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  1. I'll do him one better than a slow clap, I'll serenade him. More seriously. @Haiduk does it not worry you that you have random militias and whatnot infested with possible Neonazis in Ukraine? Seems like an issue that another government had: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freikorps , let's hope it turns out better
  2. This is actually hilarious, I pray certain users on this forum see it, it would send their blood pressure skyrocketing.
  3. I was curious as well, so I checked it out. From what I can pick up, the first half of the song is about the inability to find a "good" woman to settle down with, and it complains about how society is too obsessed with instant gratification with pornography (I think). Then the second half complains about Europe being destroyed and overrun and encourages you to join something, not sure what. Weird song choice.
  4. sid_burn

    30 years ago today

    Lmao. The irony of this insult on a video game forum and from a dude who likely still plays with dolls, sorry, “models” isn’t lost on me. also it’s only gay if there’s anal penetration. Smh. You would think someone married to an Afghani would be more respecting of boy love, given its deep role in their culture.
  5. sid_burn

    NATO Units????

    Frederick and Wilhelm II must be turning over in their graves 😭
  6. sid_burn

    30 years ago today

    A poor attempt at a comeback, don't make me get @Rinaldi or @IICptMillerII I know you live in fear of confronting them
  7. sid_burn

    30 years ago today

    Lmao. Accusing someone of not reading while also thinking FDR was an incompetent communist plant. This thread's reached its peak. Only thing missing is someone using the term "head choppers" unironically. Pretty problematic to assume my sexual orientation like that. I just figured she wanted some stimulating conversation, between you and Squarehead talking to her, she must feel like she's a nurse in a home for geriatrics
  8. sid_burn

    30 years ago today

    Maybe true in the very broadest sense, but far more blame goes to the Soviets basically throwing the whole country into disarray with their poorly planned and poorly executed invasion. This is a very spicy accusation. Clearly there can be no middle ground between the Taliban and depopulating whole villages like the Soviets did, right? Those barbarous Afghans need a firm hand and all that. The Soviets were just following the well-known and very successful tactics of another power that stabilized regions, Nazi Germany. Take fire from a village? Erase said village, pacify countries with this one little trick. We shouldn't be surprised at this level of competence from the Soviet Union, they did after all compromise FDR I'm curious how you read some of these books, like Afghantsy, and still come to the conclusion that the Soviets knew what they were doing lmao. Give me your wife's number, I'll call her up and we can hear what she thinks of such takes.
  9. sid_burn

    30 years ago today

    This is quite the chicken and egg problem you've created here, given that the rise of the Taliban was due in large part to Soviet brutality which forced millions to flee into neighboring Pakistani refugee camps where radicalization efforts were being undertaken. Turns out bombing cities doesn't exactly stop people from joining guerilla forces. Its also weird to accuse NATO of being too soft, given we're in a thread about about the Soviets leaving Afghanistan, which they did in large part due to declining support for the war effort. I'd be genuinely curious to know what books you've read on this topic.
  10. sid_burn

    NATO Units????

    I think @Rinaldi is also missing the great mod potential here. The m113 is still in front line service with a lot of senior NATO partners who somebody might want to mod in. I could easily see people modding in scenarios for major NATO allies like Turkey, Norway, Lithuania, and Greece, who all use the M113 still (which might make up for Steve's unusual dlc choices).
  11. sid_burn

    NATO Units????

    I wouldn't be opposed as long as they included a variant that has the m47 Dragon mounted on top. With Ukraine essentially being the Soviets circa 1985, we could finally have our cold war gone hot game in the form of Black Sea.
  12. I'm down, sent you a PM
  13. Its all right, we all make mistakes
  14. So while I agree with the sentiment here (rinaldi can be prickly). You might want to spellcheck a bit here. It’s hard to follow what you’re saying. Maybe that’s just me. Like try this: