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  1. I'm relatively new to CMAK. I've had some success in the few scenarios I have played and I've read the manual. I think the 88 is a neat weapon - I've 3d printed several for my own miniature gaming use. So I thought FlakFront looked like a fun scenario. I honestly could not have been more irritated after 30 turns. Here is what I did: I brought in the reinforcement guns as fast as possible so that they were about 1000m behind the central ridge. I then ran the two halftracks with infantry onto that ridge and hid them in the rocks by the central flag. I figured I would need spotters for the guns. Here is the neat part - it turns out that the M5 Stuart is far more effective at long-range combat that the fearsome 88. I lost 6 guns at 1500m to the Stuarts. Yep - 1500m. Meanwhile, my 88's never got higher than a 3% chance to hit. I had 13 hits on a Lee, but I didn't even scratch it. Seriously, the game is on pause right now and that Lee is still alive. It's all very odd because every time you read about the Desert War or any other theater, the 88 was always more highly regarded than the Stuart and the Lee. Anyway, 30 turns later and I'm that much older, the 88 is now inaccurate, and also it can't even dent a tank that is built about as well as a soup can.
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