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  1. Solved it. If you make your Win 10 icons larger(150% for me) the game will adopted this setting as well.
  2. Good morning I'm reaching out to see if i can get some help. My resolution will not change to 1980x1080 in final blitzkrieg no matter if I change it in program(match desktop) or the display size txt file. The computer and monitor recognize its displaying at 1080p but it doesn't appear that way to me. I have re-installed the game already and still no change. My current setup is GTX1060 3GB, 388.00 drivers, 16GB, i5 4430. I did notice this problem when I played the demo but thought nothing of it. I have Black sea also in engine 4.0 and it looks great in the same settings. The photo isn't giving an accurate image of what i see, it might be a vsync issue. I have checked my nvidia settings and turned off AA. When I enter the game the title screen looks pixelated and low res. Please help. CM Final Blitzkrieg 2017-10-28 18-06-17-55 (2).bmp
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