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  1. Mannschaft

    What will the next CM be?

    Bunch of naval history haters here
  2. Mannschaft

    What will the next CM be?

    How cool would a combat mission naval game be?
  3. Mannschaft

    The state of CMSF2

    If I only own CMSF1 and none of the extra modules (can't find them in my account! don't know if I bought them on a different account I don't know about or what is going on there) would it be prudent for me to buy the extra modules in order to upgrade everything for the $35?
  4. Mannschaft

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    Battlefront hasn't released a single damn thing in over 13 months. Getting really sick and tired of waiting. I buy everything this company makes but the absolutely anemic nature of any form of update, patch, new content, or new game is really getting on my goddamn nerves. How long does it take to reuse old assets and shovel out a new game? Farming really? Men of your talent? I've been checking the stupid website for a single freaking announcement every single week for over a year now. Why the fk do I have to beg you to give me something to spend money on? Why do you make it so fking hard for yourself to make money? JFC....
  5. Mannschaft

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    Wat? The interest overlap is that it's a Combat Mission title by Battlefront. You release all the things and I buy all the things. I SAID ALL OF THEM.
  6. Mannschaft

    What is going on?

    I've been checking the website once a week every week since June hoping something new comes out so I can buy it. Would prefer and expansion on RT with some SU-100s or extend the campaign into 43 and 45 but would honestly take anything at this point including africa or early war stuff. Anything at all for me to spend my money on. Bueller?