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  1. I am not a person then it seems. 😉 Sorting out the issues with tentative icons, mortar acquiring issues, Bren fire rate issues, also yes some TO&E things (purchasing Vickers detachments giving you Headquarter detachments instead, whole formations missing in QB that exist in SD, formations missing their vehicles and so on). Then yeah sure after all that infantry under artillery fire behaviour would be good.
  2. Would be interested to know whether the bug that causes the positions of tentative icons to not be updated is resolved or not? Also, I do not suppose CMSF2 has any acquirable mortars à la CMBN carrier section to know whether the bugs with acquiring those is resolved also does it?
  3. Thanks for the update. Anxious to discover what issues in the game have been sorted out.
  4. I am now, to be honest, getting tad dispirited and impatient for the patches or news about their progress.
  5. This is my experience and understanding also. Same goes for one magazine at a time sharing that occurs between units of the same sub-formation (those that are also highlighted when one unit is selected) when one of them has exhausted that ammunition. For example, take this infantry team on the left being able to use explosive rounds on its Airborne 2inch Mortar because it's been shared them round by round from the mortar team across the road. I would state yes because otherwise there would instead be two entries on the details panel. There is not so I deduce that its the same.
  6. I'm sure I remember reading and also experiencing within the game that the deploy/pack times are not hard values. They are variable and changed based upon various factors (can't remember what factors). So were you taking that into account in your list above?
  7. Looks like you have a duplicated entry for my CMBN mod; http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/?s=no+formation+markings+mod
  8. https://wartimecanada.ca/sites/default/files/documents/Infantry Training- part VIII_0.pdf Been trying to take the things in Chapter 4 and see whether can use them within CM.
  9. Or because you have chosen Emergency in the parameters.
  10. I presume that you are referring to http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=1120. Then in which case then nope. Similarities between some symbols but it's not the same. Compare the icons for machine guns and mortars to those on page 9 on the last link.
  11. Well come on now be honest, someone's been messing about with the strings.txt, haven't they.
  12. There was one on the British Army youtube channel an while back. Was rather cool. Going to try find the thing again for you. There we go the Rifles using GPMG (SF) in Kenya.
  13. No problem. I was looking at using the thing to assist me in making some icons. The other mods available for icons tend to be just Yankee or Hun versions. Could not see any Commonwealth ones which I tend to play as exclusively and therefore was wishing for. Barely started making though and not done any more on it since either. Probably useful for some peoples Youtube channels also in their AAR videos!
  14. I was going to post much earlier on about this. But in essence that's what I understand. Except that the heavy weapons teams (in other words any infantry that get the same details panel as vehicles do) and the vehicle do not need to be within the same sub-formation (in other words units that are also highlighted when a units selected) to share with each other. The heavy weapon teams do not pickup that ammunition either, rather than taking the ammunition, it just gets added onto the ammo count shown on the details panel only. Units need to be in the same sub-formation in order to share between other infantry types though, and that's an single magazine at an time only when within range and when that ammunitions depleted. Might do an video some day to illustrate the different types of ammunition sharing.
  15. It's fixed and should be included for the engine 4 patches that are coming soon tm.
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