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  1. Quick question can I use the helicopter landings in SF2?
  2. so I went to work on the M249. I replaced the collapsible buttstock with the para version. I noticed the para buttstock has a green outline round it. how do I get rid of that?
  3. Oh ok. so I guess the more I use it the better the spotter and pilot will be I guess. I try and get as high as possible without exposing my spotter.
  4. ill check it out! im always down to test something new.
  5. is there a way to improve infantry and air support accuracy a little? not to where its too easy. but I noticed there are a lot of rounds being expended especially at close range and air support seems to miss a lot. when im in a tough spot and I call in air support its hard to count on it. I know its a game. but I think a lot of rounds get wasted where it shouldn't.
  6. now that SF2 is out I wanted to see if this was possible for someone to create?
  7. that's essentially what im trying to get to. the vest I just want to change the color of that and the backpack and modify the ACH.
  8. but where do I find the flat texture? do I google it?
  9. well I don't necessarily want to change the entire model. just Change the vest and ACH. Remember the ranger mod from SF1? im pretty much trying to recreate that.
  10. all the uniform files are BMP files. ive never done my own mod before so ill have tons of questions lol
  11. I do need help with the uniforms. I got into the mod tools already. I just don't know how to make the uniforms. I know some people say photoshop. but im clueless after that. im not sure how that involves changing the color of the vest or adding chemlights to the vest or redoing the ACH. its all really confusing
  12. anyone have any advice on how to do a uniform resin mod for uniforms? I want to do a ranger uniform mod, but I have no clue on where to start.
  13. would it be possible for someone to bring this mod over to SF2?
  14. Whats up everyone. I'm curious about something. is it possible for someone to remake the Ranger uniform mods that were created for SF1 and recreate them in SF2? Not change the model or anything just modding the uniform. Im a huge fan of the rangers and would like to see a mod for the Rangers added to SF2 like they were in SF1. Ive attached the images for Rangers in ACU & Rangers in OCPS. https://images.app.goo.gl/htKHZkjQew26ookx7 https://images.app.goo.gl/iMKRcUNMd1etL6sY8
  15. Question. Anybody remember the Ranger/Special Forces uniform mod from SF1? Can someone remake that for SF2?
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