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    Josey Wales reacted to Ithikial_AU in Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - German Side   
    In memoriam KG @Josey Wales
    KG Josey Wales has been wiped out to a vehicle. Well except the Ostwind but it's done nothing all game.
    Up first just a nice scenic shot that I think summarizes the upcoming module - minus the snow.

    Josey Wale's last surviving halftrack saw an opening as the lend lease Sherman on my far left flank pounded some infantry from KG @benpark. The Sherman's turret was facing away from the halftrack so with bravery it rolled forward. Mistakes were made. It easily got into position, aimed and was elevating the long 75mm gun barrel, but Elvis had been sneaky over the end turn. The Sherman began reversing to break contact with my infantry and in the process swung the hull and therefore the turret back in the direction of the my halftrack. The halftrack came off second best with two quick 76mm rounds through the hull.

    (Centre right of the gun shield. A thin piece of metal doesn't protect much against a 76mm round. )
    Payback was quick, but not against the Sherman. The tank retreated further back into the main road that has been Elvis' main logistics line all battle. It did however give up it's overwatch position across the park that dominates the north east side of the map.  @DoubleD's Panzer IV (minus DoubleD himself who sits dead in his commander's seat!) rolled into the park and took out a Soviet AT gun and some infantry that hand been loitering for a while.

    It then successfully rolled back to safety after popping smoke. Unsure why which has me a little concerned. The green crew is rattled following the death of it's commander but it saw something. Back in it's position of safety, it immediately came under fire from a Soviet mortar position. A few close calls but one some scuffed paintwork.

    Meanwhile elements of KG Benpark are setting up to enter the park. There is preciously little Soviet defence now on this side ( I hope they haven't traveled south) so time to apply some more pressure. Elements of KG Benpark are occupying the old Sherman position with their panzerfausts, daring the Soviets to come back to the park. To the far north, Elvis rains down some off map mortars (I assume). Takes out a kubelwagon and some infantry gun crew but I think it's falling well off it's intended target which is the Benpark's infantry closer to his lines.
    Strangely all silent. KG @Bootie has pressed some Volkssturm forward and even the crossroads of death appears vacant of enemy troops. Probably not the best shots but they hold a lot of panzerfausts covering the intersection. They are also doing a little to much thinking for their commander's liking...

    KG Double D is just about ready to spring it's trap.
    The final KG Benpark platoon has crossed successfully to flank to Soviet's trying to take OBJ Beer. I'm getting eyes on a lot of Soviet corpses which I don't remember killing. Mortars actually did something other than damage some buildings?

    And then their brothers in arms show up and try to even the score with their SMG's. The one positive is I think these were troops ELvis was setting up to assault OBJ Beer which I don't think my 'Wall of Steel' of @mjkerner's fallschirmjaeger would be able to hold. Elvis did conduct a probing movement towards OBJ Beer since my last update, and even though they were dispatched my troops still panicked and went to ground. I don't think Elvis realises this. My 'wall of steel' is actually a 'wall of aluminum'.

    20 minutes remaining.
    Finally the map and the next moves.

    KG DoubleD will launch it's attack once one of it's tanks crosses the park. We'll hit that Sherman from both sides while covering the approach the SU-85 in the south may take to react.
    KG @Hapless is firing some smoke rounds and will race past the Su-85 to assist Benpark's pioneers. Hopefully he won't be too late.
    KG Bootie surprisingly holds the centre of the whole operation.
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    Josey Wales reacted to Ithikial_AU in Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - German Side   
    With 30 odd minutes on the clock it looks like Elvis is making his move. Update soon. It's kind of lucky the fighting was ramping up again, the pixeltruppen were starting to contemplate the war...

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    Josey Wales reacted to Ithikial_AU in Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - German Side   
    No plans to sorry. DAR's have always been picture and forum post affairs. Some of the magic has to be left for when you get your own hands onto the new content.
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    Josey Wales reacted to Ithikial_AU in Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - German Side   
    One, Two, Three Tank...

    North and Centre
    We start in the centre of the map. So many Soviet tanks went boom over the last few turns. @DoubleD came to fore and did their job as a number of Soviet armour elements tried to reposition and break up my control of the main roads. A Sherman, T-34 and a SU-85 all went boom in the space of two minutes.

    It wasn't a complete walk in the park as KG @benpark lost most of a platoon in about 30 seconds. One of the pioneer platoons was lining up to enter buildings along the main street and pick off some known infantry taking pot shots at the Volkssturm. They went in and...

    It was a red cross blood bath.
    @Josey Wales personally charged forward, covered by DoubleD's PzIV to seek revenge for poor benpark's men. A blazing MG34 and 20mm cannon and close range started picking off Soviet soldiers popping up in every window. As the turns rolled around the Soviet anti-tank rifles started appearing but Josey became a machine.

    KG @Bootie and about one and half platoons from KG benpark hold the position closest to OBJ Jaegermeister. It's a nasty little block of flats that will become a SMG paradise if Elvis ventures across the main road. The pioneers have blasted some walls allowing easy access between the buildings out of line of sight of the enemy. With Elvis' armour now concentrated in the south, (more on that next), I'm pretty confident I can hold this and get shots off at anything being sent south to reinforce his main effort.

    (You're meant to look towards the enemy guys...)
    And for something a little humorous. Some Soviet tank crewmen and the Bootie's Volkssturm decided to both put down their rifles and surrender to each other. I think they cottoned on that it was May 1945...

    @mjkerner's Fallschirmjager are putting up a stiff fight but whenever one of the five Soviet tanks looking their way gets a spot they fall under a hail of bullets and HE fire. Saying that they can only see one face of the objective building complex so most of the troops are still there to put up a fight when Elvis decides to get in close. His tanks cant move without being barraged by tanks and recoiless rifles and I'm sure Elvis knows this. The clokc is ticking so I'm expecting a big final push at some point. (Oh and the late @Hapless's surviving crewmen continue to do him proud).

    Finally the map. OBJ Jaegermeister is out of the question now but I still have the strength to old OBJ Beer.
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    Josey Wales reacted to Ithikial_AU in Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - German Side   
    It's Getting Bloody
    I'm sad to report the Lieutenant @Hapless is no longer with us. He took a stray burst of machine gun fire observing the situation from his PzIV cupola. More on that shortly but first here's the current situation...

    KG DoubleD and KG @Josey Wales have had their roles reversed. There are now at least 2x T34's covering Elvis' objective so sending across a bunch of armoured cars became a touch dicey. The two panzers from KG DoubleD is moving across to the far right of the map while the armoured cars take up positions to cover the north south main road in the centre right of the map. Honestly, I was incredibly shocked to see this road was open to quickly went to lock it down. A lend lease Sherman popped smoke and tried to cross but was taken out by the JzPzIV's.

    A second Sherman appeared and the armoured cars with their 75mm guns opened fire. The rounds went slightly over it's head! The Sherman then methodically popped all four armoured cars from KG Josey Wales. Josey himself is alright but and is moving forward with the second half of his KG.

    Meanwhile, KG @Bootie sends up an AT team to try and pop the Sherman but comes under fire. Well... that was close.

    Meanwhile in the south, KG @Hapless exchanges fire with another T34. The PzIII with it's short 75mm gets a number of hits and causes at least one crew casualty but they lack the penetration capacity to do any noticeable damage. As the T34 is backing up, a burst of MG fire takes out Hapless himself. It was honestly a great shot, a stream of bullets arcing over the PzIII to hit the unlucky tank commander in the vehicle behind. Second image below is Hapless' last moments.

    Meanwhile KG @mjkerner sends up another squad of fallschirmjager to flank the Soviet SMG platoon and takes them fully by surprise. Mjkerner's troops are holding, exposing minimal numbers to the enemy from a forward platoon, while a flexible reserve platoon as moving to engage where it's safe(r) to do so.

    As the last turn comes to an end, another juicy target shows up in front of the JzPzIV's. Mmmm... maybe Elvis doesn't know that KG DoubleD is on this right flank???

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    Josey Wales got a reaction from George MC in Ministry of Defense video   
    You do realise you have destroyed the British Army from within;
    Sgt: "Perkins what the hell are you doing? You were supposed to be on patrol 10 minutes ago!" 
    Perkins: "Err yep.... be right with you sarge... just got to split off this scout team, give them a hunt command"
    Sgt: "Perkins get your backside in gear!"
    Perkins: "Yep yep, just calculating the turn.... just got to quickly watch this replay" 
    Seriously though, really interesting to see this. Well done. 
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    Josey Wales got a reaction from Bulletpoint in Ministry of Defense video   
    You do realise you have destroyed the British Army from within;
    Sgt: "Perkins what the hell are you doing? You were supposed to be on patrol 10 minutes ago!" 
    Perkins: "Err yep.... be right with you sarge... just got to split off this scout team, give them a hunt command"
    Sgt: "Perkins get your backside in gear!"
    Perkins: "Yep yep, just calculating the turn.... just got to quickly watch this replay" 
    Seriously though, really interesting to see this. Well done. 
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    Josey Wales reacted to MeatEtr in Ministry of Defense video   
    Super kool seeing our beloved CM being used by the actual military! 👍
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    Josey Wales reacted to Ithikial_AU in Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - German Side   
    5 Mins in Update

    The Map (North is north this time around )

    KG DoubleD has managed to get into position first and effectively cut the map in half for Soviet armour. There is a small back alley way around to avoid their line of fire but it will be traffic chaos for anything more than a platoon and slow BFCElvis down.
    KGMjkerner and KG Hapless have have reached the Beer first! This I'm a little surprised at honestly as I thought the Soviets would be tank riding to the objective like I was. Plenty of arcs of fire for my AT weapons and KG DoubleD covers the only other known firing solutions to their left.
    Given the situation, I'm throwing two thirds of KG Josey Wales into the fray. They will advance along the northern map edge and support KG Benpark in the future. This force will be the one to pressure KG Jagermeister from the north. I'll wait a little bit though as the big unknown for the moment is what has BFCElvis got coming at me from this approach.
    Waiting game for a little while as I try to gather more intel.

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    Josey Wales reacted to Ithikial_AU in Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - German Side   
    (Budbaker has his comics… but I’m not an artist so expect memes)
    Welcome to the Fire and Rubble German DAR as I take on BFCElvis and his pesky Soviets in a very late war May 1945 urban engagement in Berlin… and it’s somehow snowing. The war has effectively ended but my guys didn’t get the memo, so our adhoc combined arms force is going to push forward into no man’s land one last time.
    The mission is a simple meeting engagement. Secure Objective Jägermeister and Objective Berliner Weisse, while holding our own starting Objective, codenamed Vodka. The Soviets deploy around Jägermeister.
    The map is a very small slice of Benpark’s absolute monster 2x master maps covering the centre of Berlin. Honestly each master map with no units took my PC around 25 mins just to load in 3D preview mode. The part of Berlin we’ll be fighting over is towards the north east corner of the eastern map. If I’ve got my bearings right, I think we’re close to Alexander Platz and a hostel I stayed at back in 2017… I digress.

    The map from above. Well... the right way up because I'm from Australia... (I took the picture looking south <facepalm>)

    The forces…
    To show off the variety of new kit I’ve done away with forming a coherent force for a little bit of everything. Command and control is going to suck.
    These small forces are organised into small kampfgruppes of between a platoon to a company in strength.
    KG @benpark – In honour of the mapmaker himself, he commands the central force which is a company of Waffen SS Pioneers with enough demolition charges to level a few of his meticulously placed buildings. Part of his force will however need to remain behind to cover Obj Vodka if it all falls apart. The bulk of the force will advance. (Benpark's force highlighted in the picture below).
    KG @mjkerner – Commands the Fallschirmjager who will be the main infantry force trying to take and hold Obj Berliner Weisse. (Picture of the KG that will take the beer objective).

    KG @Hapless – Will be working in tandem with KG Mjkerner to secure the beer. This adhoc Panzer Platoon (more on that later) includes a Panther, PzIV’s and a PzIII. Yep a PzIII. For all the grief I gave poor Steve I had to include at least one in the DAR.
    KG @DoubleD – The other adhoc Panzer Platoon is kitted out with 2x JzPz IV/70’s (including one of the ugly versions), a Panther and a Panzer IV. They will be initially responsible to heading up my left flank to get into a good position to effectively cut the map in half. Oh and something new...

    KG @Bootie – The local Volkssturm unit. Initially will be responsible to provide security to KG DoubleD who will be exposed in an urban environment.
    KG @Josey Wales – The adhoc Armoured Car unit. Will be holding back for the moment but will be used as a mobile reserve depending on the situation. Oh and some weird ones...

    And I’ve just noticed a bug. Every single unit is set to typical/default ‘Green’ experience. The joys of betas.
    The Enemy
    We’ve picked forces in the editor and not the quick battle generator so some variety can be included in the DAR – particularly on this side. Benpark has ensured it’s roughly balanced. I’m expecting a solid Battalion (+) of Soviet infantry coming at me and probably a company or more of tanks. Probably Lend Lease heavy….
    We’ve sort of agreed to avoid major spending on off board assets and focus more on the visible units.
    Da Plan
    KG Mjkerner and Hapless have the initial glory as they race to secure Obj Berliner Weisse, (Green and blue). If Hapless can get his tanks into position first it will be a big help as we wait for the foot slogging infantry to catch up.
    KG DoubleD probably has the most crucial task of trying to cut the map in two, (Red). That major street running through the centre of the map will be key. It’s closer to BFCElvis’ deployment zone so I’m expecting Soviet tanks to roll past it or already be on that road by the time I arrive. But if I can split up to Soviet armoured force or I’m real lucky and BFCElvis plays cautious and leads with his infantry DoubleD’s JzPzIV’s will have a field day.
    KG Bootie (white) and his Volkssturm will cover KG DoubleD, while KG Benpark (orange) will advance with the intent of pressuring Jagermeister. KG Josey Wales will remain behind in the deployment zone ready to move to where he and his armoured cars are required. Either helping Benpark around Obj Jagermeister, or to backup Hapless and Mjkerner around Obj Berliner Weisse.
    The map….

    That’s about it for now. Feel free to post any queries below but obviously no promises that I’m allowed to answer anything. Also, the usual caveat that all screenshots you see here are taken from a beta so everything you see is subject to change. I’ll try to avoid the placeholder art where I can but who knows, maybe we’ll have purple Panzer IV’s in the final build.
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    Josey Wales reacted to kevinkin in THE PANDEMIC CHAT ROOM   
    Please elaborate on this since in America memorization is used as a technique only for items like multiplication tables and at an early age. Talk to any educator - memorization teaches focus at a young age. It is a basic tool. Then it can be used a lot less when kids move on to high school with reading writing and and math skills learned in elementary school in place. Some skills require memorization so those skills become second nature early in life. And last a lifetime. 
    As far as "understanding" - that is not the role of public education unless it's related to (for example) a 10th grader understanding why the moon orbits around the Earth and at what distance. But the understanding you are mentioning implies political indoctrination. Youth will form their political ideas based on life experiences, not sitting in a classroom falling asleep to Plato's Cave. You can't go very far in life without memorization at an early age; but a life can certainly crash upon accepting the "understanding" and drinking the kool aid from those who have no interest in anyone as an individual. Those who are just trying to keep their tenured jobs teaching social science as if it were a natural science . 
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    Josey Wales reacted to roadiemullet in THE PANDEMIC CHAT ROOM   
    Thanks feedback anyway guys, I'm happy many of you read my post.
    From what I have seen, the central party has surprisingly little control of the vast majority of China, though its grip has really tightened in many respects. I came here in 2012 just after Xi came to power. As the years have gone by, the anti-corruption drive that he instigated has picked off thousands of corrupt officials, and conveniently those who belonged to regional power bases that could be a threat. You have Guangzhou, the capital of the province I live in, Guangdong, which is the main manufacturing hub, Chongqing, the capital of Sichuan in the sort of middle west (actually the middle of China but really the last proper Han-Chinese province before you get into the autonomous regions like Tibet, etc), Shanghai, Beijing of course, Tianjin (major port city next to BJ), Xi'an in the centre and then DongBei - literally EastNorth (North-East to English speakers, better known as Manchuria to westerners) where you have the heavy industry areas of Heilongjiang and Jilin. Each of these areas produces powerful people with large support bases, and they have run with their own interpretations of the rules from BJ for a long time.
    The downfall of some serious players over the last few years has made for some seriously pop-corn worthy TV, with in-court broadcasts of big boys getting their due. Just go to wikipedia and read up about Bo XiLai - Xi's major rival for the throne. If you want a good laugh read up about his wife's trial for the murder of Neil Hayworth (not a laughing matter) and the obvious double who appeared in court in her place (the funny bit) who looks nothing like her.
    The culmination was when Xi was made President for life. That was the endgame - he could never have done that had he still powerful rivals to defeat.
    These days, his picture is on billboards everywhere. Every TV report starts with a report on Xi, and every news website carries stories about what he's doing on their front pages. And everyone thinks he's the bees knees because he cleaned up the corruption.
    How much real power he still has over different areas is debatable. You tend to know the central party has been getting ignored when suddenly they send some head honcho from BJ to replace someone in some town or city somewhere, usually due to some public outcry over some scandal. 
    BTW, as nightmarish as this may sound, life is actually pretty good here. I wouldn't live here if it was bad, and I'm not in some sort of weird bubble like you get with expat communities in places like Thailand or the Philippines, where the small salaries they sometimes make are still enough to let them live the high life compared to locals. My income is pretty much the average middle class professional income. Life here is just like any other major western city, probably even more developed in many respects, with high property prices and all the other joys increased wealth brings to an area. 
    Actually, not to blow your trumpet, but pretty much everything you have said is pretty spot on. But that's just my opinion.
    I'd like to answer some of the other points others have made but its 20 past midnight here and I'm off to bed. Thanks again for the feedback guys and I'll go through some more points tomorrow, before I go back to work on Monday haha.
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    Josey Wales reacted to Erwin in THE PANDEMIC CHAT ROOM   
    I don't know anything about that trade, but having been taken to a rural "wet market" where dogs and other non-identifiables are being BBQ'd, live animals wandering around getting slaughtered in unhygenic circumstances etc., it was easy to believe that nasty things could come out of that sort of environment.
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    Josey Wales reacted to roadiemullet in THE PANDEMIC CHAT ROOM   
    There is one more thing I'll add on to these posts as I'm sat at my computer,
    so Part Five,
    The idea that the government is playing some long term geopolitical game.
    This has to be one of the most repeated descriptions of Chinese governance that I've seen/heard in the west, to the point where its been picked up by the state media here and is repeated as though that were the case all along. Its total rubbish, and ties in perfectly with their propaganda about China being older and wiser than these 'new' powers in the west. Total drivel. 
    Yes, Deng XiaoPing had a public policy for China to "bide its time". Yes, the government does make plans and targets for decades in the future. Of course, with no annoying and pesky elections and risk of losing power to some other group for 5 years, such plans can be made. But so does every other country in the world. Governments make plans all the time for actions that will be taken well beyond the current administrations tenure. Its normal.
    Whenever there is some kind of international incident, the response from the government is often pretty slow (until very recently that is, as in the last few years we've had a new group of aggressive spokespeople giving daily press briefings - Zhao Li Jian is one of them, the guy promoting the conspiracy theory that the US army brought the virus to Wuhan). Often responses are given in cryptic idioms, usually 4-character 成语 Cheng yu, which imply that the speaker is well read and clever in their speech. (Some Cheng Yu refer to classical stories. Imagine giving some Bible chapter reference as an idiom, and you're in the right area). The problem is that Cheng Yu can often be bent to mean anything. Mao ZeDong loved to spout them all the time, so did Deng, but most of all, Xi JinPing says them all the time. Just watch a speech and listen to the amount of idioms peppering his output that could mean literally anything, but regarded as a wonderful pearls of wisdom by the media. 
    The slow response is not due to some master checkmate move being planned. Its nearly always due to the fact that they don't know what to do. When in doubt, do nothing. Not exactly genius. Despite this the amount of gaffes the Chinese pull is pretty staggering when you pay attention. Recently in the province of Guangdong, where I live, a province-wide roundup of Africans took place and enforced quarantine, even though immigration was halted well over a month ago now and before that anyone coming into the country had to stay in two weeks quarantine anyway. Unfortunately, the racist perception that Africans make up a large body of illegal immigrants unaccounted for who might be some reservoir of the disease (and taking into account the propaganda drive that the Virus is not from China, was only detected here by the excellent Doctors, and comes from 'foreigners'), meant that suddenly the provincial government decided to round them all up - going to their homes and ordering them to a local quarantine hotel where they had to pay to stay, but not bothering to quarantine their Chinese or non-African family members in the same apartment building. This insane policy has backfired and China is eating humble pie at the moment as African governments have demanded an explanation, with the governments of Nigeria and Kenya summoning the Chinese ambassadors. All Africans have been released and since been visited with bouquets of flowers and bags of oranges - I'm not joking you can look this up.
    China fumbles the ball all the time. Part of the problem is that those people in power and in the arms of government are products of the education system here, which I won't go into as these posts have gone well off track from the epidemic topic. 
    Suffice it to say that this idea that they are the puppet masters behind some long term calculated plan is pretty funny when you actually live here and see how things function.
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    Josey Wales reacted to roadiemullet in THE PANDEMIC CHAT ROOM   
    Back to the people starving bit - I don't know about this situation so I can't explain what happened, but for those stuck in their apartments in quarantine, a volunteer delivery service for food was established, and given the deserved praise from the public similar to the praise that the NHS in my country and the healthcare services in other countries are getting. 
    All this defending China haha man I sound like some kind of shill. Seriously though, there are so many wrong perceptions in the west.
    Chinese are people too. They aren't all communist robots who have no emotion to people dying around them. They do have some totally skewed world views, are really, really nationalistic, view their country as the pinnacle of civilisation, and the centre of the world (the Chinese name for China, 中国, literally means 'Middle Country'), but they still do care. Local police aren't stone faced Stasi waiting to kidnap people off the street, they are just regular people like anyone doing a job.
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    Josey Wales reacted to roadiemullet in THE PANDEMIC CHAT ROOM   
    Just listening to the first few minutes of that reminds me why I never read or watch American news media. So many loaded statements. Just like the Chinese media haha.
    'People being bundled into police vans to be taken god knows where' - Ummm probably either to the local police station or taken home, but not before having their ears chewed for breaking quarantine. The 'god knows where' bit is just tapped on the end, as though those people were never seen again.
    As for infected people being locked in their homes and left to starve - while I have no doubt that happened, it wasn't exactly policy. More like that person fell through the net. Everyone had a choice if they tested positive for the test - go to the quarantine centre or choose to stay at home, but if you stay at home you must agree not to leave your apartment (most people live in apartments). A paper tag was placed over the door - loose enough to allow the door to open to allow food deliveries, but the deal was if that seal is broken, then you gotta go to the quarantine centre, whether you like it or not.
    These measures are awful, but they aren't quite the picture that is painted. Infected people aren't being sent to a field and shot in the back of the head after being picked up by the gestapo.
    You may have seen in the news the videos of people being properly barred in their homes, with a metal bar welded over their door. This kind of stuff did go off and its completely disgusting, but the reaction among the public here (this was not some secret that leaked to the west, it was shown on primetime news as evidence that the government is taking care of the situation) was pretty supportive. I don't agree with this, but many people here do as its for the collective good.
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    Josey Wales reacted to roadiemullet in THE PANDEMIC CHAT ROOM   
    Part Three
    Another example of Mainland Chinese views on democracy - look at the public perception of Taiwan.
    Most people here agree Taiwan has a great economy, and enjoys freedoms unparalleled in the rest of China. Are Chinese jealous, demanding that the Republic of China Government be brought back over to rule in place of the PRC? Hell no. Many people think Taiwan should be forcibly retaken and the leaders tried as traitors. Taiwan independence? Forget it. Cai Yingwen is portrayed as a mere puppet of the USA and Japan, who should be executed for her treachery for ignoring the  '1992 consensus'. 
    Is this because the Chinese are brainwashed? Most likely, but its interesting to see some of the most nationalistic people are those that have actually travelled around and even lived abroad. As the Hong Kong democracy protests were swinging around last year, clashes between Hong Kongers and mainlanders outside of China were reported in nearly every western country. "Lenin walls", set up by pro-democracy supporters, were torn down by angry mainlanders even in my own home city. 
    Despite having access to all the freedom-loving western world and its media, many people still have these strong nationalistic views.
    The chances of the leadership being blamed when the economy goes downhill, especially when this will be accompanied in the news by trade war quotes from Trump, and the world economy in general goes downhill, are zip. Not going to happen. The biggest threat to Xi JinPing is the now small chance (after his huge anit-corruption drive wiping out his opponents) of a factional challenge. Not gonna happen. Bo Xilai is in prison. Xi has been made president for life.
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    Josey Wales reacted to roadiemullet in THE PANDEMIC CHAT ROOM   
    Just to add on a part two
    The perception that mass unemployment will start a chain reaction of events resulting in the overthrow and possibly even murder of leaders is pretty far from reality. Your average Chinese person in the street does not look at America, or western countries, with envious eyes at our political system, and yearn for the chance to have a government that they can have voting participation in. What Chinese people think of their government is polar opposite of what westerners think. You cannot underestimate the effect of non-stop nationalistic propaganda on how people here view the world. Many, many people have an us-vs-them mentality, especially against the west, and in particular against the USA. The CCP is widely seen as the movement of the people that has successfully lifted a billion people out of poverty, despite the evil bullying tactics of the western countries who secretly want to control and dominate China. This isn't some fringe rubbish, this is what MOST people think. I can count on one hand the amount of people I've met openly critical of the system they have in place, despite living here for nearly a decade.
    If you want to see what Chinese think about democracy, have a look at their reaction to the Hong Kong protests. They are universally regarded as traitors by the vast majority of people. 
    Mass unemployment in China will never be blamed on the system they have in place - it can and it certainly will be entirely blamed on foreign countries bullying China. It cannot be understated how much China and society here truly blames the west for all its perceived ills. Most people are so sure about western countries and their evil plans because as far as they are concerned, within what is to them 'recent' history, the 8 nation alliance tried to cut China into pieces. As I'm sat here typing this there is a drama on the TV in my living room right now about this very topic. It is drummed into everyone from a young age, along with the daily dose of anti Japanese propaganda. Turn on any TV at any time of any day in China and you will find a goofy ww2 drama depicting 'Japanese Devils' raping yet another village, while the noble inhabitants fight back with their farming tools, kung fu and red flags.
    Tiananmen Square is always portrayed as a mass movement for democracy in the west. Perhaps the leaders in the square on the megaphones were shouting democratic slogans, and trying to use the opportunity to really make changes for democratic reform, but I have met and spoken to people who were there, who are quite open about their participation, and who have all uniformly told me that most people were trying to change the corruption that was endemic. In many people's perceptions, those changes came. That may sound crazy but thats the experience I have had from people I've met.
    If I could compare this to an analogous example, its a bit like assuming that most Americans secretly want to throw the US constitution away and change their basic system of government, that most Americans agree that the growth and power of the US economy has prevailed in spite of, not because of the system of governance, and that once the economy goes to sh*t they will overthrow their leaders and adopt a more China-like style of governance.
    Just to make it clear here - these views are not my own. I am simply pointing out what many people think here in China, as far as my experience goes.
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    Hey all, 
    Came to check up on this forum on the off chance that my fantasy Combat Mission: OPLAN 5029 was going to be announced and we'd finally get to see the PLA in action in this series.
    I don't normally post here, I *think* my last post was about 9-10 years ago, but after reading through this thread and seeing some strong opinions and predictions about China, I thought I'd throw in my two cents, as Americans like to say.
    I've lived in China for 8 years, speak Mandarin up to HSK level 4-5, and work in manufacturing. I've sat through this whole COVID-19 epidemic, since it first broke here and then spread across the world.
    Some of the perceptions about the government here and how they go about their business are pretty laughable, and some are on point, but mostly everyone is viewing society here totally through a western lens, though that's hardly limited to this forum.
    There seems to be a perception that
    1. The virus killed far more people here than is being admitted, even orders of magnitude greater, and that its being covered up to prevent some sort of mass revolt.
    2. Society here just needs 'a kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down'; that once the economy goes belly up, there will be some sort of mass revolt.
    3. The evil CPC will do absolutely anything to maintain that grip on power, including the mass murder of their own citizens.
    4. People are suppressed and given the chance, they will overthrow the tyrannical regime and install a flourishing democracy.
    5. My favourite - China has a long view on geopolitics - LOL.
    The virus could wreck the economy here - there are already warning signs. I've been inundated with offers from factories who have bought PPE manufacturing equipment en masse in a desperate attempt to stay afloat. One insole manufacturer I know has totally collapsed and is relying completely on manufacturing KN95 masks, but due to the recent horror stories of faulty equipment creating yet another gaffe for China, as of two weeks ago only those suppliers on a whitelist can export items marked as medical supplies, regardless of whether or not their factory has all of the ISO standards, FDA registration, EU CE certification, etc. Everyone is scrambling to get on the list. 
    China has a mountain of unregulated 'black' financial institutions, massive SME debt, and the situation looks grim to say the least. I read a news article here that had the People's Bank of China warning there is a small chance of depression. That's big news, when they admit something like that, it means the risk is pretty real.
    The virus news broke just before the spring festival, which if you don't know is THE major holiday for Chinese and results in the largest human migration in the world every January/February. I was heading up to my wife's family in another city when the news was breaking. While I was there the nationwide lockdown came into place, though for different provinces the rules were slightly different.
    Many people in the west seem to think that because China has a huge population and an untrustworthy Government, then by default they simply must have been ravaged and are lying about it. 
    Firstly, the virus did affect an area with a large population - the city of Wuhan in Hubei province. Hubei itself has a population about the same as the UK. But it didn't appear everywhere at once, infecting droves of people. It appeared in one place and was noticed by local doctors. China's healthcare system is pretty turd in many ways compared to the west, but its not total rubbish (unless you are talking about traditional chinese medicine, but thats a rant for another day). We all know the story about the doctors that were arrested and accused of spreading rumours on social media. To understand this you have to step back and not straw man every action taken as indicative of the evil government. They were not silenced by the ruling elite, but rather the local police station/government who were following the rules laid out. Pretty stupid and draconian rules obviously, but from their point of view its the same as the rules Captain Crozier apparently broke leading to his dismissal.
    Once the actual realisation came through that the doctors were right, action was taken pretty rapidly, though not as fast as we now know could have been taken. Did the government deliberately withhold info from the WHO and the West, allowing the virus to spread so their evil plan could be hatched? Probably not. More likely they didn't realise the scale this was going to be and so nuking their own economy by locking down the country was probably not what came to mind when they had 50 or so people with some weird new type of flu.
    When they did fire the pistol though, they did it properly. Remember that this is not the first time that they have had an epidemic, even within the last 20 years. The leading Doctor, the 'hero' of SARS, Zhong Nan Shan, quickly came on TV telling the public and government what to do. Everything was shut down. Existing checkpoints at the entrances to residential areas and roads where manned with people checking everyones temperature. Contact tracing was heavily utilised so that everyone who came into contact with an infected person was contacted and tested. Did China use armed force to suppress people? Yes, but no more than American Police use armed force to suppress rule breakers every day. 
    They got on top of things pretty quickly. Are the numbers accurate? Lmao of course not, but mostly for many of the same reasons numbers in good-guy western countries are not accurate. Of course, there IS the possibility that scores more people died, and there are hints here on social media that the numbers are higher - one truck driver admitting in a local news street-interview he'd been delivering about 3000 urns a day for two weeks to a local crematorium in preparation for the Qing Ming festival (the annual festival for honouring the dead). This awkward gaffe was quickly wiped off of Weibo, the Chinese social media platform, but not before millions saw it. Where the masses enraged, demanding the overthrow of the tyrannical regime? No. Most people shrugged it off as pretty normal - of course the official figures are inaccurate.
    This is quickly turning into a huge post that most people won't bother reading so I'll leave it here for now and if anyone has any questions, they can ask in the forum, and I'll respond.
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    Err it has been known for a very long time that amphibians like frogs are good indicators of the damage we are doing via pollution.  Alex Jones hopping onto the bandwagon and maybe for once getting something right is a kin to a broken clock.  And no I won't watch the video.  I'd rather smear feces up my nose and snort real hard than listen to that gas bag.
    I spend my time reading stuff from educational institutions and the like, you know where people actually study science.
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    Does it really? Hmmm China makes money from supplying the world with goods used by humans.  Hmm let's shut down the whole world economy and put our own population out of work, get them really mad at the leadership and ferment political change....
    That sounds like a cunning plan Baldric would come up with! 
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    The stock CM sound effects are not that great, but they do their job. That's where mods come in however. CM allows you to modify any visual (2D) or sound asset. The High Quality Sounds mod is available for every title and provides excellent sound replacements for literally every gameplay-related sound in the game. They're pretty consistent in terms of style, volume, and about as realistic as you can get with a simple audio file.
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    It has been a long wait.  I'm impatient myself and have a scenario on hold for this release.  I imagine for players who are East Front fanatics the wait must be especially frustrating.  I think it sounds like we are getting very close.  Also sounds like we might be getting additional vehicles out of the additional wait ......... Was it a schimwagen (however that is spelled) that they were teasing?  Just a bit longer and we can all finally be happy on the EAST FRONT!! 
    PS - If you want to kill some time I have an (independent) CMRT scenario that is in Beta testing..................       
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    Not exactly a good ambassador for the Netherlands, is he.
    The BIG PICTURE for you guys is BFC remains solvent and prospering sufficiently to keep putting out the products they want to put out. In the '80s the struggling Harley Davidson landed a contract to cast artillery shell bodies for the Pentagon, which allowed the company to remain alive for another 40 years. BFC is getting business. That's a good thing. They're not about to go the way of Brøderbund and THQ.
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