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  1. Andy1990

    Performance question

    Thank you IanL for the help you gave me I managed to tweak the game and make it work decently. I will probably buy the game. Thx again
  2. Andy1990

    Performance question

    IanL yes I have an option on my laptop to make it always use the high performance graphic, its always on
  3. Andy1990

    Performance question

    No StieliAlpha nothing run in the background but I do use a laptop, this might be the issue than and thank you IanL ill try those tips you send me it might help.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a simple question about the game, I just played the demo for Cm: Battle for Normandy, and I was experiencing some stuttering, mouse freeze or delay between when I click on a unit and the time it select the unit. I am really tempted to buy the game but I dont want to end up with a game with a tons of problem like that. I dont think the problem come from my pc, I Have a gtx 1070 with a i7, 16gb of ram. Sorri if I started a new thread for that all I could find were old post. Thank you for the answer and sorry for my bad English