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  1. sid_burn

    Invisibility cloak--real

    This is all very well and good, but how do the black-eyed kids fit into this?
  2. sid_burn

    I Don't Read the Dev Updates BINGO!

    Isn't it? A lot of the vanilla scenarios are Americans vs barely armed insurgents. Yeah sure you have some force on force scenarios, but a lot of Shock Force is classic COIN in my opinion. http://www.businessinsider.com/isis-javelin-2017-8 Not outside the realm of possibility 😂 Funny chart though.
  3. sid_burn


    I always thought the dynamic of uncons vs regular forces was very fun. It sucks that CMSF is the only CM that acts as a proper COIN simulator. I personally would love to see uncons in some of the WWII titles (maybe they could work in Final Blitzkrieg). Hybrid warfare in WWII would be fun!
  4. sid_burn

    Happy 4th of July Everyone!

    This is disappointing, as I'm sure it would have been a very close battle with a lot of great tactics on both sides. @Rinaldi will you be considering this a victory by default (the greatest word in the American language)?
  5. sid_burn

    Happy 4th of July Everyone!

    MFW we get a battlefront throwdown. I hope one of you makes an AAR of this, I'd love to see this.
  6. sid_burn

    Happy 4th of July Everyone!

    I wouldn't say he does all that LOL 😂, I find his videos to be less entertaining to other notable video AARers like @IICptMillerII and @Sulomon but his videos are pretty good.
  7. sid_burn

    Happy 4th of July Everyone!

    Thanks Oleksander! Happy 4th July and Also Slava Ukrayini! to you as well. I'm looking forward to more great mods (as I'm sure @Rinaldi is as well).
  8. sid_burn

    Oleksandr's Modding Space

    This is great to hear. I think you could maybe even include some of your Ukranian mods in Shock Force 2. The Marines have been working a lot with the Ukrainians recently (hopefully the Ukrainians were teaching them how to properly deal with Russian forces 😁), so maybe you could even represent Ukrainian mercenaries or advisers? I think it was @IICptMillerII or @Sulomon who mentioned how he'd love to see the Azov Regiment fight the Republican Guard!
  9. sid_burn

    Oleksandr's Modding Space

    I know I'll be enjoying it! Will you be porting these to Shock Force 2? I've been reading @IICptMillerII's latest AAR in SF 1 and I think it's a bit bland texture wise. I'd love to see you redo the Syrian forces or even better, the Americans, they could use some uniform and camo tips from the Ukrainian army. I'd love to see you do improved paint jobs and textures for the rather bland Abrams, Strykers, and Bradleys. 😎😎😎
  10. sid_burn

    Oleksandr's Modding Space

    😍 These are some great mods @Oleksandr 👍.I imagine many of the Black Sea mod fans on this forum will be downloading them, maybe @Rinaldi or @IICptMillerII will be using them in his next Black Sea AAR. 👍
  11. sid_burn

    The patch?

    Sadly “Sid_Burn” isn’t some sort of complicated anagram for “battlefront developer” and so I avoid promising what I can’t deliver. 😏
  12. sid_burn

    The patch?

    I’m not sure you want me to do that. Think if I leave and come back in 5 years, how many more issues will @Rinaldi and @IICptMillerII have discovered in that time that you weren’t able to find?
  13. sid_burn

    The patch?

    Like I said, provide an actual argument and I’ll bother to actually engage it. The Baghdad Bob routine you are pulling isn’t an argument “the 4.0 patch is coming guys, ignore the tanks rolling behind me.” Also lmao did you just try and throw out a little threat? Oh no I might get banned from an Internet forum, 😭 if it’s so offensive, I’ll remove it. Wouldn’t want to offend the real snowflakes, as @IanL would say It took @Rinaldi and @IICptMillerII pointing out the 4.0 glitch for it to even be acknowledged. Gotta wonder if this whole issue could have been avoided if BFC hired some competent beta testers off indeed.