instead this time rather than either the Bren or Pioneer icon.
  10. Here I was, unable to get to sleep, gave up trying in the end and decided to bugger it and fire the computer back up and go on Combat Mission and now I need to query this; How does the game decide upon what icons to use for the various units created through the Admin commands? I always assumed that it was quite simple and that commands just resulted in the same icon as it's parent unit. That's been my experience so far with the icons on units made with the various Admin commands. That is until this morning. So I'm in a QB and its September 1944 in Holland and among my forces I have an Parachute Company [Independent]. So in the screen shot above you can see this section. Earlier on I used the Combine command on them and they have then sustained three casualties (medic saw to one earlier hence just two casualties existing in screenshot). I then decided to use the Scout Team command in order to send two men back to medic the remaining two casualties. And the screenshot below is the team and icon that resulted. I reloaded the save and tried the Antitank Team command with them also and that resulted in the same soldiers chosen (that parts not strange given the available troops to choose from) and the same Bren icon (and Bren unit type on the information panel also). I've also just started an new QB and tried the Scout Team and Antitank Team commands with some sections that have not had the Combine command used upon them, and that resulted in the same as above. So yeah how does the game decide what icons are to be used, also what unit type to give the detachments created. Given that it does not appear from the above to have anything to do with the Admin commands used nor the parent units icon/unit type.
  11. I stopped reading at around page 5. I’ve not checked any statements as yet so not adding myself to the list. But figured would mention a little tale thats semi-relevant to the discussion; Guess what the last time my bank blocked my card to prevent a fraudulent transaction was? It was back in 2017 and the transaction they blocked was me purchasing my first Combat Mission game through the store. 😆 Went to the bank and was put onto a phone to sort it out and the reason that was blocked as suspicious was due to the amount (was the CMBN Big Bundle) and something about the payment going to somewhere in the US rather than here in UK. I also remember him remarking “huh I’ve heard of battlefield but never heard of battlefront before” when I said what the purchase was. 😁 I got home and then attempted the purchase again, the paypal route instead though. The rest as they say is history.
  12. Units radios (in the WW2 games) do not function when those units are on the move. And can sometimes take time to come back up. The visual communications do not suffer that disadvantage. Contact is kept even when both units are on the move so long as they can see each other. Same thing with the voice communications as so long as they are within about 50 meters (about 15 when hiding) contact is kept even when on the move. So even though he has that radio the benefit to keeping him in sight of the battle continues to be that the can keep in contact with his force. Think about all those times that you move your platoon commanders. Every time that happens the chain is cut. I would say that adds up to being quite a lot of time out of contact with his force. And maybe not being in contact when it matters. Having said that I'm also guilty of hiding him away most of the time.
  13. Oliver_88

    Unit activity mod?

    Wah? That texts there in Combat Mission as standard.
  14. Answered your own question there. Target Armor Arc.
  15. Oliver_88

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Yeah that combined with the Bren gun bug really neuters the Carrier Platoon sections. Imagine them once both those bugs are gone, they are going to be absolutely fantastic assets. The Anti-Tank platoons have 2 inch mortars available in their Lloyd carriers also. Reason being I believe in order to screen the guns movement with smoke rounds. So it's affects part of their tactical employment also.