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  1. yeah id love to test an afghan style campaign
  2. ViperAssassin26

    No Tracers

    I feel what you're saying but tracers with every shot just didn't seem all that cool to me and since the AI isn't really all that accurate, I felt it was annoying actually seeing how inaccurate they were. the occasional tracer is okay but seeing nothing but tracers got annoying to me. I wish it did kick up more debris though.
  3. ViperAssassin26

    No Tracers

    is there a mod that gets rid of tracers? just curious
  4. ViperAssassin26

    US Army Multicam Division Pack

    The only other things id like to see other than different uniforms are US Army/Marine weapons with foregrips like the British have and the NVG mounts on their ACHs. id do them myself if I knew anything about modding/ 3D Modeling.
  5. ViperAssassin26

    US Army Multicam Division Pack

    well there's One night in Warizstan and surrender is not a Ranger word. But why have the rangers sitting on the sideline?
  6. ViperAssassin26

    US Army Multicam Division Pack

    What about the Rangers? They looked great in SF1 and I was wondering if it was possible to bring them into SF2.
  7. ViperAssassin26


    For some reason its saying you cant receive messages. its not allowing me to send you a PM.
  8. ViperAssassin26


    Where can I find such a mod?
  9. ViperAssassin26

    Multicam 3rd Infantry Division

    What is Task Force Panther? I haven't seen or heard of that campaign.
  10. ViperAssassin26

    Hijacked Uniforms

    exactly!!!! that **** tripped me out at first. I thought I placed marines and forgot about them
  11. so how do I get his terrain to work again?
  12. ViperAssassin26

    Hijacked Uniforms

    Has anyone else noticed enemies that are wearing U.S. uniforms? That caught me off guard.
  13. Will the multicam retexture be available for download?
  14. ViperAssassin26

    General Questions

    that's fine. some soldiers use them some don't. I just think if you're able to add them to the British weapons. Why not the M16/M4. Either way ill enjoy the game. but I think at least having them would make the infantry more relatable.