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  1. Anson Pelmet

    Soldiers' guns no longer produce smoke

    Sorry to hassle you. I've solved the problem of accessing my old account by the simple expedient of actually reading the instructions on the front page of the website! I had bought upgrade 4 for CMFB so I reloaded it and the problem is fixed.
  2. Anson Pelmet

    Soldiers' guns no longer produce smoke

    I've worked out the problem. I'm running version 3. But I definitely bought the upgrade to 4, and seem to have lost it somehow. So I went to the new Battlefront website expecting to go to 'my account' to check a list of my previous purchases and their activation keys and I can't find any such list. Can this be done anymore on the new website?
  3. Anson Pelmet

    Soldiers' guns no longer produce smoke

    Toggled smoke on and off on the hotkeys. Went through my mods removing all graphics packages and smoke mods. Still no gunsmoke! But thanks for your prompt attempts to help.
  4. I have the latest version of Final Blitzkreig (FB), and like all the other updated CM WW2 titles there was smoke when individual soldiers fired their guns. But then in FB the smoke from soldiers' guns stopped, while artillery, AT guns and tank guns continue to produce smoke. Anyone had this happen to them? I didn't change anything with FB's settings (as far as I'm aware) before the change happened.
  5. The ability to orchestrate and view a battle from half a mile above, then replay and join a single sniper team as they break cover, miraculously avoid a hail of tracer, and make it to cover. All thanks to WEGO!
  6. Anson Pelmet

    CM Sniper tactics

    It costs only one or two points to increase snipers' levels to 'elite' and 'fanatic', then I place them in a building at the edge of their range and usually they're able to fire way from that one position for quite a long time until they're spotted, and sometimes they're not spotted at all if the enemy has other things to look out for. They're very effective at pinning down groups of infantry and getting tanks to button up. Quite often I end a game with a sniper team that has 12 kills. (Though that is playing against the AI).
  7. Anson Pelmet


    Are they flying a Ju 52 after the crash? How many do they have? Did they discover the cause of the crash? If not it would seem odd to be flying the same type of plan again.
  8. Anson Pelmet


    Yep, thirded! You've done all the explaining you need to do, and I suspect your responses have left all members thinking more highly of you and caring more about you than they did before.
  9. Anson Pelmet

    CMRT Bagration

    Not wanting to take this fabulous video too seriously, but I read somewhere (but don't remember where) it's a myth that someone suddenly decided on the battlefield to use 88mm guns against tanks, because to use them against tanks you need armor-piercing rounds, which had to be supplied in the first place. So, the argument goes, it was always envisioned as part of the 88's role that they would fight tanks. One interesting point to come out of the video, though, is how more realistic and inventive damage effects on vehicles and soldiers would improve the immersiveness of CM.
  10. Anson Pelmet

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    The heads-up is much appreciated. Been playing Combat Mission since Beyond Overlord was your only game, and nothing sampled since has come close to matching its realism. Especially looking fwd to the WW2 East Front addition. I and others appreciate your honesty, and the integrity of your product!
  11. Anson Pelmet

    Panther gun damage

    I agree! That's probably why my Marder IIIs - hidden in trees at the far end of the map, with a limited keyhole of sight - regularly end up with higher kill counts than my expensive big cats!
  12. Hi Dagonwynn, I'm reluctant to criticise your Zitadelle campaign because of the effort and enthusiasm you've put into it, but you did ask for feedback. And besides, my criticisms are only of areas where the campaign didn't match my needs. I found the opening mission a turn-off cos it was in the semi-dark (not aesthetically appealing) and consisted of too long creeping up hills following lines of stakes and taking occasional mine casualties, which was about as exciting to me as doing my tax return. I know, as you said earlier, it's realistic to start the campaign at night, and there were lots of mines to clear, so you can justifiably call me a shallow and undedicated CMer. But I might speak for others when I say I would like to see more campaigns that don 't start in the dark, and consist of small or medium-sized battles, because of time and PC capacity constraints.
  13. A fascinating AAR, and a work of art!
  14. Anson Pelmet

    A Video Worth Watching

    In the UK and Australia better-educated (or snobby) folk pronounce it 'aitch', and the less-educated say 'haitch'. Online research suggests the divide goes back centuries, and the only reason 'aitch' is considered correct is that posh people use it. Regarding the Stavelot AAR: It's interesting from a technical POV, but personally I prefer AARs that consist mostly of close-up action. Combat Mission can be a beautiful-looking game, and it pains me to see AARs in which coloured objective squares and landmark names are left on. Some of the best video AARs are done by Josey Whales. To me, the game's great strength is the ability to follow multi-unit strategy as well as the 'adventures' of individual soldiers and vehicles. And the only way to properly appreciate both aspects is to use WEGO, so you can go back and immerse yourself in interesting incidents on a micro scale!
  15. I rarely find the sort of scenario I most like, which is a large or huge battlefield with a very small number of forces. That way the attacker has various points at which to attack, and the defender has to spread their forces and try to anticipate where the attack will come from. Nothing more exciting for me than having a tiny ambush/lookout force encountering the enemy and assessing their strength, and me as commander having to ration out reinforcements from my small reserve to plug a gap...