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  1. ViperAssassin26


    yea I get what you're saying. It does however allow me to fire in the immediate vicinity and that's how I kill the enemy. like a group of infantry in a building, I use a Bradley and target the closest spot on the building and target that
  2. ViperAssassin26


    How come whenever I target the enemy my infantry and vehicles never attack the intended target?
  3. ViperAssassin26

    Someone help me add foregrips and Rhino mounts!! lol

    well Its because I'm trying to make the uniforms a real life as possible. I keep the Rhino mount there even though I haven't used NVGs in a while. just to have the vertical grip is fine I go back and forth between using it and not using it. they got the hold down correctly
  4. I have no clue as to how to add foregrips and Rhino mounts to the infantry. I've tried videos but I'm finding nothing helps
  5. ViperAssassin26


    whats the best & most accurate sound mod?
  6. ViperAssassin26

    Campaign into scenerios

    thanks worked like a charm
  7. ViperAssassin26

    Campaign into scenerios

    has someone made it possible to import missions from the campaign and make them playable as scenarios? I know it was done on shock force 1. just wondering the same for black sea.
  8. ViperAssassin26

    CMSF2 Demo

    yeah is there a status on the demo?
  9. ViperAssassin26


    Do mods not work anymore for CMSF1? Every since I redownloaded from the new store none of the mods have been working properly. is it because of CMSF2 is about to come out?
  10. ViperAssassin26

    weapons mods

    thank you ill get to work
  11. ViperAssassin26

    weapons mods

    would it be possible to add foregrips to the m4? or the Para buttstock for the m249?
  12. ViperAssassin26

    New Website status update

    the sites working fine for me now. I cant wait for CMSF2 neither. that's all I'm waiting for lol
  13. ViperAssassin26

    Shouldering Weapons

    I just have a quick question. The first is about CMSF2. I noticed in Shock Force 1 and Black Sea when using the hunt option, the soldiers don't bring their weapons up to their shoulders. Is it possible to make it so that happens or is it too late? I bring it up because as a service member myself its something I immediately noticed. Just want to know if it was possible to adjust that specific feature.
  14. ViperAssassin26

    Mismatched uniforms

    yes both for US Army
  15. ViperAssassin26

    Mismatched uniforms

    Two questions. What happened to all the uniform mods for shock force 1? The OCP uniform and the ranger mod are gone. I have them downloaded already and brought them over to my new laptop using my hard drive. But when I put the in my mods folder and open the game the uniforms are mismatched. I've install all three patches. any help?