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  1. Oliver_88

    Bren Guns firing single shots?

    yup, mentioned and linked in this very topic also, look at the last four posts on page 2, also fixed rather than being fixed apparently and just need the new patch to see the results
  2. Oliver_88

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Thanks for update! Can't wait to see those Bren guns giving them bursts! Am hoping for the mortar acquire bug, icon updating bug, finding unseen units exploit. Though maybe some of those came too late to have been included? Am hoping that could mean airborne and infantry formations getting their vehicles in quick battles just like they do in scenarios.
  3. Oliver_88

    unsing nearby radios

    I do not remember experiencing mortar crews hesitating to use nearby vehicle radios, might have though. However I know that I've seen other units hesitating to use their own radios. So maybe that could be the same "radio malfunctioning or problems getting radio contact" that you see experience with them. It's mentioned in MOS:96B2P's thread.
  4. Oliver_88

    A long delayed update

    awesome cant wait, most looking forward to news about patch than new content
  5. Oliver_88

    unsing nearby radios

    As far as I know its just mortar teams that can use the vehicles radio while dismounted, other type units needing to be in the vehicle? E2A: Unfortunately. At work so unable to check manual for quotes that might support/disprove that.
  6. I do not have FB, would say sure send away otherwise, I was testing mine in BN. Also the units experience or morale might be worth querying? I did not pay too much attention to those variables when I was testing to be honest.
  7. Seemed alright in my quick test scenarios? Seem to indeed have an much better resistance to friendly than enemy fire. But not immune?
  8. So no its not possible to cause friendly casualties with small arms bullets when unspotted. Though did not realise (or just plain forgot) that 50's were not classed as such and sat amongst the 2 pounders and etc. Just been sat watching three Churchill tanks using their Besa's at an unseen British section with no effect (but suppression) for the past half an hour to test this ha. Back to go try again with some Achilles White Scout Cars instead.
  9. Wah? I've noticed what seemed to be my soldiers maybe becoming suppressed from an tanks coaxial. But is what you say true also? How have you figured that out? Should that be the case it's an good argument for using iron mode then.
  10. See I cannot find that in the 4.0 manual, nearest I can discover is this segment below on page 57. And I do not believe that's quite saying the same thing.
  11. Oliver_88

    Game doesn't run on GTX 1060

    Hmmm a quick search on the old drivers page on the nvidia website and 385.54 does not show up as having been an version for the GTX 1060 on Windows 10? And an quick search on google for that driver version comes up with http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/124730/en-us!
  12. Oliver_88

    Game doesn't run on GTX 1060

    I've an GeForce GTX 1060 6GB and the game runs on mine. I am on an different operating system, processor and motherboard to you however. They are old drivers. I am on 397.64 updated just last week. 385.54 was quite some time ago I think. Good shout to try update those first. http://www.nvidia.co.uk/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-uk
  13. Was wondering that too, infantry do seem to be done for each soldier though as am sure I've seen soldiers take different routes to their section mates. I was wondering how the waypoint was put there. Was it created or moved into position and whether that terrains passable? Was wondering whether maybe the terrains impassable to guns and the waypoint was dragged onto there circumventing that limitation, and so the crew could walk through to the position but the guns trying to take some strange route to try get there.
  14. I believe Erwin was asking Vanir. Though with reference to my bold I am sure I see mine go prone at least when ordered to hide in open terrain.
  15. take that as an nope no better solution has been found than getting another editor