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  1. Thak you very much, this will be very helpfull Lookig at the first one now)
  2. Glad I'm not alone then... Part of the fun is researching and finding out what is exactly the equipment we are playing with. The random factor and the quality setting (also in QB indeed) (together with -I forgot the exact term- "leadership" of the commanders) makes it all even more realistic... witch is great of course.
  3. ... that's to bad...
  4. Thanks for the reply. The dealership mods allready very close to what I was looking for, thank you ! I played a bit of "Command, Modern Air / Naval operations", and a bit of "War in the West". All those have detailed info about units and weapons in game, and I find it both interesting and helping in the game, very immersive allso. I was hoping to find something "encyclopedisch" about everything here on line, since it is such an active community here (your fast reply is proof ), but no luck finding anything. It would indeed be quite a job to make such a listing (even without details) I was looking for an overview of all troops, as they appear in "troop selection" for QB, together with their arms, the link you gave comes close to that, thank you again (and to the maker of the mod of course ! ) I allready found the execellent armchair general video's, they are of great help indeed, thank you. I will enjoy this very much indeed (allready am enjoying), I'm a fan ! (Bought CMBS, CM BFN-complete bundle, and CM FB, so really going for it, bow just get to the playing - the "good" way, not just mocking around ) Thank you !
  5. Hello, I was wondering if there was somewhere a listing of troops, together with weapons would be even greater, in the different Combat Mission games, to be found on the internet ? I googled and searched, but did not find anything. I have found a great overvieuw of all scenario's, quick battles and campaigns ( http://www.combatmission.lesliesoftware.com/# GREAT JOB btw, thanks ! ), so I hoped there would be something similar for the Order of Battle and Table of Equipment ... (I know there's the Encyclopedia in the game manual) Just "found" this game about a week ago, (not on steam, so I overlooked it completely) and very very much loving it, this is what I looked for in a war game ! Thanks for the great game, and the great community work around it ! greetings, Freddy