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    Uh-oh, so many people here and I was out only for few days, checking the Russian border. All calm, but funnily enough one household near the border had purchased and set up an old AT gun in the courtyard, facing east of course. Finnish humor. Or maybe he was serious, dunno. Armorgunner and Ivan Z, should look forward to the new version of Tuntematon Sotilas coming up later this year. Meanwhile, be sure to check out a movie called 1944, if you haven't already. Released a couple of years ago, it is an Estonian war drama telling the story how Estonians were divided into two and ended up fighting each other alongside Red Army and German army. Very good movie.
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    Thank you guys. Have to check out The Few Good Men (haven't been there for quite a while) and whatever it is that SLIM has set up...
  3. Good day everyone, long long time lurker here so I thought it's about time to introduce myself (you don't have to bother, I know you since many moons already ). I've been playing CM since CMBO was released and I think I own all the titles, modules and packs except FI and the modern stuff. WW2 is the thing for me and specifically east front, might have something to do with me being Finnish and all that. I dropped by at the forums after a bit longer while and saw a post about decreasing number of active posters and the fact that even those are getting scattered in the different sub-forums. Someone suggested it might make sense to consolidate into two main forums, one for modern and one for WW2, and that would seem to make a lot of sense. I was trying to figure out which forum should I write this post and checked their activity - they're all nowhere near to what they used to be from what I recall and in fact, pretty silent . I then ended up here in CMBN since this one seems to have seen most activity recently. I was thinking CMRT first because I wanted to - but here I am. Anyway, with a new iMac on the desk, all 4.0 upgrades purchased, Guy Sajer's 'The Forgotten Soldier' on my bedside table and some good Ale beer in the fridge I thought I'd get back to WW2 PBEM'ing and wanted to - in addition to maybe start contributing to some discussions here - check out if I can find any opponents here. CMBN, CMRT and CMFB are all fine, and I don't mind playing any sides or any type of battles either. So if interested, just shout! Cheers and happy summer for all the comrades in arms here, as well as the BF staff of course, if they still find their way here into the forums!