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  1. ty a lot for the replies, that has helped a lot. The ai must have just got some good and/or lucky artillery then and that is fine by me. In many strategy games, i have later found that the ai cheat but i am glad to hear that this is not the case in cmbn so i will stop complaining about the outcomes. thanks again all
  2. Hi all I have played quite a few missions on cmbn, particularly in campaigns, where the AI mortars and artillery are so accurate. They hit my men perfectly every time, even if my men are far back and cant be spotted. It also seems that if i dont move the men they get hit by artillery as well. For example, on the first mission of scottish corridors, i advanced forward and spotted the enemy lines. then i stopped moving and haulted my men until my artillery came in. But one of my platoons which was pretty much the least visible got hit perfectly by enemy mortars for about only 20 seconds, only a few turns after one of my other platoons was hit. Although i am sure it is, it doesnt feel like mortars, it is almost as if 4 pak at guns fire at each platoon for about 20 seconds with no delay and perfect accuracy. This was similar on courage and fortitude on the second mission. Is this normal? How does the ai artillery work? is it preplanned to go off at a set point at a set time or does it cheat?
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