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  1. Good idea but the black areas in the UI are only visible at the higher resolutions. Anyone who uses the lower resolutions would have the green UI going across the whole of the bottom part of the screen, the black areas wouldn't be there. Maybe the compass and the white text could go on a second monitor?
  2. I've found that scouts used with the hunt and slow command work well; moving slowly to contact with plenty of pauses between waypoints has it's advantages.
  3. When you've got multiple teams in front of you all with the same floating icons, it's more intuitive to either have the names of each team under the floating icon's or to be able to move the mouse pointer over each team, without clicking, so a team name tool tip appears. This could be togglable in the options menu. I often split my squads into small teams and it would be great to be able to give them a name that's more descriptive. eg. 1st. squad / scout team, 2nd. squad / AT team, etc.
  4. I'd like a tool tip to appear when you hover the mouse over a unit, saying which team the unit is, and which platoon it is from. I'd also like to be able to edit the team name in game to whatever I want; so in the center bottom unit tab (one white flag), I could change '1st squad / A' or '1st squad / B' to whatever name I want. eg. 1-1 or 1-2 etc. or maybe something more descriptive.
  5. I'd also like the option to vary the length of time for a turn, in a turn based game. Something along the lines of 45 seconds, 1 minute, 1 minute 30 seconds, and 2 minutes in the options menu.
  6. They must have something in the works, even if it's just a plan for the future; a concept or an idea.
  7. I'm not a programmer so to get a better understanding are you saying that the single process (the CMgame.exe) would run with multiple threads and these threads could run on different cores, as opposed to having multiple processes (an AIheadlessclient.exe and a CMgame.exe) running on different cores?
  8. Which wood line are you trying to approach? Do you have a few screenshots of the battlefield and wood line, one in plan view?
  9. I'm glad you found the issue. The target arc is ok but when using it with the hunt command I wish the hunting unit would stop even if the spotted enemy contact is outside the arc, not just within it.
  10. Ah, thankyou, that's brilliant. I'll probably try that at the weekend.
  11. Use smoke if you have it and fire superiority to suppress any likely enemy positions during an attack. WWII US Army Field Manuals US vs German Hedgerow Tactics
  12. Sorry about all the questions but was this a vanilla install of CMBN, ie. no mods? If you've got mods installed I'd remove them to a safe place and try again.
  13. I was wondering if anyone knows how to repack a campaign once it's been unpacked into it's individual missions. I'd like to unzip CMBN 'The road to Montebourg', increase all the mission duration times, then repack it into a working campaign again. I've managed to unpack everything but I don't know how to put it back together again. I'm also relatively new to modding CM so a detailed 'how to' would be appreciated.
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