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  1. Yes agreed. I have just tried this in CMFI with a Bttn HQ and an Operations Team. When the Bttn Commander is killed the 'Asst' of the Operations team takes over the Bttn HQ function (Icon changes). Not sure why I thought I saw something different when I looked at this this last year but it could well have been the reason you have laid out with regards to the role description in the lower-left-hand green text. Good spot indeed!.
  2. The Coy XO definitely takes over if the Coy Commander goes down. A Bttn XO does not appear take over if the Bttn Commander goes down. It would seem as if from @Bulletpoint's post that the Asst Plt Ldr behaves more like a Bttn XO than a Coy XO. I have no idea or explanation as why it is like this. As for a leader attributes passing down to his subordinate units - this categorically does not happen. I explain this in my post The Relationship between Soft Factors, Morale & Fatigue To conceptualise this, imagine the leadership modifier is exactly the same as the fitness modifier with respect to who it affects. An unfit Platoon HQ that gets out of breath walking up a hill does not mean that all of the squads under their command get out of breath walking up the hill. The same for Leadership. A Plt Leader who has a -2 Leadership modifier only applies that modifier to the rest of the Platoon HQ. The squads are dependent on the leadership modifier of their individual Squad Leaders (or team leaders when split). I think this gets confusing for people because of 2 reasons. 1. The Leadership modifier is the only soft factor that can dynamically change as a result of casualties. 2. It is the only one of the factors that is applied to individuals as opposed to the team as a whole. Experience, Fitness and Motivation remain the same for a unit throughout the game irrespective of which individual within the team becomes a casualty. What I mean here is that a unit with +2 Motivation, Veteran Experience and is Fit at the start of the game will still have +2 Motivation, Veteran Experience and be Fit at the end, even if all but one member is killed and the unit is Rattled and Exhausted. Leadership, however, will change depending on which individual becomes the casualty. If for example the sole survivor of a squad is Sgt Cane who had a +2 Leadership modifier at the beginning, the Squad will still have the +2 Leadership modifier. However if the sole survivor is Private Pants then the Leadership modifier is likely to have changed to -1 or -2. The the other soft factors will remain the same as they were at the beginning because they apply to the unit as a collective.
  3. @11:48 "I see troops but I'm not sure if they are enemy"" Quickly brings up 'genuine WW2 GPS map' showing his exact location and brightly coloured moving markers. Sigh!!!
  4. Josey Wales

    Fatigue test

    @axxe good work. It ties in with my own findings. Fatigue has no noticeable effect on spotting or shooting. The only factor which does is experience.
  5. I go through phases. I feel as if I understand reasonably well how to put together an attack so at the moment I prefer defensive battles. I find mounting a good defense to be technically very challenging. With a defensive battle you pretty much play the game before the first turn, especially if you lack mobility. I would argue that as a defender you need to be more thorough in your METT-T and OCOKA analysis than when attacking as you will typically lack flexibility after the game starts.
  6. Josey Wales

    Are AT guns too fragile?

    AT guns are my favourite CM unit type. I only know about British WW2 doctrine when it comes to AT guns and I use this in game. In defence the guns would be positioned in defilade or reverse slope positions with infantry positioned to defend them rather than the guns positioned to protect the infantry. In attack, tanks would be used to take ground. AT guns would then be brought up to take the positions of the tank units so that the tanks could advance whilst the guns protected the newly captured position with infantry supporting them. I have broken with doctrine on occasion and used smoke to conceal AT manouevre to attack tank positions. I am currently playing a game where I have several AT guns at the edge of woodlines. They are protected by sandbags and have been getting the upper hand against multiple panzer assaults. All guns are in tact with a couple of crew casualties only, whilst the area they are covering is a graveyard of German armour and burning wrecks. Man I love AT guns!!
  7. This is great. Bil you set the standard in AAR presentation that the rest of us aspire to.
  8. Josey Wales

    A distraction while we wait..

    Also agreed. I think that restricting access to information for individual players would go a long way to help that. The GPS map is a good example as it gives everyone way too much info which devalues it and negates the requirement for Command & Control. By restricting access to info, leaders have to work harder to get it and ensure they communicate it to their subordinates, making info more valuable as it should be. This will require full use of contact reports, sit reps and land navigation techniques and the ability to disseminate this info. In turn individual players will be reliant on C2 from their superiors in a way that is not yet required in most FPS games. Now whether people would find that fun or not is up to individual taste and will likely only appeal to a minority hence the devs reason for access to a GPS map.
  9. Josey Wales

    A distraction while we wait..

    I was interested in this until I saw the 'GPS' maps used in game. I realise the developers want to maximise their customer base but games like this are the reason kids ask WW2 vets questions like 'how did you charge your mobile?'
  10. Have you tried a broom?
  11. Agreed, the Combat Stress mechanic would be more reasonable if its propagation was governed by audio/visual proximity to the unit sustaining the casualties as opposed to organisational structure. The other end of the spectrum of the current system is that a conscript/-2/-2 unit from a different platoon as a unit which is being massacred 20m away in front of their eyes wouldn't suffer any impact on their morale. Combat Stress does eventually propagate between platoons, but the casualty rate in the engaged platoon needs to be high before this effect is seen.
  12. @IanLyes, great spot! It looks like an example of how Combat Stress (the effect upon morale of the build up of casualties within a unit) works in the game. Although the video below was made to show the effect of the Leadership modifier on a HQ unit, it also shows an infantry platoon in which one of the squads takes casualties. As it does, from 1:36 it can be seen that the persistent morale state of the other squads in the platoon and the Plt HQ is reduced. This happens regardless of another squads geographic proximity or LOS to the unit that is taking the casualties as the effect is distributed via the platoon structure. To relate this to the OP, as all the units in the AT team are from 1 Battery, then any team suffering Combat Stress in 1 Battery due to the build up of casualties will cause other teams within 1 Battery to suffer Combat Stress, regardless of how many hundreds of meters apart the units within 1 Battery are located from each other. Basically what IanL said. Additionally, because both of the gun teams are already in a Broken morale state with the red 'Brittle' icon showing in the suppression indicator, the slightest hit on morale is going to cause them to go Shaken or Panicked.
  13. Just a guess, but could it be down to your position? Have you tried from a location further back from the hedgerow?
  14. Josey Wales

    AAR - A Lesson in Defense

    Definitely not boring. The last image clearly shows the extent of the hill your opponent has to overcome. Are you intending to have a reserve to counter attack if the situation presents itself?
  15. Josey Wales

    AAR - A Lesson in Defense

    This is a different class of AAR. I'm really looking forward to this.