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  1. Just make sure your king doesn't 't charge the Ruskies without armour this time
  2. Immediately it's just I did not know where his men were and I'm not keen on strafing potentially empty hills
  3. True, It's a shame though because dying on a hill over "Abrams a ****" is one of the worst to die on
  4. Not necessarily, Lucas may not have paid enough attention to realize Sparks is a raving hack lunatic
  5. I mistook them for RPG fire so that is why I tried to cross, getting that first BMD over, was a rookie mistake of thinking it could hold down the other side. I would have re organised except there were mujahideen over looking the convoy entrance point
  6. While it is true that there are a lot of Mujahideen, that should be no problem
  7. @RinaldiIt was a fun match, bit of inaction on my part and a lot of stupid rookie blunders also on my part but all around a good match
  8. I'm not American nor did I quote "Yahoo Finance" but ok there champ
  9. Which sources?The ones that unapologetically savage the US for ineptitude openly while they (The US) own up to ****ing up? http://www.latimes.com/world/asia/la-fg-pentagon-hospital-airstrike-20160428-story.html Or the ones that deny unequivocally that The Russian Air force double tapped a hospital? https://www.rt.com/news/332603-syria-hospital-accusations-denial/ A Nation that can own up to its **** ups is one I'd rather trust
  10. well just quickly let's get back to your quote for a second "look at how various media groups covered the (equally tragic) bombings of hospitals in Kabul and Aleppo." Now let's check the responses of both nations Kabul US: "Yeah we seem to have done this, sorry we will investigate fully." Aleppo RU: "No we didn't **** off." Also does that 'alternative perspective' refer to the perspective one has when flying a Russian jet over a hospital?
  11. I know, I hate how Russia Today has covered the conflict, making it even more blatant that they are an arm of Moscow
  12. It's not like the Russians have a history of doing stuff like this
  13. I've got the marines module and plan to get the other two later, Thanks for pointing out the repository I didn't know that existed
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