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  1. This is great. Bil you set the standard in AAR presentation that the rest of us aspire to.
  2. Josey Wales

    A distraction while we wait..

    Also agreed. I think that restricting access to information for individual players would go a long way to help that. The GPS map is a good example as it gives everyone way too much info which devalues it and negates the requirement for Command & Control. By restricting access to info, leaders have to work harder to get it and ensure they communicate it to their subordinates, making info more valuable as it should be. This will require full use of contact reports, sit reps and land navigation techniques and the ability to disseminate this info. In turn individual players will be reliant on C2 from their superiors in a way that is not yet required in most FPS games. Now whether people would find that fun or not is up to individual taste and will likely only appeal to a minority hence the devs reason for access to a GPS map.
  3. Josey Wales

    A distraction while we wait..

    I was interested in this until I saw the 'GPS' maps used in game. I realise the developers want to maximise their customer base but games like this are the reason kids ask WW2 vets questions like 'how did you charge your mobile?'
  4. Have you tried a broom?
  5. Agreed, the Combat Stress mechanic would be more reasonable if its propagation was governed by audio/visual proximity to the unit sustaining the casualties as opposed to organisational structure. The other end of the spectrum of the current system is that a conscript/-2/-2 unit from a different platoon as a unit which is being massacred 20m away in front of their eyes wouldn't suffer any impact on their morale. Combat Stress does eventually propagate between platoons, but the casualty rate in the engaged platoon needs to be high before this effect is seen.
  6. @IanLyes, great spot! It looks like an example of how Combat Stress (the effect upon morale of the build up of casualties within a unit) works in the game. Although the video below was made to show the effect of the Leadership modifier on a HQ unit, it also shows an infantry platoon in which one of the squads takes casualties. As it does, from 1:36 it can be seen that the persistent morale state of the other squads in the platoon and the Plt HQ is reduced. This happens regardless of another squads geographic proximity or LOS to the unit that is taking the casualties as the effect is distributed via the platoon structure. To relate this to the OP, as all the units in the AT team are from 1 Battery, then any team suffering Combat Stress in 1 Battery due to the build up of casualties will cause other teams within 1 Battery to suffer Combat Stress, regardless of how many hundreds of meters apart the units within 1 Battery are located from each other. Basically what IanL said. Additionally, because both of the gun teams are already in a Broken morale state with the red 'Brittle' icon showing in the suppression indicator, the slightest hit on morale is going to cause them to go Shaken or Panicked.
  7. Just a guess, but could it be down to your position? Have you tried from a location further back from the hedgerow?
  8. Josey Wales

    AAR - A Lesson in Defense

    Definitely not boring. The last image clearly shows the extent of the hill your opponent has to overcome. Are you intending to have a reserve to counter attack if the situation presents itself?
  9. Josey Wales

    AAR - A Lesson in Defense

    This is a different class of AAR. I'm really looking forward to this.
  10. Josey Wales

    Green Troops

    There are times when we don't have the quality of troops we want so we have to play the hand we're dealt regardless of patches or updates. Keeping low quality troops as a combined squad helps mitigate the negative effects of suppression. Splitting them into smaller teams is not always a good idea. If any of the squads have leadership or motivation bonuses then get them on the firing step first as they can handle incoming fire better. Keep the HQ within C2. Use smoke to conceal them getting into position. Don't let them get killed 😉
  11. It looks like it's broken to me based on your findings. Is the same true if the information is passed via audio/visual comms. i.e. between infantry squads?
  12. Josey Wales

    Kharkov Map Sneak Peak

    Brutally brilliant!
  13. I'd assume it must be the noise rather than the flash hence the use of fog horns on ships and shore locations when lighthouses where in effective in heavy fog. I'd prefer to see the contact markers '?' to show a scattering effect though so that several turn up in different locations when the gun fires, perhaps with the scatter area reducing with each subsequent shot although never fully reducing to an exact pinpoint location.
  14. Hi Bil, I'm also a big fan of your Battle Drill Blog and your AAR's prompted me to start making my own in a video format. I have learned a lot from your efforts so can vouch that you definitely have not been pissing in the wind! Many thanks.
  15. Josey Wales

    A Muddy Affair vs the AI

    I made a video about a year ago where I talk about why I like the WeGo system. The footage is from A Muddy Affair. I don't comment at all on the scenario but give a brief summary at the end on how the battle went. I thought the scenario designer did a sterling job on this scenario, it was extremely challenging and rewarding.