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  1. Josey Wales

    Video editing software

    Thanks for the extra suggestions, it's much appreciated. My next movie will be with Vegas Movie Studio as I'm getting along quite well with it. As with all these things it takes a while before it becomes intuitive, which is my main frustration with Movie Maker being unavailable as I could make vids without really having to think too much about the technical stuff due to using it regularly for the last 4 years. It's back to school for me.
  2. Josey Wales

    Video editing software

    Thanks for your help gents. I have opted for Vegas Movie Studio after a suggestion from Usually Hapless, trialling it out seems like it will work for me along with Audacity for voice narration. Cheers.
  3. I'd like to ask some advice from my fellow video creators.So it appears as if Windows Movie Maker has been discontinued. This has been my go to video, text and narration editing program for all of my Combat Mission videos and I am struggling to find an adequate replacement.I have tried Shotcut but found it to be too clunky and I am now experimenting with Hitfilm Express which is better but still not ideal as text editing is cumbersome and there is no narration recording software included (unlike Windows Movie Maker).Is anyone aware of an accessible editing program which ideally has narration recording built in. I don't mind spending money on one but I don't want to waste my time and money on something that doesn't work for me. If no such program exists then I can live with getting a separate recording program, however the video editor would at the very least need to make it simple to add in text where I wanted without having to create composite shots.Any help would be greatly appreciated.JW
  4. Yes that would tie in with what I have seen. I tested this with a Green crew and a Regular crew. The Green crew abandoned the gun more readily when 'Shaken' than the Regular crew which tended to stay on the gun.
  5. I've just run some tests in the editor and gun crews do behave slightly differently from infantry when suffering from Combat Shock and Combat Stress. The tests were done with small arms so as not to confuse the results seen with the HE bug. Typically infantry that is 'Rattled' will stay put unless they become 'Pinned' at which point they will auto evade. A static gun crew however will stay on their gun when 'Rattled & Pinned'. Gun crews do seem to abandon the gun sometimes in the 'Shaken' & 'Panic' states, however there were times during the tests when 'Shaken' crews do not abandon the gun, and 'Panic'ked crews attempt to relocate the gun. The reason as to why a crew will choose to remain on the gun as opposed to abandoning it is not yet understood. I think it is too early to say it is a bug, it could just be a mechanic that is not yet well understood.
  6. @Swervin11b a unit cannot become 'Broken' by suppression alone even if it was 'Pinned' for 20 minutes. If you can answer these questions we can build a better picture to answer your question; 1. Was the crew in some sort of fortification e.g. foxhole, sandbags? 2. What were the crews Experience, Leadership & Motivation? 3. What was the morale state of the crew when 'Pinned'? 4. Did the gun crew suffer any casualties or did one of the other crews in their section/platoon suffer casualties?
  7. No, the impact on morale from casualties (Combat Stress) for a platoon losing all 4 members of its HQ team is the same as if it lost 4 junior members from from one of the platoon's rifle squads. The only difference would be is, if that HQ unit was providing a buffer against Combat Shock (the effect of suppression on the morale of a unit) immediately prior to being wiped out, then the impact would be greater for those squads that were within it's C2 and under fire as that buffer would now be gone.
  8. Very interesting, perhaps this is what the CM system is based on?!
  9. Yes, a bad use of terminology on my part which I can see may muddy the water. What I should have said was that the permanent impact on morale can only be caused by the build up of casualties (Combat Stress) either within the unit or units closely associated via the OOB (eg same platoon).
  10. No, the impact on morale from suppression is only temporary. As you have seen, you can reduce a unit from OK to Panic with suppression alone, but if they sustain no casualties, they will recover all the way back to OK. Hence the term Combat Shock, as a shock is a temporary effect that wears off. The permanent impact on morale can only be caused by the build up of casualties either directly within the unit or by casualties sustained by units connected via C2 (eg same platoon). This is termed Combat Stress as stress insinuates an ongoing effect. You can cause a unit to Panic using suppression alone, but you will not cause it to become Broken. For that you will either need to kill or maim them or their buddies.
  11. I am not sure that this is correct. The 'Brittle' indicator only appears when troops are in the 'Broken' morale state. The only other states that a 'Broken' unit can be in are 'Shaken' or 'Panic' (which are caused by the Broken unit being under suppression). The Brittle indicator disappears when a Broken unit is Shaken or Panicked, but returns once the unit reverts back to 'Broken'. If I am wrong about this then it would be pretty easy to prove. Just show an image of the Brittle indicator present in any other morale state other than Broken. If I am correct then I am not sure why there is a Brittle indicator at all.
  12. @MOS:96B2P yes the effects of Combat Stress move through the C2 structure. A squad may have taken no casualties, but if the other squads in the platoon have been torn to shreds then they will be suffering a permanent impact on morale irrespective of how near or far they are from the other squads geographically. This can cause some odd effects but in general its a good system.
  13. You're not wrong, work is manic at the moment!! @IanLhas it right The effect of suppression on morale (Combat Shock) is temporary and wears off once the suppression has lifted. The speed at which it wears off is dependent on the Experience & Leadership of the unit. The 'Broken' state is different from all of the other states as it cannot be arrived at by Combat Shock (suppression). A Broken unit which then suffers Combat Shock (suppression) will become either Shaken or Panicked until the suppression wears off when it will revert to Broken. In the video, the first example shows the conscript squad starting at 'Ok', then suffering Combat Shock from suppression and dropping down to 'Nervous'. They then take a casualty which pushes them into 'Panic' as a result of the combined effects of Combat Shock and now Combat Stress. As the Combat Shock wears off (suppression indicator empties) the squad recovers to 'Nervous' as a result of the permanent impact of Combat Stress from sustaining a casualty. I'd be honoured Bil
  14. Video 1 looks like the Indirect Fire bug that @HerrTomhas alluded to. The unit takes 1 casualty and suffers about 70% suppression and drops to the morale state of 'Nervous'. The unit leader is the casualty, but the assistant takes over who also has +1 Leadership. Can a hand grenade cause the Indirect Fire bug? Video 2 looks like a typical auto evade when troops in the 'Rattled' morale state become Pinned. I cannot comment on video 3 as I don't have any information on the unit status. When I see my troops in CM behave in a way different to what I expect, I can typically 'roleplay out' the situation so as to be less dissatisfied with the result. It is hard to make that case here in either of the first 2 vids. In vid 1, the unit does not panic, nor does it suffer from being led by an incompetent. The unit is merely dropped to 'Nervous' and still has a capable leader fronting it up. The unit is also aware of 2 enemy contacts to the north. I would therefore find it difficult to roleplay out the situation that developed and would come to the conclusion that something was wrong with the TacAI. In vid 2, the unit is Rattled and (probably) Pinned whilst moving. The auto evade kicks in but again, I find it difficult to roleplay out that they would run back into the fire that was coming at them. Again I have to conclude that something here is wrong. Having said that I have never witnessed a situation in any of my own games that I have not been able to roleplay out, but I've also never witnessed the Indirect Fire bug demonstrated by @IICptMillerII. That's not to deny it exists, just that I've not seen it in a game I've played. I do not have the Shock Force 2 demo.
  15. Whilst the morale state of a squad is the average of the teams that compose it, the fatigue state that is applied to the squad is that of the team with the lowest state. e.g. 2 teams with a Cautious morale state (not being caused by suppression) join up with their 3rd team which has a Rattled state (not being caused by suppression) will average the squad out to Nervous. However, 2 teams that are rested joining up with their fatigued team mates make the entire squad fatigued. This is because an element can only move as fast as it's slowest sub-element whilst maintaining cohesion.