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  1. I was going to state about that any unit or vehicle is always more expensive when purchased "singularly" compared to when its included as part of the "formation" anyway. The Lloyd (60 pts, standard) can tow guns. The Bren/Universal (71 pts, standard) cannot tow guns. I dare say that's the answer. The reason to choose the Lloyd over the Bren/Universal is because you want to drag some guns about. So role wise your sort of comparing apples and oranges here. Now compare the Lloyd against the other vehicles that can tow guns such as the Jeep (48 pts, standard), Morris (42 pts, standard) and M5/M9 (73 pts, uncommon or limited). Does not seem so expensive in that context now does it? Disclaimer: values taken as examples from the "single vehicles" on the quick battles force selection screen, your values may differ.
  2. 🤔 Not siding with any arguments here but the bolded is not true, unless you are refering to solely bridge related bugs?
  3. Do my eyes decieve me or does the once "mythical" Parachute Battalion now exist within CMBN Quick Battles. Need to investigate some more though at the moment appears the Airborne Infantry category on the force selection screen now matches between Quick Battles and Scenario Designer. 👍 More hot fixes please.
  4. Good news. Able to give any clues on any other issues that this might resolve. Just resolving issues brought about due to the patch? Or are any prior issues that the patch missed or part resolved going to be included in this?
  5. Also mentioned another stealth one in that same post. It's not stated on the notes but in 4.0 when choosing British (dunno whether other nations also) airborne formations in the Quick Battle game mode they were missing their vehicles. So you ended up having to purchase vehicles separately (and hope you had enough seats in them). Less your guns/mortars are deprived of mobility. Less your troops are deprived of their ammunition supply. But that's no longer the case in 4.1 and each formation (even the Independent Parachute Company) exists with its own organic transport. Oh also here's another related one. There used to only be one unit available to choose from in 4.0 when looking for Single Vehicles under Airborne Infantry when as the British on Quick Battles (think that was the Multipurpose Vehicle Jeep Bren). The others were missing in Quick Battles but existed in Scenario Designer. But now the units you have available in Quick Battles match those available in the Scenario Designer. Edited to add: should mention this is for CMBN (not checked for the same issues and fixes in CMFI as yet).
  6. Mod the uniforms textures to remove (or change) patches? Though I gather that whatever change you make is going to be visible in not just "Standard" but also "82nd Airborne" also as they probably use the same texture files rather than having their own (but identical) texture files. I did the same for the British units: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?page_id=5#search/text=No+Formation+Markings Other textures for the American airborne forces are bound to have been made by others already and may solve your problem, negating the need to do so yourself, just have a search on the mod websites.
  7. The only one we have been given as far as I know. Could not find anything different in the game's patch readme files. Some of the "various crashes and other small bugs fixed" have been discovered and posted about on the forums also.
  8. It's been mentioned before I am sure but related to this would be the "highlighted terrain squares" (forget the proper name) as even with my (as far as I know) perfect eyesight those become damn near invisible in some games/maps.
  9. Before start should say this is not intended as a dig at you. We do not need your text in bold though as we do not have problems reading the messages. It's not light and hard to read on ours. So it's an issue specific for you and your computer. And nobody else is making their messages bold so that you can read ours, so, therefore, what's the point? Should you be using Windows then you can improve the appearance of text using ClearType; https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/28790/tweak-cleartype-in-windows-7/ Also if using FireFox as your web browser then this should also help you. I found the default too fine compared to my old browser when I made the change and changing these settings helped me; https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/change-fonts-and-colors-websites-use
  10. Thats also interesting, seems the option for using Stuart Recce's rather than Stuart Tanks in the Recce Platoons for the various (British) Armor Only formations has been removed? Anyone know the reason behind that? Just curious.
  11. On another plus at least I can confirm that on CMBN the various (British) Airborne Infantry formations available in QB are now being provided with thier transport (some drivers do not look very "airborne" but they are there at least). And also that the Vickers detachments that are purchasable in QB are no longer providing you with an useless HQ team in error but are providing you with the Vickers team that you asked for! On a minus the Parachute Battalion and Machinegun Battalion continue to not be available in QB (for the British) from what I can see and just remain available for scenarios.
  12. Nope done about ten more turns now and no change. This bugs also the reason that you seem to sometimes see tentative icons positions warping about back and forth. Because when no units are selected the viewpoint that your presented with for each tentative icon is the viewpoint for whomever was last informed about those contacts (at least thats what I've been able to discover it's not documented as such). So as each of the many units on your map get informed through C2 your global view of the tentative icon jumps between these incorrect and correct positions.
  13. No I did not to be honest. You can tell that the HQ was updated about the contact through C2 during the turn because the icons opacity/transparency changed to indicate the age of the contact. So it was not just that the C2 handshake had not occured yet which is what I presume your wondering? The C2 handshake occurs, the age of the contact updates, just not the position. But now that I am home I will try few turns further now to be sure.
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